Homophobic Autogynophilic who writes crap poetry

Fair use capped.

While I firmly challenge how the medical establishment is "treating" those who fall under the TG label, I must also challenge the current gay and lesbian leaders for continuing the ignorant notion that men (heterosexual fetishist who make up the majority of the trans community) as seen here should remain grouped with gays and lesbians. Especially when those hetero males regularly exhibit homophobia! Also seen here, along with a healthy dose of sexism.

If its so important for gay and lesbian leaders to have heterosexual (primarily white) males included in the GL(b) community then why not include hetero males NOT suffering from major mental illnesses?

What exactly do gay and lesbian leaders feel hetero males who masturbate in their mothers/sisters/daughters panties are REALLY going to add to the gay and lesbian movement?

Lesbians are readily offended when the average male schmuck jokingly calls himself a "lesbian" because he desires "pussy too", yet embrace or at the very least overlook autogynophilics who default to "lesbian" whenever "en femme"???? Wha????

Have we seen these autogynophilic male "lesbians" fighting for better healthcare for lesbians? No. Do we see these autogynophilic male "lesbians marching for breast cancer (of which lesbians are at higher risk) awareness? No. Are these autogynophilic male "lesbians" working with their gay male brothers for better AIDS research/drug treatments etc? Not at all. Are these autogynophilic male "lesbians" working towards gaining marriage rights for gays and lesbians in places there are none? No. In fact many of these males will refrain from changing their legal documents from M to F who are married in order not to invalidate their marriage rights/perks.

So in short the majority of the trans community consist of autogynophilic hetero males, many who are married, many of who perpetuates homophobia in trans communities online/realtime around the world, and who actively participate in homophobia online/realtime in trans communities around the world and who basically do nothing to further gay and lesbian rights while using gays and lesbians to further theirs.

So tell me again why there is this "T" cancer attached to the GL(b)?


Mtf = "man in a dress"

Snipped and fair use capped from a recent yahoo Mtf discussion group.

If you take a moment (difficult though it may be) to look past the rigid sex roles and blatant sexism this guy exhibits, you can clearly see what I have been saying from the get go: No TG person actually believes they are the sex they claim they are.

When all is said and done, nature ALWAYS has its say.


ftM women talkin 'bout Dirt

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Apparently this ftM woman and a slew of other disordered young ftm women are talkin 'bout the dirtster behind my back.

Now isnt that EXACTLY like typically conditioned women?

Its a shame these ftM women will never grow up to be real women, women who arent afraid to voice their opinions and stand up for what they believe in at all costs but instead stand idly around like a gaggle of school girls whining because someone took their spot on the bus.

Autogynophilic HBS/TS BS

A couple of fair use caps from two different HBSers.

HBS-TS's is a group of predominantly autogynophilic (hetero) males trying to legitimate their trans condition by co-opting intersex language including the "intersexed" term itself!

Because TGism historically and currently is intimately tied to Harry Benjamin and the Standards of Care Benjamin established to (in his mind) verify the "true transexual" from the "fake", this particular trans group co-opted Benjamin's name calling their brand of the "intersexed" condition a product of the Harry Benjamin Syndrome aka HBS. However Harry Benjamin and his Standards of Care (known now as WPATH http://www.wpath.org/ ) does NOT endorse this brand (trans=intersexed) of GID theory.

There literally isnt a single original idea/notion regarding TGims that sprang from a trans mind that has not been co-opted from somewhere else, and that somewhere else usually being a minority/minority group. I believe this is partly due to the severity of their mental disorder/s and partly due to (white)(hetero) male privilege which reigns supreme over all trans communities. (and when I say male, I mean male, NOT disordered women on T)

And that prize creation (WBT-women-born-trans)the HBSers often use as a signifier?

Bloody hell, what poor demented loon of a mind did that one jump out of?

By their own logic that would translate to ftM persons!

And to Mr. dontcallmetrans, while it may be difficult to comprehend reason through the blur of your disorder I'll for a moment try.

In the same way you claim you're being "colonized" by the transgender groups at large? By YOU being a BIOLOGICAL born and raised MALE, each and every time you call yourself "woman", YOU are guilty of colonialism!


