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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Mtf "disclosure" and the truth beyond "trans-truth"

Fair use capped.

Its fair to say to regular readers of this blog that I have more than adequately established the mythomania involved in creating the "trans identity".

The mirroring of trans mythomania is absolutely necessary to the flimsy trans identity if that identity is to be maintained. If someone in the life of the trans person in question chooses reality over the counterfeit ID most TGs will cut those people out of their lives completely in the same way they butcher off body parts.

Just as the TGs lie to themselves they need others to reinforce those lies right back to them in as much as a baby needs its own smile reflected back to it in order to know it exist. Trans identity is very much an infantile state of mind. When the trans-infant-ID ceases to experience smiles, things get ugly and Mtf men sometimes get violent because these are adult men after all, not infants in a crib.

But like that infant tossing out smiles and getting smiles tossed back, the trans-infant-ID will do whatever it has to, hurt whoever it has to, LIE to whoever it has to, NOT because it is interested in "protecting" the reflector, but solely for its own narcissistic pathological desires!!!

Trans Identity is founded on lies, built upon lies and relies upon lies and we all know in our hearts and minds nothing ever good comes from lies!


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  1. And when this creep gets the snot beat out of him for lying, it will be what - trans bashing, a hate crime?

    Not to sound cynical, isn't this exactly what the Republicans predicted would happen? Abuse of the hate crime statutes. I hate it when those mofos are right.


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