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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Nothing like an ftM to let the Femme's know they're REALLY straight in denial!

Fair use capped from the queer theoried femme/butch site butch-femmedotcom.

The first cap explicitly illustrates this womans hatred for her body, well specifically her "sexual" organs. (Do we dare wonder why it is primarily only ever body parts considered "sexual" that the trans ID'd obsess and focus on?? Obviously in this womans case her arms are still female, her legs, her elbows, her knees, her feet and hands....) It also illustrates a continued hatred despite drugs and mutilations to alter her appearance and the appearance/removal of her "sexual" organs. Looks to me like the "treatment" she has received by the ME hasnt worked its magic, go figure.

Now as to the prime reason for singling out this woman's comments. I am not even a Femme and I am outraged by her ignorance and lack of respect towards Femmes! This is the sort of garbage that plays right into the hands of straight men who have been saying forever all a good lesbian needs is some cock to set her straight! Perhaps thats all the poster herself needs, a good stiff cock to rid her of her BDD!

Femmes are lesbians for a reason, because like any other lesbian they are attracted (mentally/physically) to other WOmen. Now those women may have masculine(note masculine, NOT male) traits BUT they are still WOmen! Their relationship is a LESBIAN relationship, they desire each others FEmale bodies, arms, hands, legs, breasts, clits, vags, backs, stomachs etc!!! It is a LESBIAN experience!

Her logic regarding Femmes is literally beyond belief. I would wager she is not only single but has little to no experience with actual Femmes. Likely she was/is "stone"(sexual dysfunctional) and what if any sexual experience she has had would have been with troubled straight women playing in the lesbian sandbox.

Now given the pellucid extent of her poor mental state one can go slightly easy on her. But what of the sites maintainers/MODS etc? I actually went back several times just to see if these comments were deleted or at the very least questioned by a higher authority, nada! Where is the responsibility for the misogyny raging at Femmes through this womans comments??? Has phallocentric queer theory completely disabled the brains of nearly every woman on this site???



1 comment:

  1. First, she tells women what words they are ALLOWED to use to accurately refer to female anatomy.

    Second, she predicts that lesbians are on the brink of an identity altering, conversion experience because women like her will have fabricated dicklettes.

    Then, she goes on a rant about her male centric rape fantasies.

    They should change the name of that site to Bofo Fetishists.come


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