Desperate ftM woman begs for cash

Fair use capped.

I came across this comment some fruitcup said about me and in the same breathe she's calling me a hate mongering mentally ill person, an obviously TRUE mentally ill woman is online begging for cash for breast mutilation aka "top surgery"!

WTF is wrong with this picture???


Post modern woMAN????

Fair use capped.
Four quotes from four different men claiming to be women.
All pathologically lacking in even the most basic idea of woman as well as their clear appropriation of her.

female2M pathological deception

By shear coincidence Tracy Chapman's Telling Stories just started playing as I began this post..."There is fiction in the space between You and reality You will do and say anything To make your everyday life Seem less mundane"...

I cannot fathom the severity of mental disorderness in which a person would pride themselves for their ability to lie! It is this mythomania which plagues all TG persons and of which has yet to be studied by the medical establishment.

This mythomania informing TG persons for the "thrill" to toss caution to the winds and leap head first sans chute into sometimes unsafe territories. Instead of yanking TG persons back into the plane the medical establishment is pushing them to their deaths, both literally and figuratively!

Has the ME learned nothing from Freeman's follies??????



How long before its just the "T"???

Are there no gay and lesbian programs which have not been invaded and trampled on by hetero autogynephiliacs???

I have yet to be explained to what straight dudes jacking it in their wifes panties has to do with homosexuality. Anybody? I'm all ears!


I miss being pre-op

Fair use capped.

The four words that hulk rotundly in the back of every
single TG person's mind yet which rarely see the light of
day for various fears is: I MADE A MISTAKE!



SRS Medical Mutilation

Fair use capped.

SRS reversal is a TG area where zero studies have been accumulated like most everything else TG.

It is also a HIGHLY toxic area in ALL TG communities/forums both online and RT. Any person who has taken steps forward towards TGism and later glimpses a sliver of reality's light through the deranged bars barring the private paranoid members only TG communities/forums/centers etc, and QUESTIONS even slightly that THEY and THEY alone personally might have made a mistake is immediately attacked, accused of not having been a "real trans" in the first place, silenced then ostracized.

I think our ex-president took his motto from the TG community "if you're not with us, you're against us" in true pathological paranoia psychosis state! The TG disorder is so tenuous that even a TG individual questioning the "idea" has to at all cost be stilled. Because reality like the oxygen we breathe looms all around us, the slightest intake can crash cart this disorder into cardiac arrest!

Which verifies what many have questioned for decades, given the flimsy nature of the TG disorder why is the ME continuing to "treat" this MENTAL disorder with permanent PHYSICAL mutation/mutilation??????


Trans aka LYING is the best Policy

Fair use capped from a typically disturbed ftM woman.

Stealth ("for transpeople") is just one of the many terms Tgs have co-copted as the poster indicates and refashioned in order to mask Tg lies within their minds as excusable lying to others.

Stealth is defined here as:

And interestingly check out the only synonym Wordweb lists when stealth is searched:

Pathological lying or mythomania (a foundation disorder for developing BDD/GID) is inextricably linked to both histrionic personality disorder and narcissistic personality disorder.

This is an area that the medical establishment completely ignores with the current "treatment" for Tgism. How healthy can it possibly be to live your adult life LYING to other people, and not just any people but people one is forming friendships/relationships with. Its one thing to lie to yourself, but lying to everyone around you??? Mythomania does not a healthy mind (or body) make!!!!!

Healthy intimate relationships can only be forged and maintained through truth, love and transparency!

One also must take into account the potential for physical harm that can and is experienced by Tg mythomaniacs. Again something completely ignored by the medical establishment! The primary targets for violence usually are homosexual Tg men who lie to hetero male dates/partners about their being men as well. Often times the Tg males are "pre-op" to boot, meaning they still have a standard looking penis/testes rather than a refashioned cosmetic penis/testes.

