Breast Objectification-Breast Binding

Snapped up from several ftM women's forums.

It might very well be the first body shame a female learns and learns usually before she can form her first complete sentence. Breast shame. Before we can speak we're taught directly by our mothers and fathers and indirectly by society that our breast (even at age 2) are something to cover/hide, sending the message they're something to be ashamed of.

Then, before we have the abilities, the maturity, the wisdom to work through that shame, our breast are seized and sexualized by patriarchy's objectifying masturbatory gaze, a gaze we then interiorize! And by our interiorization of the male gaze WE become male gazers ourselves, of ourselves, objectifying ourselves for ourselves for men!

Our female childhoods are so completely saturated with patriarchy's systematic cues and messages both subtle and overt that we see our breasts as sexual objects created solely for the pleasures of men before they even develop! We learn based on our familial backgrounds to either hide them once developed or utilize them like pieces of meat to be sold at market day, whored to put it simply.

In polite society women are gawked at, harangued and sometimes arrested for publicly using their breast for their biologically intended purpose, bonding with and feeding their child. Men have so wisely tried to halt that insanity with the neato invention of the baby bottle and baby formula. A convenient contrivance employed to sever women's natural instincts while at the same time reiterating to women that their breast are for men's sexual lusts only. It is also in this severing that women first become severed from each other. Were mother's encouraged to bond with their female children through breast feeding, those plummetless developed bonds would later be sought after and found with other women, rather than the divide men have created through their use of female competition for male approval. Were women allowed their natural instincts there would be no need for male approval.

In our current post-modernistic queer theoried populace, with feminism long out of our sights and our of minds, breasts are more sexualized, objectified and shame based than ever. And if you think for a moment I'm exaggerating about the shame, read the comments in the cap. It reads like a modern day foot binding gripe, painful but necessary.

What century is this again?


Mike Penner: another trans guy murdered with the help of the medical establishment and the trans community

This is how Mike Penner closed his seemingly hopeful "coming out" story when he first decided to go public with his "transition" a few years ago. Soon afterward he was hoisted onto the shoulders of the "trans" community and hailed an immediate "trans" sensation.

Jump forward to earlier this year and the "trans" community was singing a different tune when Mike Penner decided to "de-transition" and reverted back to his actual name/natural male self.

Having received emails from some who have also "de-transitioned" and had phone conversations with a few, I've been told how cold, horrible and viscous the "trans" community has been to those no longer "approved" of. And "de-transitioning" is NOT "approved" by the "trans" community. It may give people "ideas" to follow suit. Something HIGHLY frowned upon in the "trans" community. Many that have worked to deal with their issues, come to their senses and "de-transition" have been a part of the "trans" community for a number of years, sometimes decades. These folks receive more pressure from within the "trans" community to "stay trans" they have said, than the pressures they felt when they first began "transition" from their friends and families. And many having lost friends and family through "transition" believed the new relationships they forged within the "trans" community were their "new family". Instead what they quickly find is their "trans" family places much more conditions on friendship/love than any they had ever known.

This is exactly what Mike Penner found out and one has to wonder did it contribute to this:

This is only one tragic case, and we only know about this one because Mike Penner was a public figure. If you listen to the roar coming from the "trans" community all you will hear is how "happy" they are after(note: there is no AFTER) "transition". Between the shame of family's who have had "trans" loved ones who have committed suicide and the near insane tight lipped concealment the "trans" community keeps its closed painted mouths around, we will likely never know exactly how many "successful" "transitioners" wind up suicides.

a sad and sickened
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The Operation That Can Ruin Your Life

An article by Julie Bindel

from the article:

Gender dysphoria (GD) was invented in the 1950s by reactionary male psychiatrists in an era when men were men and women were doormats. It is a term used to describe someone who feels strongly that they should belong to the opposite sex and that they were born in the wrong body. GD has no proven genetic or physiological basis.

...more than 100 international medical studies of post-operative transsexuals by the University of Birmingham's Aggressive Research Intelligence Facility found no robust scientific evidence that gender reassignment surgery was clinically effective.

Recent legislation (the Gender Recognition Act, which allows people to change sex and be issued with a new birth certificate) will have a profoundly negative effect on the human rights of women and children. Since 2004, it has been possible for those diagnosed with GD to be assigned the sex of their choice, providing that the person has lived as the opposite sex for two years, has no plans to change back again and can provide evidence of the above.

It is not necessary to have undergone hormone treatment or surgery. In other words, a pre-operative man could apply for a job in a women — only rape counselling service and, if refused on grounds of his sex, could take the employer to court on the grounds that "he" is legally a "she".

