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Friday, December 5, 2008

More reason to rid the Lesbian community of ftM women!

How interesting! ftM women occupying lesbian space all the while furthering their disorder and the disorder of others with YOUR tax dollars. And these "others" (Mtfers) then turn around and firmly plant themselves in lesbian identities and spaces!!! It is a sick twisted vicious cycle aimed at the eradication of the only singly true threat to all patriarchal regimes: LESBIANS!!!

The trans community with its legion of guises continue to divide and conquer the lesbian community with its patriarchal prescribed "look here and not there" slight of hand. With half the lesbian community oohing and aahing while the trans community and trans apologist pull one houdini stunt after another, and have the rest of the lesbian community unaware of what has taken place before their very eyes!!!

The trans community and its supporters would like lesbians to believe things are different, that they are different. That the clear cuttedness of male oppression towards women and especially lesbians has nothing to do with them, they're on our side. As a member of the New Radical Lesbian Feminist Front-NRLFF I am here to tell lesbians, things are exactly as clear cut as they have ALWAYS been!

It makes no difference whether it is MALE, MALE-to-female or female-to-MALE, ask yourselves lesbians, what do all three of these things have in common??? Then ask yourselves where does MALE fit in with lesbians and lesbian spaces!!!

We will not be silent!



  1. Really? "Others"?

    Lesbians are the only true threat to patriarchy? I'm calling bullshit.

    There are plenty of hateful people out there willing to say lesbians suffer from "disorder" as well.

    Breaking down gender is probably the only way to destroy patriarchal regimes, and I fail to see how a lesbian separatist movement is more effective than a trans-positive movement. And unfortunately, the butch/femme dynamic in many lesbian communities IS patriarchy.

    Stop spreading hatred and ignorance. It's the real "disorder."

  2. You may call "bullshit" all you like, that doesnt erase the truth.

    Trannyism in no way, shape or form challenges the binary, it strictly adheres to it, which is why it exist in the first place.

    Also there is nothing "positive" about supporting the surface murder of thousands.


  3. I find it personally disgusting that you would call your self a lesbian and a supporter of women, while spouting nothing but hatred and ignorance. The last time I checked, neither me nor any of my LESBIAN friends became lesbians as a means to "stick it to the man" or your "patriarchal regime". I am a lesbian because I love women. Not because I hate men. Angry bigoted people such as yourself only justify the violence and attacks on our community. So please, keep you "help" to yourself. I for one would like a little more love and a little more understanding in this world, not hate and ignorance.

  4. "I for one would like a little more love and a little more understanding in this world, not hate and ignorance."

    Then I suggest you stop practicing both.


  5. How exactly am i practicing hate and ignorance? I am supportive of women and men in any all endeavors that foster a better sense of understanding of themselves and others. I believe that being transgendered is in no way an attack on anyone, it is simply a person doing what is necessary to be themselves and to feel comfortable in their own skin. How is that a crime or something that hurts others? It dosen't. If you you stopped for two seconds to think about something besides your narrow vision of negativity and oppresion, then you might see the love and understanding that is found in the trans community. I feel very sad for you and for those like you who choose to live their lives full of hate and bitterness, I hope one day that you can lay down your sword of radicalism and learn to live and love the beauty of individualism.

  6. Attributing "hate" repeatedly only goes to reinforce your obvious projection issues.

    Twenty years (or less if I can help it) from now I'll not be the one with blood on my hands, I'll leave that to ignorant uncaring folks like yourself who prefer to remain ignorant(think freeman supporters-thats you). I suppose you also support BIID as well.

    As the genius S. Weil wrote "there is but little hope for the individual and yet the individual is the only hope", drugged and mutilated mentally ill folks are not the products of "individualism" or "beauty", they are simply victims.



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