butch-femme.com (they dont call 'em FRUITS for nothing)

A FAIR USE cap of a comment in a thread at wehatewomen.com aka butch-femme.com.

Now I dont know about you but what I find "problematic" is privileged straight women co-opting the term "Femme" and "lesbian" when they are in fact neither. I also find it "problematic" that not one Femme or Butch lesbian called this white privileged straight woman on her shit.

We as Femme and Butch lesbians will continue to remain invisible and eventually erased whenever we do not speak up for ourselves and reclaim what is rightfully ours. Especially in spaces that claim to be for US!

There may be a million different ways to be Femme/Butch/Lesbian but the particulars of fucking/partnering with men isnt one!!!! That is an automatic YOUAREKICKEDOUTOFTHEFUCKINGCLUB DONTLETTHEDOORHITYOUINTHEASS HEREISYOURPARTINGGIFTTHANKSFORPLAYING moment!

I realize the disturbed straight woman in question is a MOD (fruitcup) at this FB site, but remember there is strength in numbers. If enough Femme/Butch lesbians speak up, believe me you the money hungry site owner will NOT ban all of you. Money is WAY more important to her than content, as we see every day there. So why not take a stand, be proud, be Femme, be Butch, be Lesbian and be TRUE to everything those lives entail!


Is this Tranny tran obsessed with me or what??????

These caps are from a thread started at the michfest forums. Seems I have yet another CRAZED tranny stalker, big surprise I know. His sole purpose for going to michfest aside from furthering his Dirt obsession was to attack any and all women there who respect/support me AS a woman. Because he as a patriarchal conditioned hetero privileged male does not see masculine women (such as myself) AS women, which his tranny disorder further compounds.

Which is also partly why he has developed the trans disorder. He not only bought into the non-sense that masculine/feminine bodies/expressions are specific to a certain sex, he lives it to the point of pathology. This is why he hates me so, not because I question the treatment of trannyism and threaten to dismantle it, BUT because I happily live a life that he is much much much too afraid to live-hence his conformity/disorder.


Mtf and back again?????HUH????

Trannifying "back" is one of the dirty little demented secrets kept in a dark corner or completely swept under the rug by BOTH the "trans" community AND the medical establishment!

Neither wish to publically acknowledge just how many who have been trannified come to their senses and transition back, nor the permanent physical and psychological ramifications of doing so.

Like many areas of trannyism, the medical establishment chooses to keep studies few and far between least such studies reflect to the general public exactly how disturbed most "treated" for trannyism are. The general public would likely (lets hope) call into question the current practices held by the medical establishment and the pockets of various doctors/hospitals just might become a little less deep!

One really has to wonder where the line will be drawn regarding the medical establishment and the tranny-train. Next stop Hadamar???


Josephina loses her mind at butch-femme

Can we say SCARED bitch???!!!

This comment was made in the thread I posted here about yesterday. Jo is a "male-ID" woman whose pathological misogyny reaches out beyond her personally, but further out into the Butch/Femme realm at BF.com because she is a maintainer (fruit-boysenberry) there. This right alots her the (male?) privilege to somewhat dictate/maintain the current misogynistic malecentric patriarchal sanctioned ideology that reaches into ever nook, cranny and crevice at this site.

As a casual observer I must say that I find it absolutely amusing watching Jo and the likes of Jo's, squirm in their seats in extremum discomfort when threads regarding Butches as WOMEN and/or Femmes as LESBIANS are created there. In fact it gladdens my heart and makes me smile.

Feminism IS alive and slowly but surely making its tender strong hands felt in Butch/Femme communities everywhere. Not only does time not sittly idly by, but you wont find change standing 'round with her hands in her pockets. Like it or not Butch/Femme WILL be drug out of the Dark Ages it has fallen back into the modern era where the word "woman" carries the strength and power of a every generation of woman since Lilith!


misogyny at butch-femme.com

While butch-femme.com is not the sole abuser of a butch equals male/malecentric policy, it is a HUGE contributor. Todays cap perfectly illustrates the fear and angst of Butch as female and Femme as lesbian.

A Femme lesbian who naturally loves and is attracted to Butch women(cuz umm yeah Femmes like T and A too!) began a thread at butch-femme.com specifically for Butch women and the Femme lesbians who love them. Last I checked there are 3 pages of comments with nearly all those comments arguing about whether or not such a thread/space is necessary.

This is par fo the course for sites like butch-femme.com. There is so much fear and hatred of women on these sites, and so much support for that fear and hatred. That whenever a women, Femme or Butch has the ovaries or naïveté to publically embrace Butch as woman, there is an abrupt effort by the troubled hetero women and misogynistic malecentric women there to quickly put an end to such spine-chilling posts. These women will do whatever possible NOT to allow the beautiful exchange that naturally flows between true Butch/Femme lesbians in an attempt to publically pretend to themselves it doesnt exist!