A definition of transsexualism used by a number of transsexual rights organisations reads:

Students who are gender non-conforming are those whose gender expression (or outward appearance) does not follow traditional gender roles: "feminine boys," "masculine girls" and students who are androgynous, for example. It can also include students who look the way boys and girls are expected to look but participate in activities that are gender nonconforming, like a boy who does ballet. The term "transgender youth" can be used as an umbrella term for all students whose gender identity is different from the sex they were assigned at birth and/or whose gender expression is non-stereotypical.

According to this definition, a girl who plays football is trans-sexual.

A number of transsexuals are beginning to admit that opting for surgery ruined their lives. "I was a messed-up young gay man," says Claudia McClean, a male-to-female transsexual who opted for surgery 20 years ago. "If I had been offered an alternative to a sex change, I would have jumped at the chance, but as soon as I told the psychiatrist I felt trapped in the wrong body, or some such cliché, he was writing out a referral to the surgeon."

Transsexualism is becoming so normalised that increasing numbers of children are being referred to clinics by their parents. Recently, an 18-month-old baby in Denmark was diagnosed as suffering from GD. Last summer, a primary school headteacher held an assembly to explain that a nine-year-old boy would return as a girl.

Ten years ago, there were an average of six child and adolescent referrals per year in Britain, but in 2008 numbers had increased six-fold. Although the minimum age for sex-change surgery is 18, puberty-blocking hormones can be prescribed to those as young as 16, and transsexual rights lobbyists want that age to be reduced to 13.

Medical science cannot turn a biological male into a biological female — it can only alter the appearance of body parts. A trans-sexual "woman" will always be a biological male. A male-to-female transsexual serving a prison sentence for manslaughter and rape won the right to be relocated to a women's jail. Her lawyers argued that her rights were being violated by being unable to live in her role as a woman in a men's jail. Large numbers of female prisoners have experienced childhood abuse and rape and will fail to appreciate the reasons behind a biological man living among them, particularly one who still has the penis with which he raped a woman. (Some transsexuals choose to retain their genitals.)

There is a handful of radicals in the world today who have dared to challenge the diagnosis of transsexualism. Those who do are called "transphobic" and treated with staggering vitriol.

In a world where equality between men and women was reality, transsexualism would not exist. The diagnosis of GD needs to be questioned and challenged. We live in a society that, on the whole, respects the human rights of others. Accepting a situation where the surgeon's knife and lifelong hormonal treatment are replacing the acceptance of difference is a scandal. Sex-change surgery is unnecessary mutilation. Using human rights laws to normalise trans-sexualism has resulted in a backward step in the feminist campaign for gender equality. Perhaps we should give up and become men.

SRS the right of the Mentally ill?

Fair use capped from a popular "trans" forum/chat.

And this was the general response not surprisingly, a slew of "well done's" and "good jobs" and "way to go's".

One of the primary features of EVERY single "trans" forum, newsgroup, community center and any other "trans" meeting place you can dream up real-time and online is the How to Guide. The ad nauseum "I was born in the wrong body" "trans" mantra is the free ticket handed to all who enter the "trans" gate. With that, any living person right this second could reference one of these How to area's on any one of these "trans" groups, glean enough info and encouragement and in two "gender specialist" appointments or less have yourself declared an official tranny with your first faux hormone script tucked securely into your shirt pocket while you waltz out the door on your way to the nearest drugstore. A few injections later and given you have the moola (if you dont, trust me, there's info on how to use your student loans for trannification money as well) you can pay any number of doctors across various countries to mutilate yourself into the "new" not so improved and much butchered "you".

In "trans" spaces (both real and mental) the level of trannification, the reasons for trannification make no difference, have no bearing or place. All that matters is the How; like Anne Sexton's suicide in her poem Wanting to Die: But suicides have a special language/ Like carpenters they want to know which tools/They never ask why build. And suicide after all is about murder, and so to is "transition". When are we going to stop playing cops and robbers, shoot now and ask questions later, when are we going to start asking why first?


Transgender Truths Equals Transgender Lies

Fair use capped.

This made its way to my inbox yesterday evening ( thanks for keeping me posted sister).

The "trans" motto were truth ever to be injected into the veins of the"trans" community like the faux hormones so readily injected would no doubt be "when in doubt, lie".

Because truth is not exactly on the buddy list of the "trans" community, when it is spoken, even in individual spaces regarding "trans" issues, those individuals must be silenced. Because those like myself who make truth known, truths that cannot be disputed, the "trans" community resorts to what it knows best: LYING! But when the entirety of your self created identity is a lie, lying comes pretty easily I would imagine. The short of it though is this; the "trans" community will take whatever measures it believes it must to silence the likes of rad lez fems like me; be that elaborate hoaxes aimed to emotionally harm/disarm, threats of male violence and rape or their personal fav such as the above, denigratory lying.

