If this is Femme and Lesbian, I'm a freaking kumquat!

This is capped from a WBW (woman-born-woman) area on a craigslist board. It is in response to some comments/objections one of our New Radical Lesbian Feminists-NRLFF founders posted, protesting the lunacy of numerous ftM's occupying lesbian spaces there. Apparently many ftMers are too fearful to live their chosen "male" ID'd lifestyle and prefer lesbian spaces to help them feel safe and protected from the big bad world of actual men and the rejection of hetero women. While that makes perfect sense considering ftM mentality, what doesnt make sense is the lesbians allowing them, now that they are claiming to be "men", to use our woman space as a hold up. At what point are these hapless baby birds going to be kicked from our protective nests???

This really is just a small sample of the ignorance plaguing most lesbian/butch/femme areas online/realtime. Not only is this particular woman (likely straight, likely disturbed herself) ignorant of ftM's pathological compulsion to erase their sexual femaleness to the point of using drugs and mutilation to achieve pitiable results, she is equally ignorant of Butch women and what exactly comprises as Butch.

What honest to goodness Femme (lesbian) would propose of women so disordered who willingly drug and mutilate themselves into male caricatures can be remotely compared to authentic Butch women, the very notion is derisory??? This not only screams of Butch ignorance it also heterosexualized the Femme/Butch dynamic. A beautifully unique lesbian dynamic that owes nothing to the heteropatriarch! What is she going to compare next, apples and garages???

Even the rubbish claiming Femmes do not know what they're missing sexually from "limiting" themselves to strictly Butch lovers reeks of Femme ignorance and Butchphobia. This woman obviously hasnt spent any time in bed with Femmes, Butches or ftMs! High sex drives are not dependant upon drugs, they are not the product of heteroconsumerism, unless of course you're hetero!

Lesbians are NOT heteropatriarchist, regardless the type of lesbian. Lesbian sex drives are built upon sexually healthy women who feel mentally and physically comfortable within/without their bodies in order to intimately share those bodies with other women, with which both parties achieve more mutual orgasms and a greater intensity of orgasm deepening the lesbian bond!!! All the T in the world cannot accomplish that feat! There is NO legitimacy in apery!


Trans-where delusion meets disorder

Before tackling the issue brought up by the poster, let me first say this fair use cap was snapped from a Butch/Femme website, a site that not only condones trannyism, but encourages its abuses of mentally ill women. On an aside, the New Radical Lesbian Feminist Front (NRLFF) will not only tackle head on the issue of lesbian sites/spaces online and realtime who promote the drugging and mutilation of women in all its forms, we will challenge these heteropatriarchal policies until they are eradicated from our midst!!!

Now to the question the commentor brings up as to why a person would "transition" were it not to "cure" their illness. A "cure" involves healing, a literal END to a disease, not a temporary reprieve from an illness and surely not a lifetime spent on drugs while searching/hoping/saving for further unnecessary surgeries. If I broke my leg, my leg is not going to be healed properly by undergoing psychotherapy. We cannot expect the disordered to comprehend this simplicity, but shouldnt we as a civilized society expect those treating (medical establishment) this illness to know the difference???

Why is GID (a psychiatric-mental-disorder) the only disorder the medical establishment "treats" physically, rather than where the disorder as disorders tend to do, reside mentally???? The "treatment" for this disorder was created 60+ years ago because the psychiatric community could NOT "cure" gay men of their gayness. Or to be more precise, they could not "cure" feminine gay men of their femininity or their attractions to other men, concentrating wholly on feminine gay men because they were believed to be the ONLY gay men.

If you cannot bring the mountain to Mohammad...so heteropatriarch Harry Benjamin drugged and carved gay men into heterosexualism! The current scale still used today to diagnose GID is largely taken from H.B.'s scale created for gay men. Even though most current psychiatrist readily agree GID has NOTHING to do with sexual orientation. This same scale has been slightly patriarchaly modified to include the female persuasion, rather than create something specific for female sufferers of GID. Even women who think they are men are still misogynistically relegated to that of the shit pile.

