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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Big Head? Me? Nahhhhh

You know some days its everything I can do NOT to get a big head. Whether its folks talkin 'bout how RAD I am or talking 'bout how much they HATE me, the thing is they're readin, writin and most of all talkin!

Considering the case in point though, maybe I shouldnt be

But in all seriousness, the projecting screaming from these disordered folks is just so far out there I dont think Christopher fucking Columbus could find it with a fucking GPS tracking system! Thats some serious SCARY!

But this is precisely why things like misogyny, racism, classism, malecentrism etc continue, because it is a rare individual who is willing to call themselves (and others) on their own shit in this lazy, distract me, spoon feed me, wipe my ass for me, capitalist, consumerism post modern queer theory age.

Lucky for you dear readers, the dirtster is just such an individual! I not only see through the shit, I shovel it back where it came from!





  1. The hysterics and distorted logic is really quite stunning.

    But this is what happens when you wed empty headed subjectivism with political correctness and take both to the anus degree.

    Acknowledging, discussing empirical evidence that establishes a relationship between GID, BIID and many manifestations of transgenderism automatically makes you a transphobe. CHECK.

    By that inversion of logic, saying something like: Black men have a higher incarceration rate, per capita, than white men in the USA - becomes a racist statement, but only when someone like Dirt says it, even as the ones making the accusation chronically overlook the racism beneath their own feet.

    That works, for them.... Not so much for other people - and who cares about those Black dudes in prison, anyway.

    But, why stop there.

    Let's just will away every other scrap of empirical evidence and logic that doesn't fit our personal agenda. Heck, let's send it all to Rod Serling's "cornfield" * and be done with it once and for all. And while we're at it, let's discredit and punish every human being, professional or not, who chooses not to go along with our magical thinking. And btw ain't we noble, humanitarians overflowing with goodwill and messianic vision.

    And how?

    * The Rod Serling episode, "It's A Good Life" was about a six year old boy, Anthony, who could make anything at all reality, simply by using his mind. Because of this, the adults in town are stricken with fear by his very presence; they go to any length to keep him appeased. Knowing this, Anthony governs them like an unaccountable tyrant with no sense of consequence for his actions.

    If an adult pisses Anthony off - and what adult does not inevitably piss a child off - he destroys them by willing them to the cornfield. To forestall the inevitable, the adults constantly pacify Anthony. Nevertheless, one by one the adults disappear to the cornfield of childish retaliation.

    Who knew Rod Serling was a pre-postmodernist!

  2. Its called trans-post-spin! But in reality,reality being that scary place they fear to tread, its the same old bullshit spin.

    Junie simply tried to label me as a racist in order to gain sympathy from the mentally ill. She should be ashamed, but I doubt she is.

    Junie has issues, whether its her insane obsessive feelings towards me, to her own insecurites about her "femmeness" or shall I say her feelings of lack thereof.

    This is why she finds trannydom/queer theory attractive. If saying one is something and having that something (despite the absence of truth) be legitimized, Junie can simply SAY "I am Femme" and in queer theory world have that statement be read as truth simply because she stated it.

    But people like me who live in reality keep fucking things up for Junie and those like her by constantly reintroducing them back to reality. Reality is a scary place for those who live elsewhere.



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