butch-femme.com going under too????

Fair use capped.

I snipped some comments by some long term members of BF.com from an email I received earlier.

If this mood is any indication of whats going on at BF.com right now I'm thinking the rumor I heard recently about someone "buying" BF.com might not be as far fetched as I had first thought.

I suppose if the website is no longer keeping certain members in Prada shoes and bags, free vacations and a mack house it might not be worth keeping.


Transist co-opt intersex tennis player Sarah Gronert

Meet the latest person to be co-opted by the trans propaganda machine. Minor tennis player Sarah Gronert.
Miss Gronert is an INTERSEXED woman, NOT "trans"!

Let me get this out of the way first with regard to Miss Gronert's tennis situation, its pure BULLSHIT! Bullshit used by cut-throaters in order to dismiss her as a competitor. Her hitting/playing "like a man" is the same bullshit we heard when Amélie Mauresmo was becoming a threat to top players, and Ame'lie is not intersexed. Mauresmo is a woman who plays tennis like a woman, whether thats the women the conditioned masses are used is of no consequence, she IS a woman and the same goes for Miss Gronert.

As an atheletic young Butch I dealt with this same BS. I recall when gym class went from co-ed to all girls/all boys, right after the first dodgeball game in my gym class a group of girls protested to the principle that I "play like a boy", "throw the ball too hard" etc, after which dodgeball was banned from all the girls gym classes. I wont even get into the constant competition between the intimidated male gym teacher and myself, it wasnt pretty and the other girls suffered for it.

That said, let me get back to the transjacking of Miss Gronert. Trans communities across the net are hiking Miss Gronert on their broad shoulders as if she and her situation is theirs, it is not! Miss Gronert was BORN an INTERSEXED female. She did not develop a mental disorder and then decide to drug and mutilate her body via "transition".

In much the same way the TG community has co-opted and appropriated the lesbian community, the TG community has now set its sights on the intersexed community as yet another place to reside/co-opt/appropriate. If one were in doubt about who is at the helm of the trans-machine one merely has to observe the hetero-white-male war tactics being used to colonize minority groups/space.

The annexation of the Intersexed community by the TG war machine is still in the early stages of appropriation. Primarily the TGs involve in Intersexed squatting label themselves HBS trans, what does that translate to outside the world of the pathological narcissistic minds of the HBSers? Rigorous autogynephilic white males who've convinced themselves they're "intersexed".

The Intersexed community is slowly voicing concern (and rightly so) over the TG colonization of their community. Intersexed issues that have long been ignored or misunderstood for centuries by both society and the medical establishment are now being confused further because the Intersexed are being viewed as trans! Just when they got their foot in the organized movement door the Intersexed face is being replaced with the 5 O'clock shadowed mug of a TGer!

The lesbian community has decades of ground to recover, the Intersexed are just starting to lose ground. It is not too late to nip the TG war machines colonization of the Intersexed in the bud.

Sarah Gronert is Intersexed, NOT trans! Together lets begin here to set the record straight!


BFD owner denies selling website

Fair use capped from a private source.

Someone sent this little ditty to me this morning. If you recall earlier in the week I reported that butchfemmedance.com is being sold due to the continued falling number of members there(they didn't have much to begin with).

I don't know who brought this up there (BFD), but obviously I wasn't the only one who saw the site was being sold. Looks like someone questioned the site owner and she’s (BIG SHOCKER) denying it…lol



MySpace "Flirts" and Butch Invisibility

One of my nieces (sammy) sent me this "flirt" app. at myspace about six months ago. I added it to my page not really thinking much about like the other apps she sends me. (I rarely use/update myspace)

I don't recollect how often I get these updates, but every so often I get an email with a list of my "flirts", this is a typical example of the "flirts": ALL MEN! I don't recall one flirt from a women/lesbian, not a one. However I've had hundreds from gay men.

If I didn't receive any flirts I could merely chalk it up to being seen as something uglier than Freddy Krueger and a sloth's offspring, BUT I'm clearly getting flirts, but from men only!

Being a Butch woman of course I deal with my share of invisibility on an ongoing basis. But I don't think its a coincidence that Butch women have/are growing more invisible as the "trans" movement become more VISIBLE.