Getting back to the comment sited above, the "cut and dry" of it is due to the invisibility of the natures of minority females such as masculine females, young females looking for a reflection naturally look to women, when they do not see anything really resembling themselves there, they then look to males. In seeing some basic characteristics they can identify with, these young girls assume they're male also, until that is, puberty. Then their body betrays their male "idea" of themselves and they begin experiencing body dysphoria (GID).

Most females with such feelings in time grow out of the dysphoria (if given a chance) and later embrace their uniqueness, sadly others do not. They ignorantly assume like the poster they're simply "born in the wrong body", rather than logically being "born in the wrong society".


NRLFF member

Can you afford to ID as Trans?

My Friend My Friend (anne sexton)

Who will forgive me for the things I do?
With no special legend of God to refer to,
With my calm white pedigree, my yankee kin,
I think it would be better to be a Jew.

I forgive you for what you did not do.
I am impossibly guilty. Unlike you,
My Friend, I can not blame my origin
With no special legend or God to refer to.

They wear The Crucifix as they are meant to do.
Why do their little crosses trouble you?
The effigies that I have made are genuine,
(I think it would be better to be a Jew).

Watching my mother slowly die I knew
My first release. I wish some ancient bugaboo
Followed me. But my sin is always my sin.
With no special legend or God to refer to.

Who will forgive me for the things I do?
To have your reasonable hurt to belong to
Might ease my trouble like liquor or aspirin.
I think it would be better to be a Jew.

And if I lie, I lie because I love you,
Because I am bothered by the things I do,
Because your hurt invades my calm white skin:
With no special legend or God to refer to,
I think it would be better to be a Jew.

This is a very interesting issue I have not seen discussed about the trans community or in the trans community.

No sillys, not the poem itself, but the plight of the speaker in the poem. The speaker's "yankee" whiteness and lack of belonging to a long standing historical suffering where she can lay down the burden of her own suffering and connect to something greater than herself, thereby becoming something greater herself creates in her a kinda of "identity psychosis". In her need to have/be a part of a "special legend" she would willingly give up her identity.

In predominant white anglo saxon countries such as the US or Britain or Canada, white privilege prevents the historical suffering the speaker (US) wishes to connect with. For all intents and purposes the speaker suffers from a bad case of "special snowflake syndrome". But while her "calm white pedigree" grants her accesses and privileges, it also alienates her from a shared suffering common to minorities, albeit forcing her to suffer alone. Which is not only a lonely place to occupy, BUT no one is around to witness your "specialness".

About 30 years after the second world war we began to see the beginnings of a neo-nazi movement that has since continued to grow/flourish, primarily among middle class white male youths for much of the same reasons as our speaker complains. As women and other minorities began demanding their fair share of the white heteropatriarchal pie AND sampling a few of the hard earned won crumbs, white males began feeling less than the "special" Gods gift to women and minorities which has assumed a kind of rootlessness in middle class hetero white males and leading some to a full fledged identity crisis.

Is it merely a coincidence that the volume of those suffering from trannyism are WHITE STRAIGHT MIDDLE CLASS MEN???? That the trannyism disorder is an identity disorder grown out of the "special snowflake syndrome"??? Why among the GLBT is the trans group the only group that primarily consists of heteropatriarchal middle/upper middle class white males??? Where are all the poor minority gay men with this disorder? Where are the numbers of minority females with this disorder? Could it be that this is a disorder of race and class? That most who cannot afford (non wealthy hetero whites) this disorder will likely never develop it???

I've personally witnessed infighting within various trans communities of what exactly constitutes as trans by trans. Have seen with my own eyes men telling other men who IDed as trans-women but stated they couldnt afford to begin "medically transitioning" that they were in fact NOT trans until they have electrolysis/female hormones/SRS/FSS etc! Bascially declaring if you cannot afford to "transition" you cannot in effect BE trans! And like everything else in our patriarchal society the majority those who have most of the power and money are WHITE HETEROPATRIARCHAL MALES! So should we be surprised at all that highest number of trans ID'd are WHITE HETEROPATRIARCHAL MIDDLE CLASS MALES???? I think not!

