Butch/Femme role playing???

Sixty plus years into a Butch/Femme culture/community individual and seperate from the larger Lesbian community, and we're still no further into any true, accurate discourse on Butch/Femme sexuality.

Whether its an ignorant hetero community heteroising Butch/Femme sexuality or an equally ignorant Lesbian community doing likewise, either way its ignorant and uninformed of the actual lesbianism that transpires between a butch woman and a femme woman sexually.

I dont find there to be any binaried role playing involved when a Butch uses her natural inborn inclinations along with some added helpful gear to climb aboard a Femme who is willing to give herself over to said Butch. Or a Femme using her natural inborn inclinations to pleasure her Butch sans gear.

Both parties are women, both lesbians. A Butch geared w/cock is quite different and distinct from a man w/penis. This seems to often get lost on folks gay and straight alike. A Butch is a FEMALE before she straps, while she's strapping and after she removes her cock. The sexual power dynamic between a Butch and a Femme whether said Butch is sporting a cock or not is not even in the same ball park as the male/female power dynamic. There is a mutual give and take between Butch/Femme women because ultimately their power is equal, that never happens between men and women, because there still remains no equality between the sexes.

Just as men have not cornered the market on masculinity, some also seem to forget they also have not cornered the market on how to make love to a woman.


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