Recent "trans" comments

About a 3rd of the comments I have received, worth posting up front for my readers to get a good look at this "community" attached to ours. The last is an email I merely tossed in.



  1. What you define as "fighting misogyny", I define as "misandry". Who are you to tell people they are mentally ill just for being something you despise? You're no better than the extreme religious right, decrying homosexuals such as yourself as mentally ill and deviants.

    Just because you hate men, don't make transmen out to be anything other than what they are. Beautiful people struggling for normalcy in their own body. Here's another word to describe you; sociopath. antisocial. You make enemies out of people because of some ill informed viewpoint that you have no right to make. You have no idea, at all, what transmen and transwomen go through, yet you feel somehow qualified to make your disgusting viewpoints known.

    Me and my friends took oaths to protect the freedoms that you seem to abuse. Yes, you're entitled to freedom of speech, not freedom of hate speech. I see no difference between you and other oppressors of the GLBTQ community that deny us rights to such simple things as safety, adequate care, and marriage because we are, in their own words, deviants. The only difference between you and the people who shout 'fag' and 'dyke' at us in the streets is that you [hopefully] contain your hate speech to an online forum.

  2. Interesting I "hate men" when males have been the primary people in my life since I was very small. Hmmm so much for that There are some wonderful stories about my awesome father if you can get past your hate to read them.

    I promise I wont make "transmen" out to be anything other than the drugged and mutilated women they are. I swear on my honor to uphold the truth and nothing but the truth.


  3. Your truth is hate. I don't hate you, I just find you misguided and angry at people who are struggling to be happy and feel normal. I honestly feel awful for you, because the hatred and rhetoric you spew makes me sick to my stomach. To think, that someone who could relate to all the animosity we face is one of the people giving it out is mind boggling. I hope you find peace someday, because you obviously need it. The fact you hide behind cynicism and misguided anger, that you dismiss everything with a childish 'lol', that you refuse to respect people... I wouldn't like to hear any of your stories, and not out of hatred or malice. I don't want to be infected with your hatred for... everyone. I feel terrible for you. May the New Year be a kinder one to you.

    I know who you are, and that you feed on this negative attention you draw to yourself. It's really disheartening to think someone like you could be filled with so much malice and spite. I understand, however, that your hatred is fueled by ignorance. Take care, and please be safe.

    -Andrea Legnani

  4. Hmm sounds for "hateful" to me A.

    You understand little and you do not "know me" or your comments would be quite different.

    Like it or not the current barbaric "treatment" for this disorder will change whether I write about it or not, just as it did 60 years ago. And 60 years from now the medical establishment will look back on what these doctors did to these disordered individuals and feel shame.

    I save lives by reveal truths and spreading that truth. NO ONE deserves to be mutilated and drugged with hormones to be "happy". Because A the proof is in the pudding. There isnt a single truly "happy" trans person. If it did all those "happy" people would spend so much time trying to silence those like me revealing truths.

    The sad truth is, after the drugs and mutilations the disorder remain disordered because their issues (mental) have yet to be addressed. Once the high of "transition" wears off (and it does wear off) they go back into depression, anger issues (sometimes worse), body dysphoria, eating disorders, OCD etc And an unknown percent (because the trans community makes accuracy impossible out of fear) go on to attempt/commit suicide. Those are the facts A.

    There is no "hate" in presenting the facts.

    And in my own personal opinion, since I feel no one says anything better than Plath I let her speak from her personal experience:



  5. all right I'm willing to follow your argument so can you point me to some links or literature to back up your statements. Because without that they are not facts but opinions. WHEN does the high of transitioning wear off, HOW many case studies are there?
    Show me where you get your facts from.
    Oh and by the way: Interesting how you assume, that I am trans just because I would like to know more about how you explain mtf. (Which by the way is the more common form) You might not believe it, but not only trans people are interested in gender theories...

  6. Try reading beyond one page and all is revealed over and over and over.


  7. It's curious, though. I find you avoid the harder questions and dismiss everything anyone says by telling them they need to listen to you or read more.

    You've suddenly earned my hatred, though. Nothing makes me more irate then when people tell me what I'm thinking or feeling.

