Well speaking of butchfemmedance.com

I loled!

Also compare the name of the site to the site's descriptions and site's keywords. Yeah, I can see how that makes sense! But considering the site owner is STRAIGHT I'm not surprised.

Oh and a pic from a popular Femme/Butch site. THIS is what is "passing" for Femme these days!


butchfemmedance.com's disordered members

Fair use capped from another woman hating Femme/Butch site. (butchfemmedancedotcom)

Seems this purported (ftm) woman is a tad upset because the dirtster discussed her Femme ignorance and various mental issues.


Interestingly (but not surprisingly) she labels me a "tg butch lesbian"). I say interestingly because it is interesting to see from the disordered themselves just how the "trans" disorder shades their perception of reality.

We often hear from the "trans" disordered about just how different and unique (can we say special snowflake syndrome) they are because they're "fighting the binary" by way of their disorder. I'm obviously still out to lunch on how exactly one can fight the binary while doing everything medically possible to subscribe to it.

It is through the strict adherence to the binary (masculine equals male/feminine equals female) that the "trans" base their entire disordered reality, hence the reason in the case above, our poster can only see me (a masculine woman-non binary) in terms OF the binary (TG).

In regards to her whine regarding my "claims" as to what Femmes desire, they arent "my claims" anymore than it would be my claim that an orange is orange. In reality words have decisive meanings (kinda simplifies communication) sadly though in "queer reality" which is a by-product of post modernism's queer theoried distortions, words are given whatever meaning the user can dream up.


Can someone please tell me why...

Can someone please tell me why America has a poet laureate?


Reading this article accompanied with my morning coffee, I am angered once again at Obama/the Obama team's choice for inaugural poet. I feel there are three primary reasons for Elizabeth Alexander being chosen. 1) good old fashioned nepotism (her brother was a senior adviser to Obama's presidential campaign as well as an adviser to Obama's "transition team")
2) she's african-american 3) she is physically acceptable to white america AS an african american; she is a very light skinned, intelligent, reasonably attractive feminine woman.

There have only been three other american inaugural poets: Robert Frost who while not poet laureate at the time of being the inaugural poet had previously been a poet laureate and was greatly known and loved by americans. Maya Angelou who while not light skinned, nor particularly attractive, nor a current or previous poet laureate at the time was still chosen by Clinton as his first inaugural poet. Likely because she is highly intelligent, highly talented but mostly well known to black america whom Clinton was trying to appeal to (in other words a pawn). And Clinton's second inaugural poet Miller Williams was another nepotism choice. Williams being a good old boy from Clinton's home state and as this was his last term in office Clinton didnt have to appeal to any particular group.

So other than Frost you might ask "Dirt the other two inaugural poetic choices werent poet laureates why are you getting your nose all outta joint"? Lets set Williams aside since the only reason he was among these elect few inaugural poets is because Clinton having had an inaugural poet his first term was simply following through with his second.

And my nose was and has remained a bit outta joint with Clinton's first inaugural choice in a poet with Angelou because at the time Rita Dove would easily had fulfilled her (and Clinton's) role as poet laureate had Clinton chose her instead of Angelou. In fact I feel she would have made a much better choice, it was within her job requirements (and talent) as poet laureate at the time she was also a Pulitzer Prize winning poet (only one of two african americans), something Angelou has yet to accomplish. But hey Rita hasnt been a frequent guest on Oprah now has she!

As to my anger over Obama's inaugural choice for poet? We (america) have a highly skilled and capable poet laureate currently in Kay Ryan, a much much better poet than Elizabeth Alexander. (not just my opinion, FACT) And with Kay Ryan, Obama had a chance to make the kind of difference we helped him achieve as the first black male president of the United States of America.

He could have chosen the woman who was chosen for the position (poet laureate) that is designed for just such an occasion (an inaugural poem). Who better to create a poem for America than the poet laureate OF America??? A position Ryan was chosen for because she speaks to America for America by an American! What could be more presidential than that I ask you???

Well I dont know what could be more, but I do intimately know what could be less. When you are a woman in any country, born of any race, practicing any religion and you look like this:


The "straight" lesbian? Huh?

