Butch my ass!

This is capped from a butch/femme site regarding "trans-butches". WTF??? There isnt anything remotely "trans" about being a masculine (Butch) female. The shear internal/external misogyny screaming from this post is utterly horrific and shameful!

And to think this womans lovers answer to helping her feel better about going through menopause is "its okay cuz it has the word men in it"??? Are you fucking kidding me???? What do men know about periods or the end of periods? How is that validating a Butches masculinity while her FEMALE body naturally changes???

These heterocentric butch/femme sites are ever more proving themselves to be dangerous places, full of malecentric nonsense aimed directly at Butch women! There is no way to measure the harm these sites have rained down upon Butch women everywhere. But unless a new Butch women movement is set in motion to battle the malecentric bullshit that is currently being played out in butch/femme communities RT and online Butch will soon be replaced by strawmen.


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