    You show no respect to anyone, you can't even be bothered to take the time to write out my name, where a simple copy-paste job would do to show some manner of civility. You expect us to treat you with respect, when you refer to us in quotations as if we really aren't what we are.

    [sic] About a 3rd of the comments I have received, worth posting up front for my readers to get a good look at this "community" attached to ours

    You refuse to use appropriate gender pronouns, you refuse to treat people with respect.

    I know, you will decry it as me being politically correct, but since when was it alright to ignore common decency towards your fellow men and women?

    I've tried to be respectful towards you, but it's obvious you have neither the time nor inclination to return that respect towards anyone.

    In your posting of so called 'hate emails' to you, you leave up things like IP addresses and email links, no doubt an attempt to get your more industrious readers to attempt to harass people you simply don't like.

    When I said I know you? I meant it. I know you; you're a troll who feeds off bad publicity. You're the type of person to go around forums starting flame wars for fun, because you have nothing better to do. Seeing how rude and disrespectful you are to women like me, and men like Stephan [who you wrongly call Stephanie in if you want to be disrespectful, you could at least read that in brackets it says his birth name is Elizabeth. Who's not reading what now?]

    You have no respect for us, and we hold none for you. Little love, I fear, is lost. I just wish you could remember any times when you were made to feel less than adequate, less than human. Maybe then you'd understand a small fraction of what we go through. It's sickening, really, to think you could be so cruel towards people who have done nothing to you.

    This brings me to my final question. What did we as a community ever do to you? Did a transman come to your house and kick your dog? Did a transwoman suck the jam out of your doughnut? I mean, why do you hate us so vehemently that you can't show a shred of respect towards us?

  8. A, you are the one who says you want to know about my thoughts on Mtfs, I pointed you in the correct direction, there is no need other than a waste of time to re-cover whats been covered.

    Trolls A are about "lulz" mutilated people is NOT something I find funny. You merely lump me into trolldom in order to dismiss what I have to say because it scares you. It reaches your core self, the self you have so tried to bury.

    The "hate" is yours and the likes projected "hate".

    If I "hated" the trans disordered I wouldnt be working to prevent this disorder in the future now would I?


  9. you're not a woman. you're an ugly piece of shit. just go home.

  10. Dirt, you mention Julie Bindel and her silencing. This is a really telling observation that is NEVER addressed in the current phenomena. The whole trans movement is definitely based on the male dominated psychiatric field which has NEVER been good to lesbians or gays, has shamed us, has in fact done horrible things to Butch Lesbians in particular, and been no friend to us. Here doctors are making good money, both psychiatrists and surgeons by having an entire community come to them for their 'cure'. In fact without their skills, that community would cease to exist in any visible way. Perhaps society would have to find a way to actually ACCEPT those who don't 'fit in', or help them accept themselves just as they are, rather than surgically 'cure' it. Big money is in this, and thusly of course they're going to come down in favor of the trans camp. Especially if it leads to the elimination of homosexuality, or percieved homosexuality under their watch, and proper conforming gender roles after the surgeries. Her mention of Iran being the country with the highest amount of trans surgeries(and State paid too) to eliminate percieved homosexuality which is punishable by death according to sharia law, is a case in point.

    Misandry is b.s. Men have the power in the world, NOT women. Men run the world, run the wars, and gear everything to the glory of the military, military service and warmongering. They also expect women, lesbians and homosexuals to be'in their place' or nonexistent. And of course, women are the spoils of war...

    The one who confronts me for being an 'ignorant lesbian' has never been in my shoes. I've known plenty of trans in both directions. Most of them are in no way 'normal', nor do most 'pass' for the sex they purport to be, or are they happy individuals. They still have the characteristics(especially MTFs) of the sex they come from, the assumption of male privilege and importance, which toxifies the FTM's with their new found 'freedoms and powers' with the rush of testosterone and being percieved as men...something that most Butches who remain obviously female will NEVER have. We calls it as we sees it....and we can't hide our eyes anymore.

    But, we're never supposed to question ANY of this, or see our Butches, our young Butch/masculine/boyish women/babyButches, young Dykes go down that road to hormones and mutilating surgeries. If it isn't mutilation, then EXACTLY what is it? No disassembling will convince me otherwise.....

