Thursday, February 26, 2009

Homophobic Autogynophilic who writes crap poetry

Fair use capped.

While I firmly challenge how the medical establishment is "treating" those who fall under the TG label, I must also challenge the current gay and lesbian leaders for continuing the ignorant notion that men (heterosexual fetishist who make up the majority of the trans community) as seen here should remain grouped with gays and lesbians. Especially when those hetero males regularly exhibit homophobia! Also seen here, along with a healthy dose of sexism.

If its so important for gay and lesbian leaders to have heterosexual (primarily white) males included in the GL(b) community then why not include hetero males NOT suffering from major mental illnesses?

What exactly do gay and lesbian leaders feel hetero males who masturbate in their mothers/sisters/daughters panties are REALLY going to add to the gay and lesbian movement?

Lesbians are readily offended when the average male schmuck jokingly calls himself a "lesbian" because he desires "pussy too", yet embrace or at the very least overlook autogynophilics who default to "lesbian" whenever "en femme"???? Wha????

Have we seen these autogynophilic male "lesbians" fighting for better healthcare for lesbians? No. Do we see these autogynophilic male "lesbians marching for breast cancer (of which lesbians are at higher risk) awareness? No. Are these autogynophilic male "lesbians" working with their gay male brothers for better AIDS research/drug treatments etc? Not at all. Are these autogynophilic male "lesbians" working towards gaining marriage rights for gays and lesbians in places there are none? No. In fact many of these males will refrain from changing their legal documents from M to F who are married in order not to invalidate their marriage rights/perks.

So in short the majority of the trans community consist of autogynophilic hetero males, many who are married, many of who perpetuates homophobia in trans communities online/realtime around the world, and who actively participate in homophobia online/realtime in trans communities around the world and who basically do nothing to further gay and lesbian rights while using gays and lesbians to further theirs.

So tell me again why there is this "T" cancer attached to the GL(b)?


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