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Saturday, October 4, 2008

the garbage passing itself off as butch femme these dayz

This is a cap of the OP and a response to the OP at a regular butch/femme website. Out of the few dozen responses not once did a moderator or maintainer of the site come in and address the insanity of the OP's question on "transitioning" due to her weight issues or on transitioning period.

This has become an all to familiar scene at butch/femme sites across the net, with nothing and no one questioning this kind of ignorance. In fact these sites do the exact opposite and "support" "transitioning" ideas. These sites also go a step further and quash any person who does question trannyism by attackings and bannings. Like the medical establishment, most of these sites are much more interested in uping membership even if that membership is disordered and harmful to said sites because more members equals more MONEY! And trannyism IS a business!

Butch women and women with butch leanings are particularly vulnerable to butch/femme sites that perpetuate the butch equals male/masculinity equals male bullshit. Due to continued public invisibility of female masculinity and patriarchal misogyny most masculine females grow up with a varying degree of uncomfortableness surrounding their bodies. Hetero-minded misogynistic butch/femme sites magnify these negative feelings rather than validate female masculinity. Further pushing masculine females against the trannyism wall with some sadly not strong enough to push back.

Butches as well as femmes who occupy these webspaces need to not only step up to defend female masculinity as normal, acceptable and beautiful but take active steps in beginning dialogues in these spaces questioning this current trend of maleness and misogyny regardless of the flack they may receive!

The Butch you save may be yourself!



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