These threads reinforce the reality that Butches are WOMEN which then reinforces to the confused hetero-privileged women having relations with Butch WOMEN that they are infact, even though clearly NOT lesbian, obviously participating none the less in a LESBIAN relationship! It equally reinforces to the ridiculously termed "male-ID" Butches, their profound internalized misogynistic pathology.

Sadly these days, these two very disordered groups are the dominate voices of most Butch/Femme forums/communities acrossed the net and even into real-time. I must say though, I think the tides are changing and we Butch/Femme lesbians are beginning the difficult task of reclaiming our rightful places AS Butch WOMEN and Femme LESBIANS in OUR community!!!!

Remember Femmes and Butches, If not us then who? And if not now, then when?


ps Bravo to the Femme lesbian who began the post! Stay strong sister!

Stone Butch and Hetero angst

Reading this, which was posted in a regular butch/femme community, do you even have to ask why so many Butch women have the level of sexual dysfunction that many have or why others take that dysfunction to the level of trannyism????

The OP in question is obviously nothing more than a fucked up straight woman using lesbians for her own selfish needs which likely stem from some kind of hetero disturbance. This has been and continues to be a growing trend in the lesbian community, specifically the butch/femme community.

These disturbed straight women in order not to put their own heteroness in jeopardy not only refuse to acknowledge Butch women AS women/lesbians, BUT refuse to treat them as such as well! Further facilitating the alienation many Butch women feel especially those who are more vulnerable to extreme internalised misogyny. This is straight privilege at its grimmest!

Female masculinity is just that, FEMALE! There isnt anything "manly" or "mannish" about it because Butches are not MEN! They do not look like men, they do not act like men, they do not fuck like men, they do not dress like men, they do not emote like men, BECAUSE THEY ARE WOMEN!!!!

And this whole "feminizing touch" shit is ridiculous! More nonsense created by straight women so THEY do not have to feel "sickend" because they are STRAIGHT! Heaven forbid you're in a relationship with another and OMGZ you might have to ewww "touch" her pussy!

Real Femmes know how to treat the Butch body sexually while embracing Butch masculinity at the same time. There is no either or here. We're both lesbians for a reason, so while there is a definate difference between Butch and Femme sexuality/needs, both parties discuss those needs, understand those needs, anticipate those needs and accommodate those needs with a sexual satisfaction and intimacy that involves licking, sucking, touching and exploring all areas of the body mutually. Maybe not in exactly the same way, but it is and can only be healthy and fulfilling with reciprocality.


Ftm garbage dumped in Butch/Femme Yards

Another typcial example of the psychopathy plaguing butch/femme sites/communities and forums. What on earth does this disturbed woman's penis plight have to do with butch/femme? Can someone please answer me that one????? Last I checked butches and femmes have clit/vages and are content with that superbia!

One has to wonder what is going on that lesbian community leaders are allowing such perturbed threads to be posted as healthy legitimate alternatives rather than the misogynistic, disordered realities that they are. I can only guess its monetary, because who after all in their right minds would be so callous to butch/femme women and butch/femme womens issues, not only to leave such discussions open, but give no kind of refute to the posters mental instability or the medical ignorance of the subject matter????

For the Butches and Femmes reading this, do not fear questioning your community and the current trend of trannyism that is trying to take over your community. Unless each and every one of you begin at the very least questioning, the Butch/Femme community will continue to be erased. Better to be banned from a website for having your say, than to disappear before you were even visible!



julie bindel and the Trans community

I dont know how many of you are following this, but trans communities/forums/chats far and wide are literally losing their minds (or whats left of their minds after being drugged) over Julie's nomination. This has even cropped up in multiple so-called "trans-feminism" communities, due in part because the disordered men occupying these communities obviously remain male despite the cosmetics, and in part because they remain faithful to their conditioned patriarchal male privileges that nary a one has ever given up. So much for the "feminism" part of "trans-feminism"! Misogyny party of MALEtfers!

Despite the protest by the disordered its good to see a lesbian feminist who is interested in preserving lesbianism in its original being recognized for her contributions to lesbian feminism. It is also good to see a respected intelligent lesbian woman fighting the current mutilation and drugging of the mentally ill and arguing for REAL treatment for those not capable of desiring that treatment for themselves!

Good Luck Julie Bindel!


MTF cock violence

This is from a male who ID's as a "woman". Isnt it interesting how easily these men resort to cock violence in the drop of a hat. That whole "I'm a REAL woman" thing goes right out the window!