If you are in some way part of the Femme/Butch community and have wondered as of late why there are sooooo many (pathologic) straight women there, THIS is why!

Disordered women of Butch persuasion ignorantly believing that dating straight women will bring them closer to a hetero male existence. Many also ignorantly believing if a straight woman dates them they are "more" butch than other Butch women.

If such a Butch woman has sunk to this kind of mentally ill thinking and receives no support in helping her to understand her pathologically internalized misogyny, she will likely sink further into BDD and may seek drugs and cosmetic mutilation to temporarily ease her discomfort. And if she has landed herself a straighty, being a hetero said straighty will no doubt encourage her physically/mentally abusive route. That way our straighty doesnt have to "feel" like a lesbian while being a part of a lesbian relationship.

So when the relationship fails (and they ALL do because unless there is a shared sexuality especially a shared sexuality sans mental illness all relationships fail) miss straighty will either take up where she left off with men and/or go on to another Butch suffering from BDD and remain within the Femme/Butch community asserting her straight privilege.

Each and everytime the Femme/Butch community either ignores or "supports" Butch women's BDD they not only are commiting a horrific offense against the Butch/Butches in question they are also opening the doors for hetero-privileged straight women into the community. And as we have witnessed in the last 10 years or so those same straight women utilizing their hetero-privileged powers to colonize our community because they are too afraid to do it under patriarchy for fear of losing male approval!

That what you call "being a pussy and eating it too"!!!

While the bricks may be stacked against us momentarily, the New Radical Lesbian Feminist Front is tackling such issues as we speak. If you're tired of of what is happening to the Femme/Butch community, join US for a CHANGE!


my new "girl" friend???!!!

Fair use capped from my email.
On a myspace-like site I have a profile at, this dude wants to "friend" me!

Now I clearly have written and layed out the NRLFF mission statement along with various posts of mine, so there should be no ifs, ands or buts regarding my feelings for the "trans" disordered.

But this guy being like any other guy obviously searched "lesbians", saw my pic and clicked "friend". He didnt bother to read my profile, because his male privilege doesnt require him to do so.

His ideas of masculine and feminine which he likely derived from heteropatriarchy also ignorantly lead him to believe that because I appear masculine, I must therefore be "dominant". I say this because he indicates as much in his profile. As a Butch I know FAR more dominant Femmes than I have ever known Butches. And I am not speaking of who wears the cock, but nature itself.

This guy being hetero clearly knows nothing about lesbians nor the subcultures of lesbians. Again his male privilege gives him a free pass from having to know this info. Perhaps had he bothered to investigate such things he wouldnt be suffering from mental illness in the first place!

His actions distinctly outline his male privileged ideas of women. As he indicates in his profile he need not bother knowing/understanding/BEING a woman which begins and ends from the inside out. He like the heteropatriarchal "trans" males who make up the majority of the "trans" community simply needs to "transition" physically in order to blossom into "full womanhood".

I am reminded of a line from the lyricist Kerry Livgren's famous classic rock song Carry on Wayward Son, "if I claim to be a wiseman, it surely means that I dont know"!


The Twilight Zone Experience TTZE

A fair use cap from our favorite anime girl.

Jeez, where to begin with a post of this lusus naturae? Let me first say it is prime in illustrating postmodernism's e'er dilating universal pupil. Where instead of say Nerval who while searching for the eye of God found only an empty "socket", postmodernism invents an eye or a nose or a mouth, or even a god. This is both the draw and flaw of this clumsy ideology and Queer theory's feckless utilization of it!

Maybe in a world where only sound minds exist postmodernism could serve a beneficial purpose. But in this world, our world, where disorder reigns, postmodernism's "I can think anything true" motto only opens the floodgates up for individual pathological disorders adding to the already existing chaos. Deconstruction is about cleaving things down to the bone to expose the truth, it isnt about fabricating a constructed body from the nearest junk pile!

Since there is already enough illegitimate multitudinous argot spawned from the many copulations between postmodernism and queer theory's debauched encounters to make the Duggers seem like a typical family, I'd like to add one of MY own: The Twilight Zone Experience.

