Catholics and the Truth about Trannys

Fair use capped and snapped from a major catholic site.

I dont know what the hell is going on but lordy lordy I NEVER thought the day would come that I would see (largely) eye to eye with the Catholics about anything!!!!!


I'm on my way out to buy lots of water and food rations because clearly Armageddon is on the horizon!


Michfest and the great Butch Hope

This cap is from an unreleased comment made by a regular of the Michfest forums/fests. She has made no bones about her numerously obsessive complaints regarding me to Michfest authorities both through snail mail and on the forum.

Fine. I am now banned from there. My woman's voice hushed to make room for the ample voice of patriarchy. It sickens me, yes. But I can accept that, its nothing new. When have women not been silenced in the face of patriarchy, especially by other women? Thats the craftiness of misogyny, women hating women who hate patriarchy, women silencing women who to dare to speak against it and all the while hating themselves. Its the perfect system to ensure patriarchy remains ruling supreme and ensuring women remain active in their own effacement/destruction. The latter being one of the little shits and giggles patriarchy snickers about as women service their sorry cocks while on bended knee.

But what I cannot and will not except is being silenced in my own sweet patriarchally free space! Michfest is clearly no longer a man free zone, if in doubt feel free to attend the "trans" workshop given by an ftM wo-MAN this year. But THIS space IS and will remain a tranny free man free no fly zone! The women of Michfest wanted me gone, and so I'm gone. But that wasn't and isn't enough, I'm still speaking, still being heard and that makes me the most frightening thing on the fucking planet, a Butch woman with a voice and a brain to use it! All the fucking einsteins, oppenheimers, fermis and the like cannot amass a device equaling the shear raw power and potential for multitudinous destruction's than a vocal Butch woman!

Every man-made idea, law, rule, decree, edict, fiat, formula or recipe, WE Butch women defy by our very nature! A nature born of woman, for women in natural opposition to patriarchy, in natural defiance TO patriarchy! Just when patriarchy believed all his bases were covered, the cage he crafted so well for women taking him centuries to build bar by bar through rapes, torments, murders, mutilations, threats, abuses, tortures and intimidation's he's over looked just one: the Butch woman! Unlike other women, we do not have to consciously refuse his cage, we were never born into it! And no amount of plying, stretching or reconfiguring that cage is going to make it accommodate us!

Butch women defy patriarchy! Butch women are CAGE FREE!

So dear "bunny" if you're reading this, and I KNOW you are, you have seen the future and she is ME!

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The Rosenbergs-Remembering those Commie Jew Bastards!

The Rosenbergs were executed by our government on this day June 19th 1953.

The quote in the picture (left) begins Sylvia Plath's novel The Bell Jar, which I didn't read until I was 19. I was reasonably acquainted with the Rosenbergs long before that though.

There are certain historical instances that my mind groups together in its rememberings from my youthful thoughts, the Rosenberg trial/execution, The Hindenburg tragedy and the Lindbergh baby kidnapping/Hauptmann execution. I rarely think about one without thinking about the others. But since it is the anniversary of Julius and Ethel's murders by the US government, I'll focus my thoughts on them only.

It wasn't until I read The Bell Jar that I sought out and read the transcripts to the Rosenbergs trial. Judge Kaufman addressed the jury in such a manner that for them not to have found the Rosenbergs guilty regardless of the evidence(or lack thereof as was the case) would have been "unamerican".

What disturbed me then, disturbs me know regarding this case. Not the case exactly but the blind ignorance of people (the general public) this case exemplified. I think no one summed the situation up better than Plath did in the Bell Jar when after the Rosenbergs are brought up in convo among a group of girls in the novel, Plath has a minor character willy-nilly say "I'm so glad they're going to die"!

I cannot tell you how many many times I have heard similar ignorance spouted from people in the grocery lines, walking through a store or a mall, buying stamps at the post office or coming from the next stall while talking a public piss. I'm so glad they're going to die. When did people stop fucking thinking? Stop questioning? Stop caring? Stop accepting every ladle of info fed to them by their father or mother, their priest, rabbi or pastor, their schools, their jobs, their governments?? I'm so glad they're going to die...
Now granted you can say to me "okay dirt, but what about Venona"?? Okay, what about it? While the Venona Project implicated Julius in minor espionage, that did not come to light until the mid 90's! And NOTHING has EVER came to light proving Ethel had any knowledge or doings involving espionage. There are FAR too many involved in this case who did a hell of lot more than Julius (including Ethel's brother who is living and breathing as I write this) who weren't sentenced to death. The Rosenbergs were murdered because of the above quote and lets not kid ourselves here, because they were Jews! Oh yeah dirt that's right they didn't like Jews in the 50's...Unlike now where anti-Semites just waltz into Holocaust Memorial Centers and gun down the innocent, no Antisemitism there!

