Dirt's 3rd Weekend Women's Day of Remembrance

Fair use capped.

If a woman friend/lover/aunt/cousin/sister/mother/niece told you she was going to murder herself would you try and stop her or hand her the bullet?

Supporting trannification of women is supporting the murder of women. Bystanding in the face of ftMISOGYNY is ignoring women murdering themselves.





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  1. OUCH...when all that comes unwrapped. SAD!

  2. If you want to see a clear cut example of Gender Misogony within the Transgender community, here are a couple of links and a couple of examples


    Those blogs are a clear example of transgender people with their warped out delusional minds.

  3. You should be ashamed of yourself. Any of you who believe that being trans is some kind of sad travesty need to get a real hobby. Live life a little!

  4. Life can only be lived Anon. And I dont believe the trans disorder is a "travesty" its the current "treatment" thats sheer butchery. And anyone aiding in that butchery are the ones who should be "ashamed"!


  5. As a transman I find it odd that you chose the url "dirtywhiteboi67.blogspot.com", since you clearly have such disdain for women who identify as men, boys or "bois". It's clear that you have co-oped some trans terminology while vehemently deriding it. It also seems that you are using images of transmen without their permission. Really bad form,"dirt".

  6. Clearly the pun escapes you, try 70's rock.


  7. This blog is very disappointing. Our community faces so much hatred from outside of it; the real travesty is promulgating ignorant attacks from within.

    There are many in the straight community who would say that butch women demonstrate their hatred for women (and therefore murder the woman within) because they mimic male dress, affect, and attitudes. Of course, those of us who know and love butch women, understand that butch is so much more than mimicry, and that to attack it as such is ignorant in that it simplifies a rich and complex identity in order to denigrate it. Furthermore, those of us who know and love butch women also understand that butch women do not hate women (quite the opposite in my experience) and that they dress and live the way they do because it represents who they are.

    You, Dirt, are guilty of the same ignorance that the straight haters heap on butch women. Before you go condemning trans people, I suggest spending some time with trans folk and asking them about their decision to transition. Many people in our society decide to change their bodies for far less fundamental reasons (women get boob jobs, men get hair implants) without being condemned for hating their bodies or called misogynistic. I'm not equating a boob job with top surgery because the latter is more fundamental in that it's connected to one's sense of identity, but I find it interesting that you choose to attack, so vitriolically, our trans brothers when we live in a society where people regularly choose to alter their bodies for a myriad of reasons. What's next? A ban on tattoos because it shows people are skin-haters?

    Don't get me wrong, it's reasonable to talk about this issue within our community. But respectful discussion is key. Your blog was ignorant and disrespectful. For you to assume that transmen are becoming such because they hate their bodies is as presumptuous, patronizing, and offensive as a straight person accusing a butch woman of dressing and acting the way she does because she hates all things feminine, including women and herself.

    Study up Dirt. Our community is better than this bullshit.

  8. Michelle,

    Nothing ignorant here Michelle, clear intelligent posts from an equally clear intelligent mind.

    I have no "trans brothers" or "butch brothers", I have sisters who have been shamed and invisiblized through an ignorant society/family.

    And until the "trans lie" is truly exposed I will not cease.


  9. I can understand your need to protect the gender identity we call butch, but you are really out there in a very binary way. First off butches don't only date femmes (another gender identity that needs to be honored).
    Gender is a spectrum from the butchest men both gay and straight to the femmest guys both gay and straight to the butchest women both gay and straight to the femmest women both gay and straight to everything in between.
    To fully life as the gender that best fits you has nothing to do with murder, it's about living life to the fullest as you see yourself.
    Honoring the side of you that has to do with more than just your genitals.
    All gender identities and how you present them in yourself to the world should be honored and seen as courageous. It is very very hard to be a differently gendered person in this world as a masculine (butch) woman you should realize this.
    So if you hate ftm's so much how do you feel about mtf's?
    No one becomes transgendered because it's easy.
    You should really try to educate yourself before you make such hateful remarks. You are obviously saying all of this out of fear and self preservation.

  10. You are right, Dirt.
    Misogyny sucks and is unfair...

    ...As is any kind of blatant discrimination against anyone!

    Aren't you better than that????

  11. All we need.......more hating!

    Educate yourself before you rant....befriend those you don't understand.

    You have the absolute right to express how you feel.

    So do I.....
    Perhaps you will publish this one

  12. Wow, for some one who thinks they are fighting patriarchy, you totally sell yourself out to it. Screw the gender binary - let some one live comfortably in their own skin. And if they see alteration necessary, then they have that right. (And if they don't, they should.) Respect them for it... Thats all transpeople ask for. Respect. Not some one telling them why they should and should not do to their own body.

    Patriarchy already does that anyway. Why continue it?


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