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Saturday, May 2, 2009


Here's what we have in a nutshell or more to the woman in questions disordered wet dreams, a nutsack, either way what it TRANSlate to is this: the TG community's creation of the most versatile term (transphobia) which can be used to paint an ugliness with one broad stroke upon its victims or used to silence any sane argument presented, or used to create a false sense of sympathy for any number of reasons or used as a threat in order to achieve what the user desires or believes their entitled, as is the case here.

The use of the transphobia term itself is a cog in the TG disorder wheel. It is a gun held to the head of any rational person or argument that differs from the TGs idea of how they see themselves. It is not enough for TG persons to merely "change sex" and be "cured"(which is where the medical establishment fails in treating this disorder-physical rather than mental). This disorder requires others to buy into its "sex change" lies in order to reinforce the false identity the TG person has created. TGism is a recreation of the original reflection the disordered experienced as an infant/child, only a eonian recreation.

Meaning when the girl baby (I'll use girl since I'm posting about an Ftm woman) looked up and out and into the eyes that reflected her back to herself as a baby and later as a female child creating her female identity, when she chose to alter that identity as all TGs do, the only road map available is the original path to identity. Therefore TGs rewalk this path again and again and again with each person they know or meet recreating the reflection of this new identity hoping and praying each time this chosen identity will take. But because identity is hardwired in each of us at such an early age, no amount of brick and stone can ever completely wall off the core identity.

So that when the TG identity is confronted with a non believer (someone that does not assist in the identity recreation/reinforcement) they're branded with the "transphobia/transphobic" term, just like the ftM woman here. First she needed her newly created identity reflected back to her by others reinforcing it to herself, so that she can believe she is what she says she is. That is why she put her "trans" status in the syllabi, because she was trying solidify her new identity by having others share in it with her. The TG identity cannot exist on its own because it is an artificial identity, an identity demanding props and an audience.

Butch women get mistaken for males all the time, this doesnt throw their identity into question, they merely correct the mistake and move on. The same thing happens to some young gay males being mistaken for teenage girls, or light skinned POCs being mistaken for whites. It can be annoying, but its nothing to lose sleep over, because none of these people require others for their existence. They are Butch women or gay youths or POC when they're alone or publically invisible.

The TG identity however must not only have an audience but a willing audience! If not it falls back on its "transphobic" defense for what it thinks is self preservation. Only the thing being preserved is a false sense of self. The ftM woman here rather than be accountable for her failings, readily uses the "transphobia" label in hopes of getting her job back. Thats the narcissism of this disorder at work. How dare other women who work right up until they deliver their baby be able to skate for 3 months, and SHE an ftM woman not get what she believes is her due of 3 YEARS skating??!!! While her being let go seems more to have to do with completely changing her class course direction for which she was hired, given her horrific displays of misogyny it is clear she has no business teaching WOMENS studies!


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