Ftm garbage dumped in Butch/Femme Yards

Another typcial example of the psychopathy plaguing butch/femme sites/communities and forums. What on earth does this disturbed woman's penis plight have to do with butch/femme? Can someone please answer me that one????? Last I checked butches and femmes have clit/vages and are content with that superbia!

One has to wonder what is going on that lesbian community leaders are allowing such perturbed threads to be posted as healthy legitimate alternatives rather than the misogynistic, disordered realities that they are. I can only guess its monetary, because who after all in their right minds would be so callous to butch/femme women and butch/femme womens issues, not only to leave such discussions open, but give no kind of refute to the posters mental instability or the medical ignorance of the subject matter????

For the Butches and Femmes reading this, do not fear questioning your community and the current trend of trannyism that is trying to take over your community. Unless each and every one of you begin at the very least questioning, the Butch/Femme community will continue to be erased. Better to be banned from a website for having your say, than to disappear before you were even visible!



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