The heteropatriarchal ME does nothing to warn/counsel Tg males in a greater awareness and understanding of how their male privilege can cause them harm when coupled with mythomania and Tgism in a misogynistic heteropatriarchal society. In all likelihood the patriarchal ME isnt aware of its own male privilege. Therefore they cannot possibly help other men they claim to be "helping" become aware of theirs, let alone decipher the intricacies of misogyny which ultimately is the backdrop for not only the violence that can be unleashed on Tg males BUT on the creation of Tgism itself!

Male privilege is the blanket ALL males remain swaddled in from birth to death regardless of any/all possible external differentials, even cosmetically appearing as male contrived "women".

Women are not born steeped in any such privilege, instead women are born completely submerged in male violence. Whether that is direct male violence immersing the "family" or the patriarchal systems we're all subjected to which continue to pummel womankind/womenkind relatedness violently into silence and oblivion!

Because males are unaware of the violence (misogyny) women experience from birth to death coupled with their male privilege (a false sense of invincibility) homosexual Tg males feel safe lying about their being males to hetero men. Ultimately the violence Tg males experience is a result of misogyny. Thats not to say their mythomania doesnt play a major role here (it does).

But if being a women wasnt an abomination under patriarchy, homophobia would be eradicated along with violence against Tg mythomaniacs. Because their only true crime would be lying, of which most of us do to some extent without fear or repercussions of losing our lives over it.

Getting back to the cap, ftM women have less to worry about with lying to straight women over their being females. Its highly unlikely the straight female is going to beat the ftM female to death. While a woman my FEEL violent, under the current patriarchal systems it is not socially acceptable for women to exhibit that violence. So this ftM woman is free and clear to lie her head off without any major repercussions except rejection!

I do agree with her on the one hand, Tgists should NOT be "linked" to gays and lesbians, on the other hand nor should they be "linked" to the intersexed as she proposes. The intersexed are BORN intersexed, they werent shot up with faux hormones during thier mother's pregnancy or genitally mutilated during pregnancy! Intersexism is a physiological issue, NOT a MENTAL issue such Tgism. Nor are there a multitude of other disorders attached to the intersexed condition which helped develop their intersexism as there are with Tgists.


More reason to rid the Femme/Butch community of straight women!!!!

Fair use capped from a site that claimed to be "All about Femme". Obviously that claim is false from this post alone!

This is a clear picture of what has been going on in the Femme/Butch community for the last 10+ years.

Straight women who for a multitude of reasons have left heteroville for dykesville, only they're still playing it STRAIGHT!

Given the issues Butches develop (insecuries about their bodies/femaleness/butchness etc) due to their continued invisibility within and under patriarchy, and the blatant reluctance of the damaged straight women occuping the Femme/Butch community to view/treat Butches as anything other than MALE (you can take the straight girl out of hetville, BUT...) is it at all surprising AFTER dating one of these damaged straight women that some Butches trannify?

I firmly now believe Butch trannification has more to do with the hetero invasion of Femme/Butch spaces than with invisibility. Butches have been dealing with invisibility since the dawn of the very first dawn, without opting for trannification. Even in times before the heteropatriarchal medical establishment began drugging and mutilating folks into heteroism, Butches were not "IDing" as "male". Butches were living as women, being women because they are women!

Granted due to Butch invisibility, growing comfortable into their womanness took a certain amount of maturity on the Butches part, love, guidance and assurance from Femme friends/partners as well as positive Butch role models within each established Femme/Butch community far and wide.

Then along comes queer theory, a reinforcement of hetero gender norms and the hetero woman invasion! Next thing we know, men are women, women are men, men are diapered babies, women are anime figures and damaged straight women are coupling with Butches and treating Butch butchness as male masculinity, further confusing/harming Butches!

But these damaged straight women are MORE concerned with maintaining THEIR heteroness amid a lesbian relationship than giving a fuck if some lezbo hacks her tits off and begins taking a drug that will foster the surface obliteration of herself as well as a drug that has yet to have any long term studies done!

Along with the "trans" i.e. male invasion of lesbian spaces, the hetero female invasion is also on the list of issues the New Radical Lesbian Feminist Front is fighting to change.

It may not happen over night radical dykes, but it WILL happen!


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