It makes no difference whether the MALEtfer is one of the majority hetero Mtfs or the minority homosexual (as in the case above) Mtf, whether on "female" hormones for 20 years or a month, whether butchered or unbutchered, their first reaction to someone angering them is violence, and more often times than not cock violence.

Along with their (Mtf) internalized male privilege, patriarchal sanctioned male violence is yet another reason MEN can NEVER be women!


Femme and Butch

I have written about Femme and I have written about Butch, with little or nothing about the grace, beauty and uniqueness of Femme and Butch in concert. Despite languages failure to adequately capture the love, truth, honor, and mystery of this couple I will brave languages narrow passages, rugged terrains and create footpaths where there are none in effort to give voice and visibility where little exists.

We've all had our Butch/Femme crushes, flings, flirts and fucks, so I'll leave those couplings to the gossip pages where they belong. And instead concentrate on that wildly beautiful defying gravity created between a Butch/Femme pairing where life and love lasts, persists and endures because a spark was ignited and remains burning sans any known accelerant to man.

Part of the uniqueness between this pair is precisely because man does not exist here. Cannot corrupt with his fists, his privilege and his power, cannot plunder and bulldoze the ample forest of women's love for his own greedy needs. Man cannot comprehend, let alone define what goes on between the love a Butch has for her Femme, or the love a Femme holds in her heart for her Butch. This truely IS no mans land! There goes hetero mimicry right out the window, baby and bathwater both!

There is a profound depth of emotion running between this duo that at times is like quiet waters rushing through undiscovered caverns dripping themselves slowly from stalactites while at other times moving like a raging river with the sheer raw power that has for centuries eroded mountains into molehills! This unparalleled dyad's union is original love, love not found between the fabricated pages of a childs fairytale book, not found by simply hand holding in from of an oceanfront, not found with the conditioned consumerism of teddy bears, candy or of flowers, not found anywhere, but between the providential dual worlds of Femme and Butch.

And worlds they are, this Butch and this Femme. That Femme world with her mountainous, craggy feelings, oceans deep, and this Butch world with her vast fence lined "keep out" and "trespassers will be shot on site" emotional wilderness expanse. These two unique worlds with their yin/yang gravitational force circling one another as the earth forever circles the sun.

Each beauteous complete world becoming each others sun. Rising towards each other daily, their suns shining, warming and melting each other. But unlike the earth's sun, the innumerable love, power and energy eminating from both these worlds, never sets. If anything it brightens and radiates with the freshness of each new day, each breath taken and each morning gained.

The unnameable pulsating pull between Femme and Butch isnt simply romantic, so much as it is infinite. Like the starlight finding our eyes a million years after, so to has Femme and Butch found each other. This ineffable connection existing between this Butch and this Femme surely began before they were born, and just as surely with the unparalleled brilliant love created between them, will go on existing long after.


Femmes apparently are no longer lesbians!

Yes, believe it folks. This is yet another sample of the ignorant garbage plaguing butch/femme sites/communities.

A young femme confused butch began a thread because she was further confused by the hetero-malecentric sway of the purported butch/femme site.
In struggling to understand exactly what kinda butch woman a femme desires, she was met with responses similar to the one I capped here.

How is a young confused insecure butch suppose to traverse misogynistic heterocentric binaried terrain such as this???? Its no wonder butches are regularly losing their way. For so long we treaded without benefit of compass, having to make our own way, our own paths. These days a compass is provided with its needle preset in one direction, true hetero-north!

Long ago we butches and femmes created refuges for ourselves. Certain bars, homes, places where we could come together to meet, converse, love, and be our unique selves. A place away from the straight world that shunned us, hated us, beat, raped and abused us.

Today we willingly invite that enemy into our private spaces because we're told if we're good lesbians we are to be "inclusive" and "accepting". We ignorantly complied. And we're ignorantly paying the price. The price is our own unique butch/femme lives, loves, histories, passions and prides!!! Butch/Femme sites are spilling over with disorder, and sexually dysfunctional straight women, using their straight privilege creating a specific hetero flavour to most butch/femme websites and communities everywhere.

Real Femmes are being silenced and real Butches are being shamed into giving up and over their beautiful womanhoods. If a wrench isnt thrown into the gigantic hetero machine soon, we're all going to be nothing but a memory.


Fear and Hate of Butch women by the BF community at large???

Its a sad state of affairs when Butch/Femme sites are not even willing to have a discussion on the harmful misogynistic trend of "male-ID" women occupying BF sites everywhere and the Femmes who support this cataclysm!

Are Butch/Femme sites so chock full of screwed up straight women and mixed up butch women that Butch/Femme lesbian women are no longer a part of the BF online community???

Are there no out and proud Butch women anymore??? No proud Femmes who are attracted to and desire REAL Butch women???