The truth of the matter is we (rad lez fems) could cease and desist from ever mentioning "trans" anything period ever again, BUT if we continued fighting for the dismantling of misogyny we would STILL be slandered and attacked BY the "trans" community. Why? Because misogyny is at the root of trannification! There is a common thread that runs clean through MALE to female and female to MALE, and thats MALE! Now you can say female runs through both as well and I would agree. BUT the female in Mtf and ftM has the same place she has in the real world, powerless, victimized and inferior. And THIS is why those of us fighting for the disembowelment of patriarchal misogyny even outside of "trans" circles MUST be stopped. Because if the f in ftM and the f in Mtf found her voice, gained even the slightest bit of power and declared she would no longer be victimized, POOF! Just like that, the "trans" disorder thereby the "trans" ID'd would cease developing.

Now if you EVER had even the slightest bit of doubt that "transition" IS a disorder, your proof is in the pudding is right here. Because only the truly sick, would wish to remain sick and have others get sick when this illness could be eradicated by the empowerment and equality of women.

Transition: Misogyny made real through brutal abuses of female forms.

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Has the Dirtster injured the delicate feelers of an ftM woman?

Fair use capped from a LOCKED post at an ftM women's community at live journal.

Dear ftM woman/person,

I'm not here to hurt your feelings, I am here however to expose the truths, lies and impossibilities of "transition". I am here to expose the misogyny that IS the core and foundation of "transition" and expose how that core/foundation perpetuates and harms ALL women, all of us.

I'm here to write about, discuss, rant, rave and scream at the tops of my lungs all the wonderfulness's of woman, of being a woman. This supreme being, this ultimate comfort that each and every one of us seek, want and need our WHOLE lives through regardless of any barriers. If you dared to look a little further here, this blog I'm speaking, what you would see is between each and every line I write, is my love, care and utter devotion to woman and women.

And so I am also here to defend her, woman that is, from the make up wearing masked invaders bursting in as well as all those beating her door down to leave, beating her in the process. Some days that takes the form of humour, some days intellectualism, other days assholism, and other days still, the very breadth of my heart.

I wouldnt expect for a moment that you or any person who has went to some lengths, any lengths of trannification for that matter or any totally enmeshed with trannifiers to understand what I'm saying. But I'm here to tell you I am not screaming for you or them or those like you and them,

I scream only for HER!


Umm didnt I just cover ftM women's comments?

THIS is an ftM woman's mutilated breast on T:

THIS is an ftM woman's now deformed clitoris on T:

And THIS is an ftM woman's brain on T!!!!!!!

While I know with worrying by the minute about the next new chin hair leg hair bald spot do I pass enough does my voice sound like the midgets on little people big world does my ass still look like a girls ass is my binding straight when will I have enough money for top surgery why am I starting to find men attractive how long on T before I can get my vag sewn shut when will my chest hairs start growing and on and on and on and me and me and me.

Yet despite the troubled inner world of the "trans" mind there is never an excuse for not paying the fuck ATTENTION!


ps Apology to my regular rad fem lez readers with this post, but sometimes one has to spell things out bluntly and ugly.
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Trans"men" LOVE Women!

Short on time but felt this too important to keep hidden behind the trannygate. Capped from a variety of threads from a popular ftM forum.

Not a SINGLE ftM woman disputed this ftM woman's comments. Not one!

Seems it isnt just male privilege ftM women are acquiring from their "T" shots.

a sickened

Women not welcome on any Butch Femme site?

Fair use capped.

So I get this email at facebook regarding a "new butch/femme" site looking to add members. I figure what the hey, maybe it wont be another "wehatewomen" femme/butch community. WRONG!

Takes me all of about 2 minutes to sign up, a 1 minute to created a profile, 30 seconds to see it in fact IS the same male-centric woman hatred currently dominating all femme/butch spaces, 10 seconds to see a horrifically misogynistic thread aimed at the "female ID(femme or butch)", 15 seconds to comment on that thread and less than a minute to get banned for what I said which was removed. Being the smarty that I am, I capped what I commented to which you can see above before I exited.

So for stating the obvious, that Butch women are not men therefore clearly they cannot be "emasculated", I was banned. A Butch woman, banned from a supposed "butch-femme" site interested in "lively debate"...

There's no debating this site is not interested in debating the KRAZY notion that Butch women just might actually be *oh I dont know* WOMEN!

