Tuesday, December 23, 2008

More ftM transignorance on Femmes

This was fair use capped from another popular heteropatriarchal femme/butch site called butchfemmedancedotcom.

As angry as it makes me to read this kind of transignorance, I will be honest and say I actually feel sorry for women with this disordered mind set.

Here these women are thinking, believing through the blur of thier disorder that if they attain a scant hint of MALE masculinity the Femmes will come a running! How sad, how distorted, how untrue! One thing we see on the popular femme/butch sites over and over and over in thread after thread after thread is "single ftMs" searching for the Femmes who "want" them, all to no avail.

Femmes are LESBIANS, Femmes lust after Butch PUSSY and TITS among other luscious Butch body parts! Femmes do NOT desire fauxmen, they do NOT desire men of any stripe period. I find it horrifically disrespectful to Femmes to allow threads like these even to exist! I find it equally deplorable that femme/butch sites continue to lead ftM women on in their transdelusions believing that they have a shot at having a Femme fall for them.

While there are some disturbed straight women occupying lesbians spaces who will give an ftM women a shot, sadly due to the severity of both their various mental disturbances these relationships fail and fail miserably! Lying to the mentally ill simply to make a profit from their membership is SICK, giving the mentally ill hope where none exist is fucking CRUEL!

And promoting transignorance of Femme's lesbian desires is unfathomable!!!


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