What is the Twilight Zone Experience(TTZE)? It is the Twilight Zone feeling that comes over one (and by one I mean any person living in reality) while being in the presence of "trans" reality. While on a COMPLETELY non brutal level I would wager it akin to a person who found themselves in the "holocaust" reality. That shaking ones head back and fourth trying to gain some sense of semblance from what one is seeing/hearing/smelling/touching/tasting, when words like Canada, liquidation or final solution no longer mean what they mean in les univers concentrationnaire.

This is precisely what has occured within this "trans" reality, any word or concept that finds itself within "trans" reality is potentially subjected to change. But the change ONLY takes place within "trans" reality, in reality itself the "trans" wonder-powers to alter words/concepts faster than a speeding bullet are kryptonited. This is where the "trans" community utilizes its confuse and concur tactics.

Take the above post as an example, in reality we have a heterosexual young woman seeking a male mate, it doesnt get any simpler than that right? But thats reality, in "TRANS" reality of confuse and concur what we have is a hetero woman who says she's a "male" seeking a male sex partner. BUT not just any male sex partner, she wishes to have a homosexual male sex partner.

Now in reality a woman who is attracted to/has sex with men (regardless of sexual orientation-think of ALLLL those faghags) is for all intents and purposes, a heterosexual woman. But no, this is "trans" reality, so she is ONLY hetero is she has sex with a hetero male, IF she has sex with a gay MALE she being a claimed "he" is now a "gay man"...lol Do you hear the Twilight Zone music playing in the background now???

So good luck if you happen to find yourself homeless, hungry and standing on the corner of postmodernism and queer theory holding your cup out for a few coins of truth and reality, the truth and reality is you'll likely starve to death!


ftM's and unresearched T injections

Fair use capped from a major ftM community.

The medical establishment may be sir-ing and he-ing ftM women to their faces as they write them their T script, but are they reating them different than they treat any woman? That would be a resounding NO! Healthcare for women remains in many areas substandard to that of men and the trans population isnt fairing any better!

Besides the apathetic barbaric "treatment" the ME doles out to ftM women, they're totally ignorant as to the actual effects OF that "treatment"! Add to that, they just dont care. Its not as if the ME just yesterday began "treating" ftM women with faux hormones and havent had the time to research them. (granted all other drug treatments go through years and years and years of research before they ever reach the public....hmmmm wonder why that is)

The scary thing in this case, the case of ftM women and their faux T, they're not even guinea pigs! At least if they were guinea pigs research would be done in order to benifit future ftM women. But NO they're just a bunch of mentally diseased women who in the scheme of things arent any different than all women suffering under patriarchal systems. They dont count when there are men to be counted.

Any new trans "study" or trans "research" that is being done or has been done is primarily for the benifit of men, Mtf men. So even in this outlandish realm, men continue to reap from their male privilege while women continue to suffer from sexism and misogyny. Even women claiming to BE "men"!


The plight of the oppressed male????? HUH??

Fair use capped from one of our favourite trans sites!

Many might read a post such as this and think WTF? But actually this is fairly typical of both male and female trans persons. There is an ignorant assumption (likely due to the trans rose coloured glasses aka BDD) that all will be perfect (magical?) once the "transition" is "complete"(currently no such completion is possible medically).

There arent any classes or courses in "how to act like a REAL man or how to act like a REAL woman" for the post trans person. Something that eases them into a life as a different "sex" as it were. There is the ignorant or perhaps apathetic assumption made by the ME that once the trans person "transitions" the trans person is "cured". Because after all logically if one REALLY is a man or REALLY is a woman and the ME merely has to "correct" the "wrong" outside, both Mtfs and ftMs would quickly adjuct to what they have lived all along, only with a "body" that "matches". Except thats NEVER the case, is it.

No. Instead we see post after post after post of disordered men and women whom after the high of "transitioning" has worn thin or off completely and the reality they thought was real fades into the distance only to be replaced by actually reality, we see unhappiness at best, depression (even suicidal) at worst. As we see so clearly illustrated here with this woman.

She thought through the blur of her disorder life as a man was going to be idyllic. She has suffered (like many an ftM) sexual abuse as a child, her self hatred as a result of the child abuse later turned her to prostitution (a high statistic of sexually abused females). Through controlling men with her body (prostitution) she likely reclaimed a certain amount of power she had lost as a child victim. Her "transitioning" is likely a further extention of searching for a greater power the power of ownership of the male body itself.

