Sunday, March 29, 2009

Transist co-opt intersex tennis player Sarah Gronert

Meet the latest person to be co-opted by the trans propaganda machine. Minor tennis player Sarah Gronert.
Miss Gronert is an INTERSEXED woman, NOT "trans"!

Let me get this out of the way first with regard to Miss Gronert's tennis situation, its pure BULLSHIT! Bullshit used by cut-throaters in order to dismiss her as a competitor. Her hitting/playing "like a man" is the same bullshit we heard when Amélie Mauresmo was becoming a threat to top players, and Ame'lie is not intersexed. Mauresmo is a woman who plays tennis like a woman, whether thats the women the conditioned masses are used is of no consequence, she IS a woman and the same goes for Miss Gronert.

As an atheletic young Butch I dealt with this same BS. I recall when gym class went from co-ed to all girls/all boys, right after the first dodgeball game in my gym class a group of girls protested to the principle that I "play like a boy", "throw the ball too hard" etc, after which dodgeball was banned from all the girls gym classes. I wont even get into the constant competition between the intimidated male gym teacher and myself, it wasnt pretty and the other girls suffered for it.

That said, let me get back to the transjacking of Miss Gronert. Trans communities across the net are hiking Miss Gronert on their broad shoulders as if she and her situation is theirs, it is not! Miss Gronert was BORN an INTERSEXED female. She did not develop a mental disorder and then decide to drug and mutilate her body via "transition".

In much the same way the TG community has co-opted and appropriated the lesbian community, the TG community has now set its sights on the intersexed community as yet another place to reside/co-opt/appropriate. If one were in doubt about who is at the helm of the trans-machine one merely has to observe the hetero-white-male war tactics being used to colonize minority groups/space.

The annexation of the Intersexed community by the TG war machine is still in the early stages of appropriation. Primarily the TGs involve in Intersexed squatting label themselves HBS trans, what does that translate to outside the world of the pathological narcissistic minds of the HBSers? Rigorous autogynephilic white males who've convinced themselves they're "intersexed".

The Intersexed community is slowly voicing concern (and rightly so) over the TG colonization of their community. Intersexed issues that have long been ignored or misunderstood for centuries by both society and the medical establishment are now being confused further because the Intersexed are being viewed as trans! Just when they got their foot in the organized movement door the Intersexed face is being replaced with the 5 O'clock shadowed mug of a TGer!

The lesbian community has decades of ground to recover, the Intersexed are just starting to lose ground. It is not too late to nip the TG war machines colonization of the Intersexed in the bud.

Sarah Gronert is Intersexed, NOT trans! Together lets begin here to set the record straight!



  1. Dirt,
    That's why your are seeing online at lot of tranies who are trying to make this poor girl look like she's their poster child, when in reality, she's the intersex community's poster child. What they are trying to do is make Sarah Gronert look like she has some sort of gender identity issue and make her look like she's part of the transgender fold.

    As an intersex person, we are now starting to wake up and realize what's happening to our own community. Were starting to wake up and realize what's happening and how the transjackers are colonizing our community and stealing it from us. Yes, we are slowing voicing our opinion, but were doing it under the threat of being labeled a bigot.

    This is why we intersex need all the help we can if we are going to put a stop to the TG war machine and stop the co-opt and colonization of the Transgender war machine

  2. Nicky, as a lesbian and as a woman, I stand with you against this co-option.

  3. Thanks Blade, I know their are lot of feminist and lesbians who agree that it's so wrong for the transgender community to transjack the intersex community and make it look like it's their own. Look at that they are doing to womanhood, feminism, lesbianism and the intersex. These transjackers, with their enablers and their collaborators are transjacking them and stealing them so they can redefine them and make it in their own wrapped image and ideology.

    Their are few intersex people, such as myself who are slowly waking up and realizing that intersex community is being co-opted and stolen from them by the transjackers and with the help from their enablers and their collaborators. Their are some within the intersex community who are still blinded by the transjackers, their enablers and their collaborators and are unwittingly letting them in.

    Even in my blog, I am getting hammered and beaten up by the transjackers because they seem to want to silence and wipe out anyone who they think will oppose them. They are targeting me because I am have become the lone voice in opposition to transcolinzation of the intersex community and the co-opting and stealing of the intersex community.

    My Blog is

  4. Dirt,
    That's why the Intersex community needs the help of Women's, feminist and lesbian groups to help root out the transgender war machine from the intersex community and to help wake up the majority of the intersex community from the evils of the transgender war machine.