There is a presumption from within and without the gay/lesbian community that if a lesbian is a Butch lesbian she will likely "transition" to a faux male caricature because there is inherently something "wrong" with her. Because she is a different kind of woman it is assumed she isn't a woman at all! Trans-propaganda only goes to further this notion which inauthenticates HER woman!

All flavours of Butches are being mistaken for males, future ftMs or ftMs in denial more and more often because trans-propagandist clutching their well worn copies of Butler's Gender Troubles underneath thier arms would have us believe there is only one way to "do" male and one way to "do" female. Butch woman not only prove these rigid constructs wrong, inaccurate and fallacious, we give truth to BEING and not the trans performative DOING!

It has become increasingly clear that the fight for Butch visibility MUST begin with the fight against the trans-propagandist reifying of strict gender norms!


The Multi Mental illnesses of Tgism

Fair use capped.

See here's the thing with the TG disorder, in much the same as other disorders its sufferers replace their ID with the disorder. So then when something threatens that disorder (even in the form of help) it is viewed by the sufferer as a colossal attack on their identity(rather than the disorder).

A diseased ego still has the capacity for self preservation. No disorder=no self=no life=death.

Which is why once a TG/GID "diagnosis" is a attached the sufferer feels relief and for a short period of time and an artificial sense happiness. This occurs when the replacing of the self with disorder takes place. This artificial happiness and moments of high is why therapists are deceived into believing the current "treatment" for the TG disorder is "helping", because they (the therapists) witness an "improved" state of being in the sufferer.

What they (the therapists) don't see is what takes place when the TG sufferer leaves the office. Between every juncture of change the TG sufferer spirals downward into depression and feelings of suicide. Our personality may be forged at a few years of age but our ego, our consciousness is a growing mechanism whose pleasures and potential for pleasures is based on new experiences. When that ego/consciousness is replaced with the TG disorder instead of a growing/evolving consciousness, the TG disorder mimics its host (the ego) so in order to experience pleasure/future pleasures the disorder grows and along with that internal growth a pathological desire for an external seeable growth emerges. In the TG case that seeable growth consists of cosmetic mutilation in the form of drugs and "surgery".

But what happens when the disorder/ego can no longer grow? When drugs have reached their farthest seeable conclusion? When cosmetic mutilation is stretched to its utmost feasibility? Death of the ego is a death of the self, what then is the death of that which has replaced the ego?


Trans Camp recruiting young members into its Folds

Fair use capped.

Trans Camp, this is just the sort of thing the gay and lesbian movement needs to be associated with! The recruitment of young people into a trans disorder, surrounded by trans disordered adults!

It is a known fact young folks feeling ill at ease/confused/intimidated/pressured with sex roles/body image are in danger of developing some form of BDD which increases if influenced to do so. (think pro ana/trans sites)

Now imagine having a child between the ages of 8-15, (a difficult time in the best of times) exhibiting interests/gender play typical for the opposite sex according to historical/current patriarchal stipulations? Big deal right? So little Josie likes playing with trucks and wearing board shorts or little Buster enjoys playing the "mom" while playing house.

Enter "trans camp"! And the next thing you know the parents of josie/buster are sending them off to "trans camp" where they might find other kids they "fit in" with. Now if this was "gender neutral" camp fine and dandy, but it isnt. This is a camp that rather than challenge gender scripts will only reinforce them! The trans community's entire system is a reinforement of strict gender roles through role reversal. In the end one simply gets straightjacketed in a different role! And that straightjacket will be strapped, taught and tied at "trans camp"!

This particular camp will be ran by adults suffering from the trans disorder, including autogynephiles. Men obsessed with masturbating in womens undies to the point of SRS are not exactly men who should NOT be influencing impressionable children!!! Children who in all likelihood if given a bit of space and freedom would grow into healthy women and men. The only thing to grow from trans camps/groups/communities etc is more disorder! Disorder now being directed and aimed at our young and most vulnerable.