More of this trans/white/class/hetero issue will be explored and more questions answered regarding this issue in the near future by the New Radical Lesbian Feminist Front. The NRLFF website will be coming soon to a town near you!

NRLFF member

Butch Voices???? Doncha need Butches for that!!

After this was brought to my attention, it completely confirms the dire-straights of the Femme/Butch community and the desperate need there is for true Butch women's representation!

30 members listed for this livejournal community and not a single individual Butch woman among them, its frightening! Instead of Butch lesbians, this particular members list (which chillingly reflects members of far too many femme/butch places) consists of ftM women, dyke women and straight women. Is it any wonder young Butch lesbians are confused! I personally try with each Femme/Butch (new and old) community to come to them as if I were a young budding Butch lesbian and thus far without fail all Femme/Butch spaces out there (online anyways) demand a malecentric masculine equals Butch mentaility with a push and a shove towards ftMism.

Take a look at some of the interest for this community alone as an example of what is currently parading as Butch; Mtf, ftM, trans, transgender??? HUH???? Where is female, where is woman???? There isnt even female masculinity listed!!!! How can Butch be "critically" thought about/discussed when females (who are the gender that make up Butches) not even listed in a community that calls itself "Butch Voices"?????

What does this say to our young Butch women? That you're only as good as your masculinity and that masculinity is only good when its maled???? There is a specific dual component to the Butch that consist of female and masculine which are both equally essential. Butch ceases to exist if for any reason one or both of these ingredients is bowdlerized in any way or worse left out of the mix altogether. This currently is the case in most Femme/Butch spaces to the point that the thing passing/IDing as Butch becomes nothing more than a modified unbutch.

This is one of the urgent areas that the New Radical Lesbian Feminist Front (NRLFF) will tirelessly work to alter. The NRLFF will unite woman and masculine together where Butch women are concerned. The NRLFF will put a face on Butch women. The NRLFF will create a place and a pride within and without, where Butch women cease to feel the current shame raining down upon them by the malecentric/misogynistic communities trying to erase Butch as woman and instead learn to embrace and love their/our resplendent uniqueness!

That my friends is a promise!


Mtf's and gender norms

Snipped from a trans-apologist essay by a trans-stockholm syndromed former "radical feminist".

Lets for a moment suspend the patriarchal Medical Establishments ignorant ideas of those "born with the 'wrong' sexualized body parts" and examine the pre-tranny, and I say pre because until diagnosed, the "trans" person does not exist until the ME creates him/her, thereby nullifying the "born" tranny nonsense.

I'll stick to the MALEtfers as the essayist had and as they make up the majority of trans cases(which the writer never addresses). In the snippet above the essayist states that until the MALEtfer begins some form of the transitional phase, he feels ashamed/fearful/awkward in patriarchal society as a "woman". Okay fine, I get that, it makes perfect sense. But what doesnt make a lick of sense is, why is no one asking WHY????? If the ME never asks why, can the ME rightfully or better yet, Hippocraticly treat people with this disorder??????

Since the ME wont pose the question/s, the dirtster will. Why are males so insecure/fearful etc about performing "woman" in public before IDing/transitioning to some form of the male gazed idea of "woman"? Why are there more males who trannify than females?

If we were living say 50+ years ago with trannyism where it stands today, I would wager the gap between Mtf's and ftM's would greatly be narrowed. Why? Because females were still very confined to their patriarchal prescribed "feminine" roles and specific gender play. But because women (some women) began publically/personally rebelling against prescribed gender norms such as dress/working outside the home etc, women began changing what was exceptable for women. Forty years after the beginnings of feminism and the male privileged are still lagging behind and have yet to assert their right to their desires/expressions of what is acceptable for men.