  5. Wow. Just wow.

    Your hairstyle and visible demeanor have a male edge. The buttoning shirt you are wearing in this blog's picture is from the male side of the clothing store. You speak in this entry about being protested against as a child because you were accused of playing like a boy. You "violate" gender norms in in your daily life, and very apparently you've rebelled against the limitations of rigid gender expectations.

    And yet, you want to enforce sex and gender norms on others who identify as tran. To me, it's absolutely mind-boggling.

    Wow. Just wow.

  6. AS,

    There isnt a thing about me that has a "male" anything, because I'M A WOMAN! Everything I do, say, think, dream is from a woman, by a woman! You might wanna check your conditioning.

    Also I have never "rebelled" against anything. I simply live an authentic life.


  7. AS,
    You might want yo check your self out because this issue is about an intersex person and not about some transgender person. So butt off and stop transjacking and forcing your male views in here.

    Dirt, check out the AS's blogs and look at the others and you will see why AS is a male who wants to push his male view of womanhood.

  8. Thanks Nicky, but I didnt have to check to know this was a dude. The is nothing but the stench of male privilege coming from his comment.


  9. That's good because I could have swore that was a another woman speaking, but I'm glad your able to ferret out those males who are pretending to be a woman and claiming to be a woman.

  10. Nicky,

    You're being thorough and I appreciate it!



  11. Dirt,
    Your always at your best. That's why I am learning from you on how to deal with the misogynistic and misguided transgender people. I'm learning that if feminist, lesbian, women's and intersex groups team up, we can take back our groups from the transgender war machine.

    Maybe we need to get the playbook, that ACT UP used and maybe see if it can work for us in rooting out transgender people from our groups and community.

  12. WOW, Autumn Sandeen, WOW ! ! ! !

    “Hairstyle”? “Demeanor”? “Male edge”? “Gender norms”?

    Your characterization of Dirt as “male-edged” is precisely why lesbians should NEVER affiliate with TG/trans. In a few sentences, you seek to invalidate Dirt as a woman and as a lesbian because of the sexist stereotypes in YOUR head. You know, the ones festering along side your sexist "feminine essence" fantasies.

    Butch women ALWAYS violate “gender norms”? You know “gender norms”, those entirely fabricated, misogynist things that oppress women and award men unearned privilege.... “Gender norms” those things that you and other faux women rely on to justify your colonization of women’s identity and space. And increasingly, intersex identity and space.

    How could you be so entirely ignorant of what being a butch is about and presume to be a member of the LGBTQ “community”?

    Ah, but herein lies the crux of the problem. You don’t have a clue BECAUSE you are NOT gay, lesbian, female or intersexed.... You’re misery in search of company.

    Like the saying goes: “Those who can’t play, teach”. In your case, those who can’t “play”, preach conformity.

    Trans evangelicals, like you, have been allowed to infiltrate our “communities” to sow your destructive, gender paradigms. Instead of challenging the sexist constructs that oppress women and men, you encourage people to comply with them via hormones and cosmetic surgery. “Salvation” becomes an individual, person by person, event at the altar of conformity rather than a collective venture to take down the false gods of misogyny. You’re a saboteur; an agent of patriarchy in over-sized heels and a cheesy wig.

    I’ve looked at your picture. You’re a horse faced, unattractive man. You don’t “pass” as a woman, you never will. So what we have in you is a failed male bringing his unearned, male privilege to bear against the lesbian, gay and intersexed communities – because misery loves company.

  13. Nicky, about the ACT-UP idea.... I'm totally down with it.

    It's my intention to "out" trans wherever and whenever I encounter them, including bathrooms. I'm calling it the OOPS Campaign.

    It goes like this: You encounter a trans, anywhere. You say in a faux startled voice: Oh, my goodness it's a man (or a woman as the case may be). Then you get faux apologetic and say: Oops, sorry. I didn't realize you were a transsexual.

    I almost called it the Faux for Faux Campaign (FFF), but I like saying OOPS.

    I have no reservations about using the same strong-arm tactics as the trans. They laid down the terms, let's see if they can live with them - in their faux gender constructed lives.

  14. Blade,
    I agree also. We need to find that playbook that ACT UP used in the beginning and see if ACT UP tactics can be applied as well, when rooting out transgender people. We may need to look at how ACT UP did things and we may need to do the same thing.

    I'm also all for shaming and shunning those who are trans apologist, enablers and those who are collaborating with the transgender community.

    I think we should go after those who are supporting the transgender community and shame them into either dropping their support for trans or shame them for supporting them. We should then let other people know that by supporting transgender people and the transgender community, they are not only discriminating against women and children. They are in affect helping the transgender community to erase womanhood, feminism, lesbianism and the intersex people in the process.