And if you're wondering how an innocent mother of 2 could be executed by our government, she failed to be the kinda wife and sister that didn't exist in the 50's and doesn't exist today. The kind of wife who has the authority and power under patriarchy and misogyny to change or control what the men in her life were doing or not doing. Sexism and misogyny as much as her Jewishness killed Ethel Rosenberg. But she was a mother, a good, loving mother, and mothers don't die so easily. My gut tells me it is because of her mother's love that it took her being electrocuted not once, not twice even, but THREE fucking times before she finally consented to death with her hair in flames, thereby leaving her sons forever.


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Would you like some cheeze with than tranny whine?

Let me answer the ftM woman's question before I get into this post where she asks "what should I do"? What you should do missy is wake the fuck up and smell reality's rose and stop being a puppet of the patriarchy for starters! Just because "the man" is sporting an ill fitted dress and an equally ill fitted ugly pair of faux tits and you're sporting a crap ass goatee a 12 y/o boy could grow with one testicle as well as hiding your pussy underneath a sweaty, smelly "soft packer" doesn't change the established gender roles/patterns patriarchy has prescribed and which YOU are still living, breathing and perpetuating regardless of which section of the store you shop for your clothes!

Now to the post in general, umm is there no vestige of women's space that isn't being plundered and/or demanded access to by men and men wanna-bees???? Now we have Mtf Men utilizing ftM women to do their bidding (like that's a new one right!) because a woman's only event (drag kinging) does not permit men to participate. Duh! Can someone please call the wahmbulance? I cant cuz I'm too busy laughing too hard!

If you are not familiar with what a drag king show is, its where a group of women (real women, not those disordered men who've pretzeled their cocks into something that no longer resembles anything human) use dress and make-up to perform an idea of "male" to an audience. Usually for a good cause, sometimes for fun, and no not all the performers are Butch, in fact the majority are not Butch, remember this is about performing, not being. Besides, Butch women are not MEN!

What we have here is a dude (autogynephile) who has tried to trannify himself into the male gazed idea of "woman", who then wants to perform his real sex (male) while calling himself a chick. First of all its not like he can actually depart from his "real" sex, so what exactly is he performing? Victor/Victoria/Victor?

But seriously wft is next, Mtf men demanding access to our fucking menstrual huts??? Maybe not, wouldnt be enough room between proud women and all the disordered ftM women misognynist who continue to claim womens spaces all the while hating themselves as women which in turn reflects their contempt for all women. But given how ftM women subjugate themselves to Mtf men, I'm sure they'd manage to make room.

Go Patrirachy!

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Chastity "chaz" Bono ftMing it? Wha?

Sent to me a few nights ago from an anonymous Butch. (thank you)

For as much as I'm against mutilating the mentally ill, for every good attained and every truth brought to light there must be sacrifices, "chazy" here is just such a sacrifice. Now where to find an alter large enough to accommodate her! But I digress...

While the change of Chastity's "change" may not be a watershed, the subtle wave created publicly by this ripple may replace the wrongful Butch face on ftMism with the more precise face of our dear mentally ill "chazy". For it is your typical overweight softball dykes (like chazy) who are the dominant disordered females seeking "sex changes", NOT Butch women!

Remember all those softball dykes dating each other you would see year in and year out at your local pride fests? Remember when year after year you began to see less and less of them at pride you wondered where did they all go? Remember asking yourself later why do so many ftM women date other ftM women? Thats where all those softball dykes went and that's why so many ftM women date each other.

