Monday, May 11, 2009

Trans Male-MTF knows Marilyn French and Rape

Believe it or not, I capped this from a "trans-academic" group which consists primarily of autogynephiles (HBSers to be exact).

This misogynistic male privileged drivel is typical of what daily passes for "discussion" in "trans-academia" across the net and RT.

Hetero privileged men who rape the image and the very IDEA of woman and who themselves with all the monetary advantages which accompanies such privilege cannot to save their lives recreate that image (though they try) into one in which a single one of them or any man would consider raping.

And I say that not because I am suggesting that rapist target specifically "attractive" youthful women, as a woman I know different. Rape has as much to do with opportunity as it does with the rapist shooting his load. That opportunity takes the shape of elderly women, white women, women of colour, women who use drugs, women who do not, child women, teenage women, pious women, sinful women, fat women, slim women, women in short skirts and women clothed head to toe. But one thing the rapist does target is women, of which 1 in 3 around the world will be raped in her lifetime, every 2 minutes reported (and I stress "reported") in the US alone. Thus far though rapist have yet to target men in dresses with bad wigs and size 13 heelz.

When men are raped with the frequency women are and when men face the same threat of rape that begins for women once we leave the safety of our mother's wombs (yes baby females are raped with fingers and objects), they can have a fucking say on what qualifies as rape. Until that day which will never happen, they can shut the fuck up!

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  1. I have been to Mich. Long Crew for 8 years. The women I worked with would be appalled by your portrayal of them as Tranny dissers. I know its been rough with Trans-Camp but don't you think its better to keep an open mind and accept people then make jokes and slander and try to hurt them? Just curious.