As a "man" she would have power, be powerful, she would be heard and listened to, but sadly instead she finds being a man isnt all that its cracked up to be. It comes with its own set of problems, problems that she as a woman could not understand and remains ignorant and afraid to confront.

Like all trans persons, she has simply traded the prison of one role in exchange for the prison of another and is too afraid to live as she wants in either.

Umm remind me again what any of this has to do with lesbianism??????

the new radical lesbian feminist front

SP's Three Women-Staged

When I first saw it, the small red seep, I did not believe it.

see poem here

I'm really not sure how I feel about this, the staging I mean. The piece itself I consider not only some of the most bang-up poetry of the 20th century, but containing some of the most fundamentally, clear and honest poetic feminist discourse in the form of the written word!

The second voice is who I am specifically speaking. Her voice at times is fierce, at other times physically painful in its mourning, and at other times still, nearly violent in its anger but it is ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS female! It is ultimately through her female body she forges a true feminist understanding of woman among a world of men and male supremacy!

From the very outset of her first utterance to us, every woman who has ever breathed, intimately understands the depth that that "small red seep" conveys. We may not want children ourselves, we may not even be able to carry a child, but through women's sheer multi-dimensional ever expanding interior universe that is absolutely essential for female survival amid patricentrism, all women all of us, KNOW down to our marrow we know that which the second voice suffers, which in itself IS dimensional.

Plath use of the second voice to juxtapose what truely is the flesh and blood core differences between men and women is pure discerning genius! It is through the lived experience of the female body which holds the potential capacity for multiple dimensions, that dimensions are created and lived! The single lived male dimension which can only create outside itself replicating its "flatness" is precisely why whenever we witness males straining to authenticate the muti dimensional they always come off as, trying. Think of an amoeba trying to authenticate a human, and there you have the MALE to feMALE organism.

The entire piece is genius, electric and utterly beautiful in its three dimensional motherhood experiences, but the second voice is surely the most lamentable.


ftM's and their PERIODS

Fair use capped from a regular ftM community.

I'll pretty much let the ftMers speak for themselves here and just say SERIOUSLY people, this is only a tiny tiny sample of what REALLY goes on behind the closed doors of a typcial trans community. We're suppose to believe dozens and dozens of women sitting around a forum chatting about rag products are "men"?

The oxymoronicness of ragging vaginal "men" is literally insane! There is a clear gulf between reality and the fantasy land these women occupy. That in and of itself is an understandable problem(they're disordered), but what isnt so understandable are the trans apologists who simply by allowing themselves to be robbed of reality reinforce the disorder that has lead women like these in the first place to further develop the alternative reality in which they both dwell, trans and trans apologist alike!


CIS-where disorder meets delusion

Fair use cappage!

The first cap is from one of our favourite malecentric misogynistic BF online communities.

The second cap is from a link given by the OP.

"Cis" for the non-trans literate refers to "bio" as in biological. This prefix is generally assigned to various words/situations-example-(sex/gender/sexist etc) by trans disordered and trans-apologist in place of "bio" in effort to dismiss "non-trans" ie non-bio or appease trans disordered. Basically just another "trans" tactic the trans disordered use in hope of solidifying their fractured identity by trying to displace anothers.

Holly's thread reads like a BIG much ado about nothing and likewise does her link, as you can see for yourselves. The entire thread is nothing more than a diversion, just as is the purported "cisprivilege" issue itself, a "look here and NOT there". There being legitimate gay and lesbian issues, or in this case Femme/Butch issues. At times I believe these diversions are thought out and calculated by the trans disordered, most often (as I feel with Holly's post) the diversions are narcissistic redirections away from gays and lesbians toward trans persons/"trans issues".

We know pathological narcissism is a prime factor in all trans disordered persons, so it stands to reason when we (gays/lesbians/femme/butch) see trans disordered yelling over us, as well as over themselves and each louder than the next, we shouldnt be surprised, its all part of their illness. So while we may sympathize with their plight, we shouldnt for a moment subjugate our legitimate issues (equal rights, equal housing, parental rights, marriage etc) for imagined issues ("cis"privilege, "cis"sexism").