But while this has the potential to set the ftM record dyke so to speak, there is also the dangerous possibility of it further harming and invisibalizing Butch women. For far toooooooo many years the Femme/Butch community in all its forms has been over ran with softball tweener dykes whom by their shear numbers have buried the face of Butch women beneath their chassis's, giving rise to a false visual of what Butch look like, not to mention a false idea of what Butch IS! Therefore when people think Butch what they're really thinking is dyke, and when people think female sex change or ftM they're thinking Butch though in their minds eye it is dyke which they are actually seeing.

It is assumed that the real threat to Butch women has been and remains "the binary", wrong. The real threat to Butch women has been and IS, invisibility! For the plethoric differences that distinguish Butch females from males, to the casual observer caught within the binary net, those differences appear silent and inconspicuous, Butch women "pass". Dykes on the other hand do not "pass" and cannot casually appear to "fit" neatly into the binary, it is for these women that the binary seems truly perilous! And this has as much to do with the number of dykes "transitioning" as does each their personal familials.

While I lightly jested about "chazy's" weight early on in this post, weight does play a large roll in the dykes who occupy Femme/Butch spaces, which in turn plays a large roll in those same dykes later ftMing it, it is a progression. It is no coincidence that the reduction patriarchy has made to the female cage in the last 50 years has greatly impacted how we all view patriarchy's "femininity" construct and how that construct is applied to women and in turn how women apply that construct to themselves. After a certain dress size, pants size or number on the scale through the limited lens of the male gaze hetero women consider themselves "ugly/unattractive" regardless of whether they are or aren't. But what has happened in the lesbian community is once dyke women reach that special size or number some of them default to "butch"!

Currently in most modern societies, patriarchy deems the fat women of those societies, unfeminine. Actually what is happening is patriarchy is making it near impossible for any woman over a size 12 (height unimportant) to appear patriarchally "feminine" approved with the present multitudinous demands placed on women's appearances. Given these demands, pressures and expectations it is impossible for the softball dyke NOT to see herself as some form of "manly", just as society views Butch women. And so miss dyke slides herself over to butch, believing herself to be Butch.

Once miss dyke enters the gates of the Femme/Butch community she quickly notices she isn't the Butch she sees here. Yet in her mind and patriarchy's strict gender constructs for men and women, surely she must be butch. She retrieves her Butch list from her granny pack: 1) unfeminine-check 2) ugly by hetero male standards-check 3) more comfortable in clothes made for males-check. So there it is in black and white, 1 2 3, bing-bang-boom-Butch. The list may check out for her but none the less miss dyke KNOWS she's not REALLY a Butch woman. There may be some things about her that are butch, but the fact is she isnt one of them!

Something happens though when one is around a specific group with which one isn't a true member, over time one adopts, poses and convinces one's self they are the company they keep! And so the progression begins, the dykes in Femme/Butch space quickly learn they cannot compete with Butch women. Not that they have to mind you. But when one is struggling to keep up, competition ensues. These are the "butches" who readily brag about participating in such nonsense as "binding" and "packing" in hopes of trying to out butch the Butches. (guess what girls, Butch women know the difference between HOT role-playing and self delusion!) But in doing so they have butched themselves right into a full blown mental disorder and male mimicry! From there its a small journey to ftMism. All the while STILL not attaining Butch, because being isn't something that can be acquired through any means.

But it is at this mistakenly assumed point that since many ftM women are coming out of the (if only they would stay the fuck out!) Femme/Butch community Butches are the majority of women who are "transitioning". The Femme/Butch community online and RT is chock full of Chastity Bono's, both before and after "T". Maybe her "coming out as trans" will finally displace Butch as the face of ftM, because far too many people have seen her on several reality shows to clearly tell she's no Butch. It may also have the public wondering why would a woman (who isnt manly) want a sex change and why would the medical establishment give her one?

As I said it could go a few different ways, we can only hope for the best.


Mtf man sings the Praises of Dirt

Fair use capped.

Given the severity of the trans disorder I suppose I should be flattered an autogynephile momentarily turned his male gaze from his own reflection towards me. But if he is any kind of REAL "woman" he'll sell that cum-rag that has my name on it on ebay and donate the money to the woman's shelter nearest him.

But sadly autogynephiles do not care about the women who exist outside the ones they create in their mirrors for the sole purpose of creating cum stains. On the positive side this could be a whole new set of workshops for Michfest! Workshops like: What rags make the best cum-rags-What does your come stain say about your future-How to make a cum-rag out of everyday products...Yeah good times...


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