Its a shame there is such shame in being a woman, more shameful when that shame is pathological and more shameful still when in female only spaces like femme/butch communities. There is so much work to be done to alleviate even a little of the damage made by post-modernism/queer theory within femme/butch spaces, but unless we try, femme/butch will continue to become the hetero mimicry it has always been accused of being!


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Mtf MAN miffed much? or Men just being Men?

While I have seen a bit of the recent motion-commotion in the women-who-have-the-common-sense-to-see-that-men-who-estrogenate-their-male-bodies-then-mutilate-their-peens-into-monstrosities-aren't-women-anymore-than-women-who-testosteronate-their-bodies-then-have-their-breast-butchered-off-aren't-men-and-have-the-courage-to-say-so blogosphere, I admit to only mildly watching from afar.

But given that this fell into my lap this morning I thought I'd have a little say about it myself. What can I really say here other than this so soooooo typically fucking male. Brian here is mad because a handful of women handed him his ass repeatedly so now he's going to go to some old post in another Mtf dudes blog and link the women he blames for holding up a reality mirror in hopes other Mtf dudes will run to our blogs, attack us and rescue him from the mean ladies. Gimme a fucking break! What fucking grade is this guy in?

Brian, reality check, you are not lynn conway and we are not Michael Bailey, nice try though. Now back to your regularly schedule blog...


ps I do appreciate being held in such high company though.

Fear and the Failed Identity of Transmen

From a comment left for my blog made by an ftM woman.

In a nutshell this is the typical comment I usually receive from your typical ftM woman.

First they make some sort of unmistakable over sexist remark in order to establish a divide/hierarchy between them and me. This is done for two reasons: 1) this helps reinforce their faux "male" identities through the use of male/female sexism. As in if they treat me (a self described Butch woman) in a sexist fashion they believe in their own warped way that that defaults them to "male". 2) After establishing through the hetero-patriarchal-binary sexist system that they are not women and I am a woman, they believe through their thick internalize misogyny that they can then use my femaleness as an insult against me. Clearly this is a big fail all the way 'round because while they may drug and mutilate themselves into something away from your average woman in the streets, they cannot drug and mutilate themselves into actual men. And because I am not a self hating female, being called some sort of "woman" isn't an insult whatsoever.

Second, come the remark/s about how crazy I am and how I am in need of mental help as well as something usually about my "anger" issues. These remarks are the typical projection line of defense towards what write. Rather than face up and deal with their own misogynistic mentality that has them actually PAYING someone to remove normal HEALTHY breasts from their female bodies, then drug themselves for the rest of their lives, its easier to project their anger and self hatred towards me.

Last, we get something to do with my intelligence on the matter or according to the ftM women, my lack thereof. A fear based response made to discredit the truths I publicly make. Easier to write me off as a crack-pot because they cannot argue with the truth, nor does their self created identity have the capacity to withstand any notions that are not 200% in their disordered favours.


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Femme Invisibility-Butch Invisibility

When walking about alone in the hetero-patriarchal world, that is the world, and the world that presumes everyone is straight, you do not exist. Is it the way you walk just as much with your hips as with your legs that invisibilizes you? The make-up you put on your weary face most mornings? The face with the eyes tinged always with a bit of sadness even on happy occasions. The dress and nylons you wear to work or dinner? The gentle butterfly motion of your hands when you speak? Invisible hands my eyes bring to life, real life, as you fix the bathroom plumbing or fix me? The girlish sound of your voice, made girlish still even when angry because sometimes I'm a jerk? How is it that you do not exist when you walk out the door alone, yet I SEE! I see you everywhere!

Like you dear Femme, I too am invisible. Invisible alone. Invisible with everyone, save you. My invisibility is an invisibility squared. Squared because what is seen, who is seen, isn't me. Me being an adult woman. What exactly is it that they miss? My soft light haired skin? My non adams appled throat? My lack of a five O clock shadow? My breast? My hips? My small capable but delicate hands? What? And what is it exactly that they see that screams male to them? A short cropped head of hair? A man's button down tucked in just so? Trousers? My stance with its slight air of command? My cocky walk? Or is it my strong white privileged presence that even today had a Mexican man shrink and apologize for merely stepping in front of me or rather the me he assumed I was; the middle class white male that daily I am sickened and ashamed of passing as?