The only male movements we see involve men being able to bond with other men sans homosexuality. We rarely see males who naturally/fetishly desire/feel comfortable in clothes/appearances deemed womens out and about doing their day to day. Men, with all their privileges are much too afraid to face the many many obstacles, hates, judgements, murders, beatings, rapes etc (paying the price) that women have had to deal with in order to widen their prescribed gender possibilities.

This is where and why we see the increase in transitioning from Mtf's as opposed to ftMs. Females, by increasing the possibility of whats available for their/our gender/roles (dress/play/jobs etc) have ultimately assisted in the reduction of women suffering from ftMism.

In typcial male privileged fashion, men want the easy out to tolerance and acceptance. They'll mobilize for the rights to drug and mutilate themselves, but fight to freely live as feminine men, men who naturally feel comfortable in the feminine, playing in fact with femininity etc, forget it.
Because at the very least under the guise of transgenderism/transsexualism males can continue to perpetuate their patriarchal conditioned misogynistic rape and pillagings by conquering "women" as their own!


what the hell is going on at butch-femme.com now???

Since I've already fair use capped several comments from this particular thread at BF.com, I have more or less followed what can only now be labeled a Butch hunt with Goody Chance as the lone heretic. While Goody Chance makes a great case for the underlying/overlying/fuckinglying malecentric misogyny blighting butch-femme.com and similar sites, I not only see the faggots being stacked around her naked feet, I sadly see the smoke rising from the distance.

But if you're reading this Goody Chance, remember sister 300+ years on and we remember the name Goody (rebecca) Nurse and not a single name of judge or juror. I promise you Goody Chance if you burn you have the NRLFF on your side and your roasting will NOT be in vain!

On a different note, WTF is up with that "psycho bitch" (to quote several of her exes) Medusa??? This self hating bitch vomits misogyny/butchphobia sprinkled with nonsense all over this site and its Goody Chance tied to the cross??? Sheesh!!!


Transphobia or Male Privilege???

This is from a fair use capped from an ftM community regarding a simple question from an ftM woman asking whether other ftM women of the community would ever date an Mtf man. When one such member simply stated she would not, she was immediately attacked for her choice.

Angry responses, slurs and sometime threats of violence are something lesbians have sadly been subjected to since the addition of the T(trans) to the GLB community. It seems this is nothing unusual for the ftM community as well when individuals state and stay their ground on having only attractions towards women, which doesnt include Maletfs. Like lesbians, ftM's are also labeled "transphobic" for their natural primary attractions to women only.

One Mtf man interestingly goes so far to try and convince this particular ftM woman of just how "hot" Mtf men can be and posts several pics of Mtf's he deems attractive. While these men are not unattractive in the patriarchal sense, they still remain obviously males imitating the plastic conditioned male gazed IDEA of woman, which is nothing whatsoever to do with woman herself. Here perhaps more than anywhere else is where Mtfs REALLY proves their maleness, it is in their IDEA of woman.

This idea is something women in general whatever their proclivities find ugly, artificial and unnatural, which it is. And while it is only through being a woman born and raised under patriarchal regimes, it would be novel of the men claiming to be "women" to let go of their male privilege long enough to educate themselves of womens histories/pains and struggles, glean from that what they can as men and then proceed with their disorder(if they so choose) thereby allowing actual women their own privilege to love who they alone desire without judgements, hatred and sexist slurs.


Michfest and The New Radical Lesbian Feminist Front

Seems the Dirtster's New Radical Lesbian Feminist Front is causing Johnny Panic to rear his ugly head.

The above is from one round of emails sent out to one of our NRLFF founders/members. As a primary founder of the NRLFF AND as a radical Butch lesbian my first instinct was to protect our members from such threats/harm, but I also realize our group would not be getting targeted by hate mongers, anti lesbian feminist, trans apologist etc were we not perceived as a threat ourselves.

