Stone Butch and Hetero angst

Reading this, which was posted in a regular butch/femme community, do you even have to ask why so many Butch women have the level of sexual dysfunction that many have or why others take that dysfunction to the level of trannyism????

The OP in question is obviously nothing more than a fucked up straight woman using lesbians for her own selfish needs which likely stem from some kind of hetero disturbance. This has been and continues to be a growing trend in the lesbian community, specifically the butch/femme community.

These disturbed straight women in order not to put their own heteroness in jeopardy not only refuse to acknowledge Butch women AS women/lesbians, BUT refuse to treat them as such as well! Further facilitating the alienation many Butch women feel especially those who are more vulnerable to extreme internalised misogyny. This is straight privilege at its grimmest!

Female masculinity is just that, FEMALE! There isnt anything "manly" or "mannish" about it because Butches are not MEN! They do not look like men, they do not act like men, they do not fuck like men, they do not dress like men, they do not emote like men, BECAUSE THEY ARE WOMEN!!!!

And this whole "feminizing touch" shit is ridiculous! More nonsense created by straight women so THEY do not have to feel "sickend" because they are STRAIGHT! Heaven forbid you're in a relationship with another and OMGZ you might have to ewww "touch" her pussy!

Real Femmes know how to treat the Butch body sexually while embracing Butch masculinity at the same time. There is no either or here. We're both lesbians for a reason, so while there is a definate difference between Butch and Femme sexuality/needs, both parties discuss those needs, understand those needs, anticipate those needs and accommodate those needs with a sexual satisfaction and intimacy that involves licking, sucking, touching and exploring all areas of the body mutually. Maybe not in exactly the same way, but it is and can only be healthy and fulfilling with reciprocality.


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