Dirt's 1st Weekend Women's Day of Remembrance

Since no one else seems to be mourning the female victims of ftM "transition" I thought I would start a weekly weekend day of mourning featuring the victims of ftMisogyny. Patriarchy: where there are more ways to murder women than to clothe and feed the poor.

Transition equals MURDER!

Dont mind the festive decorations of our first two victims pics, necessary I'm afraid to stay within the guidelines of the fair use act.
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  1. Actually, I mourn them everyday, and feel immensely sad when I hear of YET ANOTHER Butch I've known in the community who has decided to go down the route to transitioning...the pain goes soul deep.

  2. These women arent even remotely Butch, like most women who trannify. They too still deserve to be mourned.


  3. I'm talking about women I actually know, who have been Butch for a long time, and get 'tired of the struggle'. It really, really saddens me. It also saddens me see the young 'uns go down that road, and you're right, along with the observation of another Butch Dyke friend of mine, many of the young 'uns are more faggoty, more effeminate, while STILL wanting to transition...they aren't all that Butch to me. The old fashioned FTM's were really macho Butches, up to and beyond the Stone Butch line...they transitioned, lived with their feminine girlfriends, passed as straight, and got out of the lesbian community. They didn't 'hang on' and pull our coat strings so viciously, expecting us to accomodate them, as they ran away from their female/dyke/lesbian identities, and lives to take on the 'male'.

    A bunch o' sissies!


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