Mark my words, programs such as these will later come back to bite the gay and lesbian community in the ass. Because when reason and common sense are restored regarding TGism, the first to be blamed for the drugging and mutilations of tens of thousands isnt going to be the medical establishment, its going to be gays and lesbians! Because we will be the ones accused of "knowing better" due to propinquity!

I think and thank god I grew up in a family and time that gave me the latitude to grow from a small tomboy into an adult Butch woman.



Mtf Man murders husband

Fair used capped.

Funny I didnt see this news on a single "trans" website/forums I haunt, I wonder why???

Equally tragic as the murder of this poor old man is from the picture of the defendant I gather the old man was obviously blind as well!


Mtf mens sexual harassment of ftM women

Fair use capped.

If it isnt obvious I'll can tell you straight away this article was written by a so-called female TG expert. Needless to say it is precisely because of these "experts" the TG disorder continues to be misunderstood and mistreated.

That said, Mtf men's frequent and reoccurring sexual harassment of ftM women and ftM womens repulsion of Mtf men is one of the many little secrets the "trans" community would prefer to stay hidden.

Both groups prefer secrecy around these issues because both groups would like the adherence to their sex/sex roled conditionings which remain ever intact even after "transition" secret, because it undermines their reality (born in the wrong body) and the belief in their reality.

What it boils down to is Mtf men harassing ftM women in much the same way they harass any woman whom they desire or whom gets in their way and ftM women deferring to Mtf men in just the same way most women defers to male authority as well as rebuffing Mtf male attentions in the same way lesbians rebuff Mtf male attentions.

Its a given that any ftM woman who seeks women as lovers was/is a lesbian. It is also a given that any Mtf man (autogynephiles) who seeks women as lovers is a straight man. So regardless of the mind games both parties may play with themselves and regardless of the cosmetics invoved in their mental olympics, lesbians do not under any circumstance find themselves attracted to hetero males as love interests.

BUT Mtf men, being men, remaining men are accustomed to male privilege and its many many perks, therefore again and again they bitch and moan and get aggressive when women (even women who believe they're "men") reject them!

And the real kicker here is the author of this article who claims to understand and "treat" both Mtf men and ftM women bascially admonishes the ftM women for their rejection (can we say SEXISM)! She cannot see past her own patriarchal conditionings to protect/embrace the REAL males here: Mtf males!!! How dare these ftM women reject the aggressive advances of Mtf men! ftM women should be more understanding and patient with the poor Mtf males, come on ftM women dontcha know "boys will be boys"!!!

What this ignorant woman does not understand, that Mtf men know all to well is standing passively by waiting for ftM women to approach them they will be waiting a LONG LONG TIME as in NEVER! LESBIANS no matter their disorder DO NOT DATE MEN!!!


Butches and Fairys now equals "Trans" in student study

"Trans" student study pigeonholes Butch lesbians and fairy fags as "trans"! WTF???? I am fucking outraged by this pure ignorance by the so called "gay/lesbian/STRAIGHT Education Network!

This study makes no fucking sense, it state "transgender" youths are targeted more than gays and lesbians for various forms of harassment, yet throughout the study those being harrassed state their harrassment is "homophobic" in nature? Which is it, "transphobic" (which isnt mentioned as happening) or homophobic???

It is obvious from this article alone those being harrassed are Butch lesbians and effeminate Fags! Girls and boys who are born and live outside of patriarchal appointed sex roles does not in any way shape or form relegate those kids to trannydom!

We know for a fact that the majority of the trans community consist of males. Of those males the majority are heterosexual males. (usually white) While those males may likely develop the beginnings of their fetish (playing with pee pees in mommys undies) during their teen years, they will RARELY admit it during those tender years. We know the majority of "trans" females are women who are 1) usually lesbian and 2) predominately tweener. (think softball/sporty/andro dyke)

Both dominant groups of women and men who occupy the "trans" community do not appear "trans" as children/teens. There is little to outwardly suggest any obvious differences between those who develop the "trans" disorder while young and that of other young persons. Therefore it is HIGHLY likely that the "trans" kids targeted by this "study" are NOT "trans"!!!

