misogyny at butch-femme.com

While butch-femme.com is not the sole abuser of a butch equals male/malecentric policy, it is a HUGE contributor. Todays cap perfectly illustrates the fear and angst of Butch as female and Femme as lesbian.

A Femme lesbian who naturally loves and is attracted to Butch women(cuz umm yeah Femmes like T and A too!) began a thread at butch-femme.com specifically for Butch women and the Femme lesbians who love them. Last I checked there are 3 pages of comments with nearly all those comments arguing about whether or not such a thread/space is necessary.

This is par fo the course for sites like butch-femme.com. There is so much fear and hatred of women on these sites, and so much support for that fear and hatred. That whenever a women, Femme or Butch has the ovaries or naïveté to publically embrace Butch as woman, there is an abrupt effort by the troubled hetero women and misogynistic malecentric women there to quickly put an end to such spine-chilling posts. These women will do whatever possible NOT to allow the beautiful exchange that naturally flows between true Butch/Femme lesbians in an attempt to publically pretend to themselves it doesnt exist!

These threads reinforce the reality that Butches are WOMEN which then reinforces to the confused hetero-privileged women having relations with Butch WOMEN that they are infact, even though clearly NOT lesbian, obviously participating none the less in a LESBIAN relationship! It equally reinforces to the ridiculously termed "male-ID" Butches, their profound internalized misogynistic pathology.

Sadly these days, these two very disordered groups are the dominate voices of most Butch/Femme forums/communities acrossed the net and even into real-time. I must say though, I think the tides are changing and we Butch/Femme lesbians are beginning the difficult task of reclaiming our rightful places AS Butch WOMEN and Femme LESBIANS in OUR community!!!!

Remember Femmes and Butches, If not us then who? And if not now, then when?


ps Bravo to the Femme lesbian who began the post! Stay strong sister!


  1. Hello!!! from the femme lesbian warrior herself! LOL. Seriously, I have been verbally smacked around so much in the last 24 hrs at BF, I definitely needed this kind of kudos! So thanks bunches for the love and support. Don't take any shit!!!!


  2. You are more than welcome. Femmes like you deserve all the support they can get for standing up for us REAL Butch women and remianing true to your lesbian identities!


  3. Witchy, you 'da bomb.
    Bless you for speaking up.
    Fuck those women hating cowards.
    Shame, Shame, Shame...
    and heart/apple,
    and arwen/plum, and
    and isadora/lemon,
    and all the other women-hating site monitors will fall.
    joectigger is a truly psychotic nutter... they will ban all feminist women who feel "entitled" to space on a butch-femme site. Nowhere in your thread did you "diss" any masculine or trans folks. Nowhere! Yet joecpsychotictrigger just can't STAND women having space for themselves. What a sick, twisted, woman-hating fuck.
    All the FTM and "masculine" threads in the world are just FINE by boysenberry/joectigger. But any butch women threads are terribly threatening to "hym". They are an assault, devisive, threatening, by their very nature,
    Witchy, I hope "hy" doesn't ban you as he has so very many female butches and those who love them. But if "hy" does, you are in very very good company. Rock On!

  4. witchy; that bunch - jack and joe and toughy and the bunch - they are relentless! I left the original thread in disgust after getting attacked for having my own experiences! for fuck sake. Apparently even my own life - 40 years of being out - is up for challenges from them!!

  5. The "jack" fruitcake is only saying shit because Medusa is in the background telling her to say shit. If Medusa didnt have her hand up her ass instructing her what to sat the bitch would likely never utter a fucking word!


  6. Kinda sounds like Jet and Eve -- Jet cant take a shit without Eve telling her when, where and how.

    Also -- I need to know who wuornos is .. I have a guess and think I'm right, but I. need. to. know.



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