I wonder to myself how high the price you certainly must pay each day for your Femme invisibility? This "passing" privilege that is no privilege at all, but a prison sentence. Solitary confinement. Is your crime so great? How do you handle the masturbatory eyes of men? Male privileged men who believe they have the fucking right to tell you how pretty you are today or ask you if thats a new blouse while staring at your breast with one hand on their filthy cocks. How do you deal with the women at the office who try and fix you up with the "great guy" they know? How is it they cannot see, you do not want a guy. That there is nothing about any guy that you would want. Some even knowing you are a lesbian! Knowing, but not believing because "you dont look like a lesbian, are you sure?"!!! How horrifically fucking insulting! You are a Femme, of course you are sure! And so I wonder, as the woman who does see you. I wonder what damage, what dents, what toll all this takes? And I hope, I dream, I pray even, that my Butch touch can even for a moment smooth away a little of what has been scathed.

What has invisibility cost me? What is the price for my mistaken identity? How do I, who is so terrible at math, collect the sum? What euclidean formula will give me an answer? There have been so many obstacles to overcome because of this privileged invisibility. How do I tally up the toll, the cost of internalized misogyny? A misogyny so deeply embedded that for so long I thought it was just part of my being, part of who I was. The years it took to unravel that evil, evil that took the form of hating myself because I could never be this thing I was assumed to be. The thing I believed I had to be if I ever wanted to have the thing I wanted most, a Femme partner and lover. But with immense work and thought, understanding and self discovery I tore through that gordian knot! But the price of it all remains a mystery that only you my sweet nancy drew solve with your breath on the back of my neck, your hand in my hand.

Alone we do not exist, but together we are unmistakable, that much is certain. What is it about us together that screams lesbian, that apart stays silent? Together you are no longer "straight", together I am no longer "male", together we are lesbian women and nothing can hide it. Is it the way we look at each other, looking like only women look? The way we touch each other, the way only women touch? The way we kiss each other, the way only women kiss? Anne Sexton closed her poem The Double Image regarding one of her daughters saying "I made you to find me". Is that it then? Is it like that for us? Was I made so that you could find you? And you made so that I could find me? Our identities may not be dependant upon each others to exist, but surely they are contingent upon our visibility, not to mention our love and happiness.


Given that its Veteran's Day

The real horror of war is that the propagandist "old lie" that Owen ends this poem with is still being told today.

There is nothing sweet or glorious in dying for one's country, there are no hero's in war, only victims on whichever's side.

Dulce et decorum est Pro patria mori-It is sweet and honourable to die for one’s country

Dulce Et Decorum Est

Relinquishing Woman

Capped from a popular ftM forum regarding male privilege. This was the typical response out of several pages of responses.

If you are a woman and you believe that after forty plus years of feminism women have made some strides under patriarchy, you only have to read something like this to see women are more lost now than ever.

This isn't the "T" talking, this is what has caused this woman and women like her to take the "T" in the first fucking place! Granted the skewed patriarchal ideals and visuals we have of femininity plays its part, but far more than that is the continued confined roles women are allowed to have and allowing themselves to have by not demanding more. Feminism isn't about having the choice to have your body whittled into that of a pseudo male in order to gain male privilege. Feminism is supposed to be about women dismantling the architecture of male privilege so that the opportunities available to women are equal to that of men!

Is this now then the new feminism, the latest "wave"? Is this what our kind suffered, stomaching the likes of tortures such as these for?

So that now women have the options, thanks to a sick fucking misogynistic medical establishment, to simply stop being women? Early feminism tried to warn us, teach us, inform us about the cunning of patriarchal systems which have led us through our internalize misogyny to identifying with patriarchy.

Feminism today is teaching us to screw identifying with men, we can leap forward and now become men! We need not fight and struggle for equal pay and equal rights, we can have those things and more if we simply relinquish being women! And since there is no talk and no pride and no hope for being women, when relinquished, do we even know what it is exactly that we've lost???? Moreover, do we even care?

I dont know about you, but I care. I want to know. I need to know. In fact I want all women to know, even those reliquishers.


Why Dirt will never grow up!

" One night, it was the last night Francie ever talked much about being grown-up, she said to Daphne,
-Do you know what?
-You know Easter time and the eggs and silver paper and that? Well, when we're children we eat the eggs straight away, don't we? But if you're grown up you keep them. Its the same with chocolates, and anything nice.
-How do you know?
-Because of Mawhinney's. Their front room is filled with Easter eggs that Mrs. Mawhinney hasn't even bothered to take the paper off.
-I dont know. When you're grown up, you're frightened to taste the nice things, like Easter eggs, in case you never get them again, or something, so you save them up till you have rooms full of them. It's like spending money and being afraid because you've spent it; only this isn't money, it's something inside people that they're afraid to spend. I know, from Mawhinney's and other places. And then you die, and leave yourself and the nice things wrapped up, like an Easter egg, with the lovely wavery paper still on it, and the black patterned chocolate inside. " (JF)


Missing Person Kristin Snyder: Lost in a Sea of Myths Pt 2

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