What I see happening with "studies" that target "trans kids" reminds me of the McMartin preschool panic back in the 80's! The very same LEADING questioning techniques previously used to question children regarding molestion are now being used to question children/teens suspected of TGism! WHA? These questions are used to illicit answers that will peg these children/teens of TGism. This accomplishes several things, the child/teen is strapped with a disorder they do not possess in order to free the parents of the horror of having been responsible for raising a child/teen who does not fit into a prescribed sex role! OH NOEZ!

The targeted kids are not kids who would develop the "trans" disorder without MAJOR prompting by adults/adult trans propaganda. And the only kids being targeted are kids who can easily be identified by adults as not "naturally" (there is nothing natural about sex roles) falling into female/male predetermined sex roles. In a nutshell, masculine females and effeminate males (lebians/gays) are the targets because their "gender differences" can be spotted by adults.

A disorder that is dominated by, propagandize by and organized by WHITE STRAIGHT MEN is now erradicating the young lives of lesbian and gay children!!!!!

I for ONE will not take this sitting fucking down!


Mtf man "better 'woman' than women"!!!

Fair use capped.

I received this little ditty in my email this morning from an anonymous mailer.

I'm told this is from a popular "trans" forum and is typical of the "anti-female" attitudes/responses by the Mtf men there.

Clearly this was written by an autogynephile. This is typical hetero male conditioning, a woman is worth only as much as she can physically appeal to the male gaze. If she cannot be objectified for male consumption she isnt even worthy being labeled "woman"!!!

What is twistedly disturbing with Mtf autogynes is they apply their own male conditioning, male gazed, female objectified ideas of woman to themselves in the guise of "woman"! Because these ideas of women only exist in the minds of men, Mtf autogynes loathe themsleves because nothing they do, no amount of faux female hormones, no amount of cosmetic mutilations, close shaves, electrolysis, make up, feminine apparel, NOTHING brings them within the realm of woman in general let alone their male conditioned idea of "woman" that doesnt exist!

Rather than turn their anger and disappointment towards themselves for not meeting their own unrealistic ideas of "woman", through their male privilege coupled with misogyny they instead externalize and attack women! Women who regardless of race, size, class, hair, height, smell, age etc will ALWAYS be something they as men cannot be: WOMEN!



glbT "special rights"

Fair use capped from a personal email.

This is the garbage that makes me as a lesbian highly concerned. It it yet another reason the "T" must be seperated from the gay and lesbian community.

Like most gays and lesbians I am not interested in SPECIAL RIGHTS! I simply want, desire and fucking deserve EQUAL RIGHTS! Since Stonewall gays and lesbians have been accused by numerous groups of fighting for "special rights" in order to attack, discredit and distract from our inequality amongst straight society.

This kind of outrageous nonsense (private toilets/private showers/special housing/special searches etc for trans criminals) WILL be used as proof of the "special rights" gays and lesbians have been accused of asking for all along because the trans T agenda is attached to the gay and lesbian movement!

Every single item on this ftM woman's list for ftM women crims is completely unnecessary and wholly speaks to the fact that ftM women are in fact WOMEN! Or women when it suits them to be more accurate! And women in the eyes of Mtf men as stated by the author herself regarding Mtf male crim needs getting all the attention. Well ladies just because you paid your 25$ and got the state to change your "f" to an "m" does not mean you will no longer experience sexism. Mtf men continue to treat/view ftM's as women regardless of how they view themselves. FtM women only disseminate sexism by lying to themselves that it no longer applies to them.

The progress gays and lesbians have made in the last 40+ years has not only in some areas slowed to an infantile crawl, it has stopped altogether in order to accommodate the "T" which has piggy backed the gay and lesbian movement for the last 20 years. With the exception of "gay marriage" all pressing issues regarding the glbT are "trans" related issues which as seen in the case here are non-issues. Issues self created in order to fulfill personal familial storylines against strict gendered backdrops. None of which has a single thing to do with equality.

But believe me you, the general public associates EVERYTHING trans related with gay/lesbian. When TGs are fighting for what amounts to "special rights/special privileges" this plays right into the hands of gay and lesbian detractors. Detractors who have the money, power and influence to paint gays and lesbians into a trans corner tarnishing every word that comes from gay and lesbian mouths!