I know I cant be the only REAL Butch on the net questioning this bullshit! This shit MUST change, and change soon, before more Butch women are damaged/mutilated beyond recognition!


Whats so Butch/Femme about getting your breast hacked off??? Colour me confused!!!!

Seriously, WTF is going on with butch/femme sites these days???? A tips thread for women having healthy body parts removed???? I swear if you can believe it, all responses were of a congratulatory nature! Not one woman asking why??? Not one woman asking what can be done to help women who hate their femaleness so much they pathologize it to this. Not one!

How is it that supposed butch/femme sites are making allowances for misogyny on this kind of level??? Whats next "How to Best Rape a Woman" or maybe "Three easy steps to Murdering your g/f"??? I dont question how such a thread could get started as there are plenty of disturbed individuals in the world, but I MUST question why are threads of this nature left up for viewing/participation by site owners/maintainers???

Is membership so low these days they'll support this kind of insanity just to make a buck??? Why are Butch women and Femme women holding their tongues??? Are we in such a desperate need of community we're allowing the destruction and butchery of women to take place before our eye without uttering a single word to stop it????

If this "trend" of Butch butchery persists, keep in mind, there will not be a Butch/Femme community to be a part of!


Butch/Femme role playing???

Sixty plus years into a Butch/Femme culture/community individual and seperate from the larger Lesbian community, and we're still no further into any true, accurate discourse on Butch/Femme sexuality.

Whether its an ignorant hetero community heteroising Butch/Femme sexuality or an equally ignorant Lesbian community doing likewise, either way its ignorant and uninformed of the actual lesbianism that transpires between a butch woman and a femme woman sexually.

I dont find there to be any binaried role playing involved when a Butch uses her natural inborn inclinations along with some added helpful gear to climb aboard a Femme who is willing to give herself over to said Butch. Or a Femme using her natural inborn inclinations to pleasure her Butch sans gear.

Both parties are women, both lesbians. A Butch geared w/cock is quite different and distinct from a man w/penis. This seems to often get lost on folks gay and straight alike. A Butch is a FEMALE before she straps, while she's strapping and after she removes her cock. The sexual power dynamic between a Butch and a Femme whether said Butch is sporting a cock or not is not even in the same ball park as the male/female power dynamic. There is a mutual give and take between Butch/Femme women because ultimately their power is equal, that never happens between men and women, because there still remains no equality between the sexes.

Just as men have not cornered the market on masculinity, some also seem to forget they also have not cornered the market on how to make love to a woman.


Butch my ass!

This is capped from a butch/femme site regarding "trans-butches". WTF??? There isnt anything remotely "trans" about being a masculine (Butch) female. The shear internal/external misogyny screaming from this post is utterly horrific and shameful!

And to think this womans lovers answer to helping her feel better about going through menopause is "its okay cuz it has the word men in it"??? Are you fucking kidding me???? What do men know about periods or the end of periods? How is that validating a Butches masculinity while her FEMALE body naturally changes???

These heterocentric butch/femme sites are ever more proving themselves to be dangerous places, full of malecentric nonsense aimed directly at Butch women! There is no way to measure the harm these sites have rained down upon Butch women everywhere. But unless a new Butch women movement is set in motion to battle the malecentric bullshit that is currently being played out in butch/femme communities RT and online Butch will soon be replaced by strawmen.


the garbage passing itself off as butch femme these dayz

This is a cap of the OP and a response to the OP at a regular butch/femme website. Out of the few dozen responses not once did a moderator or maintainer of the site come in and address the insanity of the OP's question on "transitioning" due to her weight issues or on transitioning period.

This has become an all to familiar scene at butch/femme sites across the net, with nothing and no one questioning this kind of ignorance. In fact these sites do the exact opposite and "support" "transitioning" ideas. These sites also go a step further and quash any person who does question trannyism by attackings and bannings. Like the medical establishment, most of these sites are much more interested in uping membership even if that membership is disordered and harmful to said sites because more members equals more MONEY! And trannyism IS a business!

Butch women and women with butch leanings are particularly vulnerable to butch/femme sites that perpetuate the butch equals male/masculinity equals male bullshit. Due to continued public invisibility of female masculinity and patriarchal misogyny most masculine females grow up with a varying degree of uncomfortableness surrounding their bodies. Hetero-minded misogynistic butch/femme sites magnify these negative feelings rather than validate female masculinity. Further pushing masculine females against the trannyism wall with some sadly not strong enough to push back.

Butches as well as femmes who occupy these webspaces need to not only step up to defend female masculinity as normal, acceptable and beautiful but take active steps in beginning dialogues in these spaces questioning this current trend of maleness and misogyny regardless of the flack they may receive!

The Butch you save may be yourself!


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