Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Death to Female Id'd Butch Women

Seems a misogynist linked the dirtster's blog to a BF post and oh gosh we cant have femmes and butches reading dirt, they may get "ideas"! Here's the link that was deleted.

I'll say straight away, NO there is NO room for misogyny. If you were born female and pathologically hate yourself as a female to the point of no longer address yourself or have others address you as the woman you are, YOU MY DEAR ARE A FUCKING MISOGYNIST!

And I'm fucking crying over here right now, where did I put my tiny violin, because it is such a "struggle" to be an ftM woman or a "male ID'd" woman. Choosing to abandon womanship is a choice those women make. It is a clear identification with their victimizers. As long as patriarchal regimes continue to flourish and reign supreme it is a struggle for EVERY woman, no matter the race, creed, class or sexuality. Choosing to sail amid torrents of rough waters is the real fucking struggle!

I'll feel sorry for these women when they buck the fuck up and begin acting like the women they were born rather than they crybabies they've clearly become!


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  1. DIRT! Finding your blog has made my day! (came via AROOO) Thank you for commenting over there and representing female masculinity. As a person who has experimented with my "gendered" appearance, I become more confused every day about butch/femme terminology because of the continuous misappropriation of these words. My radical feminist position is that we have to support ALTERNATE ways of BEING WOMAN. Joining and sympathizing with our oppressor only reinforces the system that we claim to be oppressed BY! I understand survival, but it doesn't help us PROGRESS to a more enlightened cultural atmosphere. I love your straightforward and unapologetic stance on female masculinity! That's WHERE (my) FEMINISM IS AT! Really, it makes my woman-loving day :) !! Thank you very, VERY much & I'll be back for more. Cheers!

  2. I certainly enjoy your style.

  3. Undercoverpunk-

    thank you for the kind comment, I dont get them too


  4. Well Menstruator I certainly think you have chosen an awesome nick!


  5. My pleasure, it's totally sincere. I am shocked and amazed at how acceptable taking on a male persona--and its corresponding attitude--IS in the lesbian community! It's like, just because a woman appears masculine, everyone expects her to have some alternate man-name/identity ("what's your, you know, *other* name?"). Talk about DID!!
    People don't accept criticism of transsexuality very well from a feminine-appearing woman (although maybe I'll gain some street cred from yesterday's posting of my less-femme days. JK! Ok, well, only half kidding). Cis-gendered, schmis-gendered!
    I think it's really brave of you to take this on and I thank you for doing so.
    My recent obsession with the personal and social *meanings* of deliberately REJECTING femininity for political purposes has lead me to "this" again--questioning a woman's decision to accept male privilege on an *official* basis by GRS. Someone I loved very dearly chose this path and it was hard on our relationship...
    I LOVE to see masculine women OWNING their womanhood. Seriously, that's where feminism it's at. Hope to see you around ;).

  6. I love your post, and the comments to it.

  7. I just happened onto your site via Youtube, checking out stone butch blues. I noticed "Related Videos" and saw you. Your name intrigued me and I, a femme, wanted to hear what you had to say. Wow!

    It's difficult for me to put to words how much I have been helped by what you have said. It's ridiculous that others are trying to put you down. They're not thinking! You have brought an understanding to me that feels right. Thank you.
    I have typed and back-spaced so many times trying to say what's in my heart. The words don't come so well,so I'll simply say Thank you.