So when we're on the front lines fighting for equality, society will be standing by measuring our legitimacy with a trans ruler!


Mtf man tries to join WOman ONLY gym area

Fair use capped.

It makes absolutely no difference what shape a man decides to cosmetically alter his cock and ballsack, men penetrating womens locker rooms, bathrooms, fitting rooms and all private female areas is psychologically raping women!


Thank god this man is choosing to fight for his female patrons, far too often as we have seen, male privilege gains Mtf men access to nearly all things female.

It is primarily the autogynephiles thrusting themselves into womens spaces and private arenas and as the Mtf man in question perfectly fits the bill I think it safe to assume he is your typical autogyne. Mtf men accessing womens locker rooms amounts to legal PEEPING. Heterosexual men who've taken their fetish to an extreme being legally permitted masturbatory material in the flesh!

Despite how far women have come in the domain of sports because of the continued misogynistic attitudes of men regarding womens physical capabilities many women do not feel comfortable exercising in the presence of men. That being the case, how comfortable would any woman feel UNDRESSING AND SHOWING in the presence of men??? I for one would NOT! I dont care if that man is gay, straight, white, black or has cosmetically altered himself into the latest Barbie or Ken doll, HE IS STILL A MAN!

So should it suddenly make a difference to women if the man in question changes the little "m" on his ID card to a little fucking "f"????



"lynn" Conway-erasing/raping herstory?

Fair use capped.

I wouldnt dream of begrudging this Mtf man his contributions in the 'puter field, BUT the raping of our herstoric landscape I do fucking mind, I mind A LOT!

There are no shortages of "successful" autogynephiles. I mean hell, white, usually raised middle/upper middle class, heterosexual and male, having all those advantages definately increases ones chances for success regardless of what shape you later have your cock and nutsack changed into!

BUT with success and with their reshaped cock N ballsack men do NOT have the right, nor do they have the NATURE to be herstoricalized! That my friends is solely reserved for WOmen!

So if we're (women) not careful, not paying enough attention, not crediting each other when we should be, when our future daughters are asked to write a paper on a famous woman that "woMAN" might be a man!


ps it must be said, the idea that conway is "stealth" and achieved his "successes" "stealth" is ridiculous. One merely has to glance at the guy to clearly see he's male, and if there were the slightest doubt the clincher of course is when he opens his mouth! HELLO! DUDE alert! So dont think for a minute his male privilege didnt help score a good deal of his "success".

Mtf man regrets SRS

Fair use capped.

More trans (autogyne) regrets shows its fearful face.

Who know how many many trans regrets are truely realizing their mistakes but remain living those mistakes because they did not want to hear "I told you so"???

Where they allowed their single minded blind narcissism to narrowly lead them, many TGs now let their "pride" stop them from correcting to some extent their pathological mistakes.

Just as the TG community consist predominately of autogynephiles, so to does the pool of trans regrets. And so long as ignorant uneducated TG apologists and academics back the cruel inhumane ME's "treatment" of specific mental disorder/s trans regrets will continue to happen and with greater frequency as "treatment" becomes ever more available.


A Butch participates in the call for Butch Voices

Fair use capped.

I guess "butch" voices is spamming craigs lists with their search for "faux butches who hate women, hate themselves as women and only come to 'male' pronouns when called".

A link to this "submission" was waiting for me in my mailbox when I got up this morning by an untraceable email account.

I've omitted from what city this craigs lister's post came from as well as the listers email addy in order to protect the innocent. We all know how rabid the TG disordered and TG apologist get with womancentric reality based truths and I did not want to see this brave Butch attacked.

I dont know who she is but personally I'm proud of her for speaking up and I hope any Butch or Femme for that matter who peruse craigs list and comes across the "call for faux butch submissions" steps up to the plate and like the proud Butch woman above knocks one out the ballpark!

Proud, lofty, majestic Butch WOman

Two ftM's invade lesbian "ladies night" at gay bar

Fair use capped.

Let me first say before morons lose their fucking trees, I DO NOT ADVOCATE VIOLENCE!

BUTTTT I understand fully in this case and similar cases the reasons behind it. I imagine its only pure idiots who cannot see the fucking TRANSparency of the situation!

