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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

FBS-the Fat Butch Syndrome

Fair use capped up the wazoo.

After a number of convo's over this issue with other Butch women along with working on leveling the idiotic Butch stereotypes I think it quite important to discuss FBS-the fat butch syndrome that is currently plaguing the Femme-Butch community so that we may ferret out the faux butches among the real.

At some point in recent Butch history the Butch community began seeing an increase to the community with over weight dykes. I am not sure precisely when this happened, but I suspect sometime during the gay and lesbian community's pressure to inclusion by post moderns academic PC queer theorist.

as well as the decline in womens knowledge, pride and participation in active feminism in favour of the persistent male gazed IDEA of woman that women remain too afraid to destroy for fear of losing male approval points(lesbians included).

In short Queer theory and declining feminism are the two prime factors which coincide with dyke womens relabeling themselves Butch women. On the queer theory hand we have gloved an "if I say it it is true" pseudo atmosphere and gloved on the other an ultra-feminine-hetero-size-0-equals-real-woman patriatmosphere, together invalidating fat lesbians everywhere!

Identity politics being at the core of queer theory, fat dykes began and continue to wrongfully ID as "butch". Because they are both lesbian and a far cry from the current patriarchal regimes female "idea"(aren't we all), white colonial queer theory has encouraged them instead of finding a home (ID) of their own to simply squat in the home (appropriate the identity) of another, in this case Butch womens!

When a dyke increases her weight ratio to a certain degree she is invalidated as a (feminine) woman in the eyes of patriarchy, but that does not and should not automatically default her to Butch (patriarchally unfeminine). This is where lesbian feminism would have been helpful because it would have established and maintained a form of womencentrism diametrically opposed to dominant cultures malecentrism; woman as object, woman as idea and woman only as good as the strength of the erection she creates in men!

Instead lesbian feminism has been trampled asunder by queer theory's copulatious affair with patriarchy and the preservation of male hegemony by fortifying the masculine and feminine babel tower constructs which surround all patriarchal regimes.

Fat does not equal unfeminine anymore than Butch equals masculine.

kicking the towers with my barefeet

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  1. IF this Obese dyke thing is the now in fashion thing for lesbian woman then let me remind you not to be so prideful and face realities. Obesity more among lesbians causes health issues, diabetes, heart disease, heart attacks, strokes and if you smoke and drink a lot at your social places regularly then you are at risk more so with breast cancer and ovarian cancer. So if DIke Obese is vogue now, then you may want to re think your life style as you and you alone are responsible for your own preventive health issues and quitting smoking and limit drinks to 2 glasses of wine a week is good for the heart and no more. Diet and excersice with healthy foods and quit smoking couls make you live 40 years longer. I know a lot of lesbians that have passed away youngish from ovarian and breast cancer's etc. IT's your lifestyle you need to change and not all lesbians are this way at least not mindful well educated woman that you don't see at bars. You may need help to change your thinking about bar and simple minded gay life. It should not be your be all and end all life and don't lose who you are or your individuality in an unhealthy relationship.


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