Dirt's 2nd Weekend Women's Day of Remembrance

ftMISOGYNY murders women!

Never forget all women "trans" HATE has murdered and continues to murder. Stop the HATRED of women, STOP the MURDERING of women! Stop supporting the HATE and MURDER of women by supporting trannification!



  1. those pictures are so sad. why can't we accept the different types of women? why can't they accept themselves without such horrible mutilations? all i can think is: these are the daughters we have lost. they are all our daughters. all mothers should weep that we live in a world where their daughters suffer like this.

  2. Cass,

    Clearly women who do this to themselves have no women in their lives who give a rats ass about them! How fucking horrific is that!


  3. Damn, I saw a few like this last night...and they still have their vaginas/vulvas. These women here look COMPLETELY like Butch Dykes, sans breasts. The others I saw last night had the fur all over their bodies, and facial hair with really macho male attitude....so way further down the line to male.

    And yet, there's the others like these, with the flattened, scarred chests, that still have the full female faces, no facial hair, they're small, and I don't think they really could pass as 'dudes'. They think it's so cute what they're doing to themselves and the 'community' they're creating, getting the rest of us to support them in this delusion. It's truly, truly sad. Damn, I came out almost 30 fucking years ago, and I NEVER saw this type of shit until really, the last 10 years.

    FTM's transitioned, went quietly out of the community and lived their lives as mostly heterosexual men with femme girlfriends that often they legally married. They wanted to pass as dudes...they didn't hold onto the apron strings of the lesbian community, or convince other Butches that this was the way to go! But this disease is so fucking rampant now, I can't even recognize the community of it's former self...it's so fucking sad. But WE'RE NOT GONNA TAKE IT ANYMORE, ARE WE?????

  4. Clearly women who are doing this to themselves... um... probably aren't women. They're most likely men. They're wired male, somewhat different from having a masculine personality. There's a lot of very femme ftms out there, like this guy: http://www.bilerico.com/2009/12/but_wheres_my_penis.php

    Plus you know, my body, my choice, their bodies, their choice. Always seemed a very fundamental tenet of feminism to me. But you're going to get quite a few butch and androgyne and hard femme trans women in return, you know, if you decide to take in a refugee from the patriarchy.

  5. Val,

    Women are not "wired male", women are conditioned male is king and women are shit. Women also do not have "masculine" personalities. Butch women simply occupy an area of femininity that remains invisible and undefined by mainstream society.

    You body your choice? Developing a serious mental illness ISNT a choice! How fucking modern "feminist" lazy of you not to give a shit about the suffering of other women. This is why feminism is dead and women are now consider pornography and pole dancing and anorexia and breast implants and vag reconstruction "a womens choice"! THAT Val, is NOT feminist! THAT Val, is NOT supporting women and womens EQUAL rights, THAT Val is pandering to patriarchy! Way to go Val! Keep up the good fucking work! Patriarchy LOVES you kind!


  6. Well, something seems wrong.

    If FTM transition reflects primarily biological conditions (i.e. male limbic systems), then FTM transitioners' starting places would be evenly-spread through the lesbian community (for those primarily attracted to womyn) or the straight community (for those primarily attracted to men).

    If FTM transitioners' starting-places are not evenly-spread through each community (for example, more are starting from butch spaces), then FTM transition reflects social pressures instead of, or in addition to, biological conditions.

    I have talked with some [non-trans] butch womyn who have had body issues, including hatred of their breasts or their parts.

    Misogyny is pervasive in this society. Body issues are widespread among womyn. This society confuses the differences between butch and femme with the differences between male and female (and uses masculine and feminine to refer to each). It's entirely possible that some people are pressured into misguided transitions, even if other people are blocked from legitimate ones. (I think that biological transsexualism exists, and far more people are blocked than are pressured into transition, but am worried by the evidence that some butches are pressured into transition).

    It doesn't help that people sometimes consider hormone treatment *the* litmus test for biological transsexualism. Testosterone has more permanent effects than estrogen +progesterone +antiandrogens. Testosterone tends to be a slight "upper," so its effects on mood are not exactly the best litmus test.

  7. Anon,

    Keep in mind most women who "transition" are NOT Butch women and most men who "transition" are NOT queenie gay men, but hetero masculine straight men.

    Regarding females only, just as eating disorders have drastically risen with the slim demands of the male gaze, so to has trannification risen with the continued limited roles/expressions for females.

    Make no mistake, the "trans" disorder, IS a mental disorder.

    There is a clear remedy for it, the end of misogyny.


  8. Yes Dirt, it IS horrific that these women have no other women who care enough about them to teach them to treasure their womanhood. I have a daughter who is gay, although she is not butch, and I am proud that she can love herself as she is, but it hasn't been easy. Even with a strong feminist mom and Grandma, even raised as a Goddess-worshipper, she still went through a period of intense self-loathing and self-starvation. Clearly, the effect of living in a misogynist society on women's mental health cannot be underestimated. Clearly, gender/sex identity confusion is a mental disorder! I think you said it rather well,
    "Make no mistake, the "trans" disorder, IS a mental disorder.

    There is a clear remedy for it, the end of misogyny."

    The treatment for pathological self-loathing should not be mutilation and lies! Even the name of the procedure itself is a lie. There is NO SUCH THING as sex-reassignment! No matter how mutilated, if you have a prostate gland, you're NOT a woman! And...if you DON'T have a prostate gland, you're NOT a man. Everything else is simply the twisted self-justifications created within the complex and sick world of a narcissistic disorder.


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