For those fucking idiots I'll clarify: Despite being in the 21st century, lesbian owned and operated bars are still few and far between. Therefore lesbians depend on gay owned and operated bars for "ladies/lesbian only" nights to find for a few small hours out the myriad of hours that occupy ones week some lesbian space with which to be lesbians with lesbians.

What did these ladies get instead during this particular lesbian night?

This ftM woman with another ftM woman. Obviously at the very least the woman seen here is likely to be presumed to be male.

And I dont know a lesbian alive who it doesnt just BURN the fuck up to see straight men in lesbian bars male gazing them like they're pornographic objects!

Its sickening and fucking disgusting and can take lesbians to places inside themselves they would prefer to not revisit, at least not while they're out trying to have a good time.

I'm presuming here, but I think it safe to presume that the two ftM women who went into the "lesbian only" night bar are lesbians themselves. Although like most ftM lesbians they're too afraid to venture out into hetsville (even though they're "men" now...lol) and choose to remain sheltered by the lesbian community. And if my presumption is right these male looking ftM women used their newly "male privilege" to ignore the "lesbians only" sign.

Continuing on with my presumption, these two ftM women hopped up on artificial "T" (which the ME still has yet to full study the effects of this drugs long term use on women), went into this bar looking to "score" or at the very least gawk at the lesbian women there. Obviously after a night of drinks and having to deal with the "men" gawking at them, some of the women there took it upon themselves (bravo to them btw) to say/do something to these two "men".

After that we only have one side of the story, that being the story from one of the ftM women. So what really happened is anybody's guess. One thing I can say for certain is if these two "men" cannot handle a situation with a couple of dykes I pray for their sakes they never get into with a couple of guys! Sheesh! Give these "men" a sugar-tit will ya!


"butch voices" spokes woman a tad miffed....lol

Fair use capped.

So I get this email in my facebook account from "butch voices" looking for Butches to send them "submissions" and by submission they mean only bother submitting papers that reflect current queer theorist misogynistic malecentric binaried IDEAS of Butch. Dont bother submitting anything that actually reflects Butches as women/womencentric.

I as you can see exchanged a few polite emails with this "female IDd butch" (I know laughable right). Laughable as well that she feels I'm defining a word that has long since been defined (masculine born lezbos) because she's obviously bought into the retardedness of post moderns queer theoried respin on Descartes "I think therefore I perform"! Try again!

I then popped on over to the "butch voices" website and fair use capped this which sums up their nonsensical notions of masculine women:

According to the website's definition/s ANYBODY can be a Butch! One of my cats (Ari) is a bit of a tomboy maybe I'll see if she wants to submit something!


More Bindel hate from the autogynes regarding the NUS

Fair use capped.

How shocking! A womens group abandoning women in place of men!

One has to wonder would these women continue to support the male privileged autogynes in favour of a true radical feminist woman if they knew said autogynes were busy rubbing one off in thier wife's, mother's or little sister's undies???? Hmmm....

Information is your friend, women including feminist women need not be afraid of it. Ignorance is the enemy especially an ignorance that not only harms women but in these cases the mentally ill as well.



Autogynephilic invades Femme/Butch "social"

Fair use capped from a major HBS site.

One simply has to read this post to clearly see why this man is IDing as a male gazed "woman".

That aside I think its safe to assume from his comments about femmes/butches he's dissapointed in the "lesbian single" attendees.

Its also safe to assume he knows absoultely nothing about femme/butch with the exception of how to invade their personal spaces in typical male privileged form.

I particularly find it interesting that he feels the need to note the Butch women there do not pass...lol He cannot see past his narrow pathological masculine equals male/feminine equals female conditioning! Butches are WOMEN NOT MEN! They do not need to pass as men or feel the need to pass as men BECAUSE THEY'RE NOT MENNNNNNN, THEY'RE WOMEN!!!!! Jealous much????!!!!!!

And the "objectification" garbage is some serious fucked up! He's there to gawk at lesbians and HE'S concluding femme/butch is nothing more than "objectification"? WHA? Spoken like a TRUE MAN! It does clarify why men can and will NEVER be WOmen doesnt it!


