Femmes apparently are no longer lesbians!

Yes, believe it folks. This is yet another sample of the ignorant garbage plaguing butch/femme sites/communities.

A young femme confused butch began a thread because she was further confused by the hetero-malecentric sway of the purported butch/femme site.
In struggling to understand exactly what kinda butch woman a femme desires, she was met with responses similar to the one I capped here.

How is a young confused insecure butch suppose to traverse misogynistic heterocentric binaried terrain such as this???? Its no wonder butches are regularly losing their way. For so long we treaded without benefit of compass, having to make our own way, our own paths. These days a compass is provided with its needle preset in one direction, true hetero-north!

Long ago we butches and femmes created refuges for ourselves. Certain bars, homes, places where we could come together to meet, converse, love, and be our unique selves. A place away from the straight world that shunned us, hated us, beat, raped and abused us.

Today we willingly invite that enemy into our private spaces because we're told if we're good lesbians we are to be "inclusive" and "accepting". We ignorantly complied. And we're ignorantly paying the price. The price is our own unique butch/femme lives, loves, histories, passions and prides!!! Butch/Femme sites are spilling over with disorder, and sexually dysfunctional straight women, using their straight privilege creating a specific hetero flavour to most butch/femme websites and communities everywhere.

Real Femmes are being silenced and real Butches are being shamed into giving up and over their beautiful womanhoods. If a wrench isnt thrown into the gigantic hetero machine soon, we're all going to be nothing but a memory.


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