Fear and Hate of Butch women by the BF community at large???

Its a sad state of affairs when Butch/Femme sites are not even willing to have a discussion on the harmful misogynistic trend of "male-ID" women occupying BF sites everywhere and the Femmes who support this cataclysm!

Are Butch/Femme sites so chock full of screwed up straight women and mixed up butch women that Butch/Femme lesbian women are no longer a part of the BF online community???

Are there no out and proud Butch women anymore??? No proud Femmes who are attracted to and desire REAL Butch women???

I know I cant be the only REAL Butch on the net questioning this bullshit! This shit MUST change, and change soon, before more Butch women are damaged/mutilated beyond recognition!


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