FTM Woman Plans Dirt Attack (including where I live and real name)

From an email I received yesterday claiming to be a certain woman in one of my posts.

Another ftMISOGYNIST woman left a polite comment yesterday asking if I could remove her pic. I verified through facebook she was who she claimed to be and since there are hundreds of pics of mutilated ftM women out there and it doesnt serve a particular purpose to making my point on which I use, while I do mourn for the woman she's trying so desperately destroy, I complied and replaced her image with another.

Now as to this request I cannot and will not comply. If this ftM woman is who she says she is (and I wonder) she (her friends) are responsible for the viscous, ugly attacks/comments left here in the last three days. Attacks here, facebook, twitter, ftm-portal forum, livejournal to name a few (there is more). Had she politely asked from the get go rather than go around trying to collect a mob(typcial trans tactic btw), I would have removed it as I did Amos's, but no.

So Stephanie as I have TONS O experience in this matter let me tell you (if you are you) how this is going to play out. You write/type a letter with all pertinent info and post it (yes snail mail shephanie) to blogger. A few days later blogger receives/processes said letter. If filled out correctly, blogger will email me telling me I have to take down the image for 15 days in which time I can counter claim. I will counter claim siting fair use. They will notify you via email that you have whatever remaining days left of the 15 to file a court claim, if you do not file after the 15 days are up blogger will notify me I can put the image back up.

If you choose the court route you get to go to the Oakland County Courthouse in MY state and file your claim. Once a court date is set again Oakland County Courthouse in MY state. You can site copyright infringement and I'll defend myself with the latest changes (last august) of fair use and illustrate how I used fair use to make the image my own. If the court decides in your favour, you inform blogger of the ruling and your image stays down. If in my favour image back up. Whoever loses paying obviously the court costs usually running around a hundred or so smackers more or less.


ps Since I have received several emails/IM's/phone calls regarding my safety dont worry dirt can take care of dirt.


  1. Wow Dirt you sure are popular! Lol

  2. I wish you luck and all the Lady's blessings Dirt. The Narcissistic rage of a "trans" disordered person can be very destructive, as can most actions based on the machinations of a malignant personality disorder. Many before you have suffered from having the audacity to speak truth to the insane, hence the great importance of your work. Truth is always more important than capitulation, especially when dealing with the dangerously mentally disordered. Unfortunately, most of us straight women haven't got the guts to stand up to the appropriation of identity the "trans" movement forces upon us. We just figure if we're "nice" enough it will all be fine. Thanks for having the guts to stand up and speak truth and having the brains to use the system to defend yourself fully, legally and justiciously.

  3. You're a tool. I'm absolutely appalled by the idea that a member of the GLBT community would go about spreading fear and hate against transgenders. For someone that goes around talking about woman's rights, it's amazing that you spout all this crap against the transgender community. You ought to be ashamed.

  4. A sharp tool at that!

    Why would I be ashamed of working toward Butch visibility, the dismantling of misogyny and altering the current drugging and mutilation of the disordered? Your comment makes no sense. But thank you all the same for reading and spreading the word of Dirt!


  5. The first time I personally ran into this kind of post-modern "I can claim to be anything I like even if it hurts you and if you say anything about it you are oppressing me" b.s. was back in the mid-90s sometime. A woman told me she was a dyke, and then started talking about her boyfriend. When I said, no, you're not a dyke you're bi, she started the whole "you're oppressing me!" thing. Here she had taken over the language of my identity, but I was oppressing her??

    Imagine the same kind of psychological manipulation being done over race. Imagine white people who went to doctors and had their skin chemically darkened and their features surgically altered, and who then went out and claimed to be African-American. And not only that, imagine that these folks start taking over every bit of community, culture, and history that true African-Americans have. Imagine an NAACP filled now with these fake Black people. And imagine one of the real Black people standing up to say, "Sorry, but these people are white, no matter what they've done to themselves, and they do NOT speak for me or what my life is, no matter how much junk science they come up with to say they do" -- but instead of seeing the reality of that, most people instead accuse the real Black person of being "racist" for not accepting the fake Black person's persona as "just as valid" as her own.

    No one would put up with that kind of crap anywhere, except in in the women's community where women continue to follow their training of killing themselves to accomodate everyone else, and in some of the extreme liberal gay community, where post-modernism has become a hallucinogenic drug these days.

  6. The thing is, though, Nat, that it does happen with race too. There are plenty of white-looking, blond, blue-eyed people who claim to be black to the same degree that actual black people are. And they are completely accepted by society as having a black perspective and allowed to publish books and go on tv to "represent" the rest of us.

    So, it might not be exactly the same thing as people having surgery to become black, but there are in fact people who identify as white (or other than black) one day since they don't actually look black, then decide to "identify" as black the next, when it helps them sell their records or their books, or when it helps them get into college. And, yes, black people are made out to be just as cruel to these white-looking, white-identified folks when we tell them they're not black as lesbians and other women are made out to be for telling trannies they can't change sex.

  7. I know it happens with race too, Margaret. Not only within the Black communities, but really badly within the Native American communities, for example, They are simply tortured by fake "Indians", even within the lesbian community, just as the butch lesbian community is tortured by fakes.

    A better example would be to imagine what people's reactions would be if the psychiatric and medical industries managed to convince people of color that the reason they have more depression and other ailments, more alienation, etc., is because they were "born in the wrong race", and that using chemicals and surgeries (all supported by junk-science that's quoted to prove other junk-science) to bring out their true "white" would make them "real" and "happy" -- and then having a huge number of very vocal Black "white" people do just that so that our real Black experience is drowned out.



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