    Bindel is reported as still maintaining that "people should question the basis of the diagnosis of male psychiatrists, 'at a time when gender polarisation and homophobia work hand-in-hand.'"[53] She argues that "Iran carries out the highest number of sex change surgeries in the world" that "surgery is an attempt to keep gender stereotypes intact"[53] and that "the idea that certain distinct behaviours are appropriate for males and females underlies feminist criticism of the phenomenon of ‘transgenderism’."[53]

    Right on for Bindel speaking truth to power, and wanting her Dyke communities back, without having to take on all the other labels glomming onto the ever larger alphabet soup....

  11. Again you won't post my argument. is that because you can't come up with a good enough response because you know that my idea that this blog is just adding to the hate that is in this world. That you disrespect the transgender community, and that is not ok, because they are human and every human deserves the same amount of rights and respect no matter if you believe about their identity. Look here, you are clearing showing disrespect to me because I'm FTM, but I know that you are human and even though you are saying awful things about my identity and telling me that who I am is not true, and I am still treating you with the respect that every human deserves. I wish that you could see this. That the only reason that this FTM responds to your opinions is because I don't want readers of your blog to just see your opinion I want them to see a strong FTM (who is happy) standing up for themselves. I know that I am not a misogynist, I know that society isn't making me change, I know that changing my body is not a way to fit in normally with society, I know that if I change my body I am not being hateful towards women or myself, I know that I do not suffer from a mental disorder, and finally I know that I am male. I just wish that you would understand that not everything is based on a patriarchal society. All I really wanted to say in this message is that please respect people, even if you don't agree with what they are doing they are human and DO deserve respect. Please stop spreading hate that is not what this world needs right now.

  12. MasterAmazon,

    Trans folks have never wanted anything to do with the psychiatric community. In the 1940s and 1950s the psychiatrists tried to cure transsexualism with lobotomies and electroshock. In the 1960s or 1970s the psychiatrists set themselves up as gatekeepers between trans people and transition-related hormones and surgery. At the same time, the psychiatrists used their power to try to enforce hetero sexuality and reinforce gender norms. Since then they have backed off from enforcing hetero sexuality but they continue reinforce gender norms, usually by blocking or delaying the transition of people they don't find masculine enough or feminine enough.

  13. Hi dirt,
    It's me again, wanted to let you know that I completely agree with what Andrea has been saying, because I have submitted a few comments that you haven't posted. And in these comments I said nothing rude all I did was point out stuff that right now it seems like you had a hard time coming up with responses for. Also in the comments of mine that you did publish you ignored over half my statement or didn't even address anything that i wrote. Each time you responded with the same argument that you say to everyone elses comments.
    Also the only reason I keep commenting on your blog is, because I don't like to see so many people disrespected who personally haven't done anything to you. Transgendered individuals like myself are human and don't deserve to be attacked and disrespected. Every single human deserves to be treated with the same amount of respect no matter their gender, race, religion, and ect. All your blogs are, are your opinions of hate. I know you are right of the bat going to deny that you hate the trans community, but showing such blatant disrespect for them is proof that you do. All I want is for all this trans hating to stop. Transgenders do not suffer from a mental illness, if you do some research you will see that it is genetic, like being gay isn't a choice being gay is also genetic. Your blog has no facts at all written in it, it is just your opinions. Please stop the hate. That's all I ask for.

  14. Hun, everything you or Andy asked is answered through out this blog. I'm not here to spoon feed you, thats what your mother is for.

    Trying to get women to run around chasing their tails is a typical patriarchal tactic men have been using on women for centuries, hence the reason andy uses it. I have no interest in playing. I'm smarter than that.

    And I agree stop the hate! Stop misogyny!


  15. Anon, you doubt everything and you know perfectly well you are a woman using medical cosmetics to pretend to be "male". Get a DNA test and get back with me.

    Happy people anon DO NOT take mind and body altering drugs and/or pay doctors huge amounts of money to mutilate their healthy bodies. If you were happy, you would simply have been happy.

    But you werent, you arent. Happiness isnt something that can be injected or carved, its whats within. You cannot see that because your view is a view through the blur of a mental disorder, likely several and trannyism doesnt happen in a vacuum.



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