Not developing or choosing not to develop this particular mental disorder IS NOT a sign of privilege. But choosing to fuel the fires that feed this disorder IS a sign of apathy!


New Radical Lesbian Feminist Front

More non-sense from anime girl

Fair use capped from an email/comment I received this morning.

It is interesting watching a "trans" soul literally go from Asshole to Zero in no time flat simply because their private curtain was yanked back exposing their nakedness. Mirrors whether those hung on walls or individuals who mirror, are a danger to the "trans" disordered.

The "trans" are absolutely phobic about mirrors. Mirrors appear the enemy in a war with the self, because mirrors display the believed true enemy of trannies, the body! Mirrors evince what is, not what we wish. Mirrors reveal, despite the viewers pathological need to conceal. Mirrors are friendly only so far as "trans" deception is maintained.

Echoing a song from Eric Woolfson's Freudiana masterpiece "I am a mirror. I am a mirror. looking at me you see yourself" I held a shining mirror up to this young woman, a young woman who seemingly had no qualms about invading personal space with her hetero privilege, using slanderous behaviour/tactics for insult purposes only and classist behaviour to boot, only to reveal an even greater ugliness beneath.

These are the uglinesses that the entire "trans" population prefer, like this woman, to keep hidden. They wish, as this woman does, to simply toss a towel or blanket over me and all the mirrors like me in some insane shiva-like fashion. Except they're not interested in mourning, BUT celebrating! Only the dead here, are not dead, but buried behind a self constructed wall of disorder! A mutilated half corpse suffocated with drugs, unable to speak!

But this is no Shiva house and I am no jew, the mirrors remain unveiled here!


Speaking of mirrors...

Mirror-Sylvia Plath

I am silver and exact. I have no preconceptions.
What ever I see I swallow immediately
Just as it is, unmisted by love or dislike.
I am not cruel, only truthful---
The eye of a little god, four-cornered.
Most of the time I meditate on the opposite wall.
It is pink, with speckles. I have looked at it so long
I think it is a part of my heart. But it flickers.
Faces and darkness separate us over and over.

Now I am a lake. A woman bends over me,
Searching my reaches for what she really is.
Then she turns to those liars, the candles or the moon.
I see her back, and reflect it faithfully.
She rewards me with tears and an agitation of hands.
I am important to her. She comes and goes.
Each morning it is her face that replaces the darkness.
In me she has drowned a young girl, and in me an old woman
Rises toward her day after day, like a terrible fish.

A few question for the BFers

Fair use capped from the obvious.

Hmm I have a few questions for this proclaimed "butch-femme" site myself.

Aside from the cha-ching reasoning, why is a site which claims (at least within its name) to be about women and community, perpetuating, even promoting the disease and death of women?

Why is malecentrism and phallocentrism the dominant mythoi of a presumed lesbian website?

Why does a lesbian centered site who speaks regularly about "community building" recognize only those members if they're WHITE or the WOC who only speak when spoken to so as not to call attention to the racist attitudes there?

Why would misogyny rein pathologically supreme on a site tailored to lesbian women?


ps since a bunch of you "butch-femme" folks are regular readers here, seeing how I'm not a member, it would be sweet if one of you could post these questions there. Thanks in advance! Love ya's!

Big Head? Me? Nahhhhh

You know some days its everything I can do NOT to get a big head. Whether its folks talkin 'bout how RAD I am or talking 'bout how much they HATE me, the thing is they're readin, writin and most of all talkin!

Considering the case in point though, maybe I shouldnt be gloating...lol

But in all seriousness, the projecting screaming from these disordered folks is just so far out there I dont think Christopher fucking Columbus could find it with a fucking GPS tracking system! Thats some serious SCARY!

But this is precisely why things like misogyny, racism, classism, malecentrism etc continue, because it is a rare individual who is willing to call themselves (and others) on their own shit in this lazy, distract me, spoon feed me, wipe my ass for me, capitalist, consumerism post modern queer theory age.

Lucky for you dear readers, the dirtster is just such an individual! I not only see through the shit, I shovel it back where it came from!



Missing Person Kristin Snyder: Lost in a Sea of Myths Pt 2

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