Mtf Men now set sights on co-opting a motherhood site

Fair use capped from a well frequented Mtf man's blog...

Just as the autogynephiliacs have defaulted to "lesbian" with their heterosexuality they are now defaulting to "mom" in their fatherhood roles.

It is sickening enough that the ME is granting those sick in mind to destroy themselves with drugs and mutilation, the ME takes no steps to protect the children of these men.

Imagine the disordered messages and unreality these children are being brought up in that are surela breeding ground for disorders to numerous to list!



another autogynephilic sees the light of day

Fair use capped.

With the advent of modern outlets provided by the internet (forums/chatrooms/journals etc) we're starting to see more and more about cases involving autogynephilic regrets at their transitional SRS mistakes.

There are no statistics on just how many A. men regret and later "transition" back, back to the extent that they can that is. SRS regret continues to remain a hush hush subject and is only beginning to be discussed by trans groups themselves.

In trans groups both online and realtime A. men who express any regret are usually swiftly quieted and delt with by other A. males. That quieting often takes the form of verbal harassment and/or dismissal/banning/ostracized from said groups.

Not having the camaraderic platform with which to express their now clear heads, many trans regrets will go back into therapy only to be urged by said therapists to continue in their present "trans" state! The medical establishment does not want to hear/acknowledge trans regrets anymore than trans groups. Sadly this leaves trans regrets lonely, desperate, depressed and in some cases suicidal.

The timeline for "C"s regrets I would wager is typical for the trans regretter. Their penis excitement is what ultimately leads them to transitional SRS in the first place and their lack of penis excitement (due to SRS) is what ultimately leads them back. Unforutnately "back" has its limits, "back" equals too little too late.



Nosey Nelly from butch-femme.com

Fair use capped.

I wasnt told exactly where, but apparently the dirtster was being "dissed" somewhere last night. And it seems this nosey parker seen here decided to put her nose it dirt's beezwax.

Not one to waste an opportunity to illustrate the disorder, misogyny and lack of Femmes and Butches who occupy BF.com I present to you a random sample of members claiming Femme/Butch status.


Pathological Female Shame

I get friended and unfriended with regularity and rarely could give a fuck when I'm unfriended because obviously those folks werent really friends to begin with, merely nosey nellies. And while I'm not heartbroke by this one, I am saddened and concerned for the reason this young woman unfriended me. The reason being the slow development of her pathological hatred of herself as a woman physically.

She was years ago a seemingly insecure mild butch growing into herself. I say "mild butch" because I believe her to be an actual Butch, but a Butch with a mild masculinity, unlike the "soft-butches" who arent Butch at all, merely tweener dykes at the dykier end of the spectrum. Like the soft-butches, many mild Butches feel insecure about how their masculinity measures up to say a hard Butch or even manly males. And while I do not know the details add to her masculine insecurity, child sexual abuse.

All too often that particular combo in women (mild butch/soft butch + child sexual abuse) ends up spelling an identity crisis known as ftM. In the case of this particular woman (MBB) she like many before her is emphatic she "only wants" her "breast removed", she's not interested in "taking T". I've no doubt simply by her actions of removing me from her friends list alone that she will be on T by year's end.

One of the first things TG's do in seeking TG cosmetic changes is once they begin going forward and the pathological narcissism of this disorder kicks in they remove any and all obstacles in their way, i.e. the voice/s of reason. In her case namely me, because I had brought the voice of reason to a mere two LJ post of hers where she expressed her desires to get her body cosmetically mutilated in hopes of some illusionary pipedream which as voices of reason we know NEVER transpires.

There is one more piece to this puzzle which has placed MBB on her current TG path, two specific websites which both promote TGism: butchfemmedance.com and butch-femme.com. MBB is a member of both and a regular poster at both, as well as a long time member of BF.com. The creation and evolution of her disorder can be easily traced/read at both sites(one merely has to search her name). Like many other mild Butch women and soft-butch women, they join as some form of Butch and end up some form of malecentric TG ftM women. This scenario has become all to common at both these malecentric women hating sites and strongly needs to be stopped.



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