And we ARE a threat! A threat to patriarchy and misogyny in ALL is various forms and disguises! Whether that disguise is in a callous medical establishment needlessly drugging and mutilating the mentally ill or the untreated troubled straight women occupying lesbian spaces and co-opting our lesbian languages! The NRLFF has had ENOUGH!

Unlike past radical lesbian movements, the NRLFF will NOT put our hard earned coin together in a commune pot and purchase a few acres in the middle of nowhere thereby retreating/ignoring the problems plaguing our lesbian feminist communities everywhere, we will stay and FIGHT! Because radical spaces, lesbian spaces and feminist spaces are worth fighting for dammit!

Change will not be pretty nor will it be easy, but I assure you it will come! It will NOT be in the form of seperatism, nor will it be in the form of the PC inclusion which has by far lead to lesbian erasure within the lesbian community itself!!! Change will be in the radical form of lesbians in all our varyings, demanding, reclaiming and taking ourselves back!

It will be in the form of challenging and educating lesbians everywhere to take a step back, think, deconstruct and then ask themselves some of the hard questions such as "Can a bio male be a lesbian"??? "Do bio males belong in lesbian spaces"??? "Do hetero women belong in lesbian spaces"??? "Can a sexual dysfunction function as a valid identity"??? "Who owns femininity and masculinity"??? "What/who is Femme"??? "What/who is Butch"??? And these are just a few of the questions the NRLFF has been asking and even within this tiny scope of questioning, fear and hatred of the NRLFF has/is brewing.

To all NRLFF members, remember all great fronts/movements began with just a handful of members, stay strong, stay alert, stand together!

To all lesbian born women, I ask first and foremost of you NEVER NEVER NEVER stop questioning!!! I ask second, join us! The future may not be ours, but the lesbian community will be!!!!!

NRLFF founder

Dyke presence and ignorance in the Femme-Butch Community

When I run across comments or posts made by dykes such as these, the first thing that springs to mind is the myriad of dykes from 30+ years ago complaining about the "restrictive roles" of Femme and Butch.

I suppose its partly just a case of the more things change the more things stay the same. On the other hand it angers me now as it did 20+ years ago when I first began familiarizing myself with lesbian/Butch/Femme history. A case of dyke persuasions complaining about their ill fitting into a sub-lesbian community in which they do not belong in the first place!

I'll be the first to admit there are degrees of Femme and Butch, but "soft" isnt one of them! The first sign that you are not Femme or Butch should be feeling confined or restricted within the perimeters of Femme/Butch. If you must play at, act or pretend Femme/Butch then YOU are NOT Femme/Butch!

For legitimate Femmes and Butches there are no restrictions, no border patrols, no roles to be acted, there is only freedom!


From "Q" to "T" in the GLBTQ

This is a perfect example of why trannyism needs to be eradicated as a viable life choice and called into question for the serious mental disorder that it is. It is equally a perfect example of why radical feminism needs some new life breathed into its otherwise near lifeless corpse!

While it is obvious I do not remotely agree with the medical establishments current "treatment" of the minute minority of disordered who claim to be "born in the wrong body". I feel I must stand up and shout from the rooftops when todays female youths are so lacking in strong female role models because radical feminism's near lifeless body is failing them to the breaking point that trannyism has become an option in the face of a continued rigid patriarchic set of constructed female roles!

Moreover radical lesbian feminist who have had some say in the shaping of the gay and lesbian movement have idly stood around blankly as trees and allowed the multitude of additional letters to willy-nilly attached themselves to us simply because they do not "fit" into mainstream society's ideas!

The additions of bi/questioning/trans have done and do nothing for the gay and lesbian cause except demonstrate to hetero society that they have been right all along in keeping homosexuals down and away from their children, their politics, and their religions!

The time is ripe for a new day, a new radicalism, a new feminism, a new lesbianism! This new crop may not be ready for the harvest, not quite ripe for the pickins, but the sun is warming us, strengthening us, mother earth's soils growing us to a great and soon to be powerful fruition!

Dont be afraid to taste our fruit lesbians, the apple was never OUR enemy!!!!


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