Seperating the MEN from the FEMALE-tMs

Since I have my fingers on the pulse all things tranny, it is not at all surprising that a GREAT deal of what I write where trannyism is concerned gets routinely linked.

An interesting factiod to this is more often than not when an MALE-tf links me its generally public, BUT when a FEMALE-tM links me its usually private, case in point see here: And as you can see you cant see!

Seems this disordered young STRAIGHT woman has linked my blog and is bitching and moaning in private because through the blur of her disorder she cannot argue with the clear facts I regularly present here coupled with her patriarchic conditioned female fears of confrontation.

I'll toss in this other pic just for fun, with her demonstrating for the camera just how "butch" she is. Apparently in her disordered mind, self crotchel grabbing in wooded areas equals "butch"! And here I thought it had something to do with simply being born that way! Go fig!



  1. Straight white chick fag-hags that ID as "queer" so that they are somehow "edgy" and/or part of something, anything. . . because they are so goddamn fucking BORING.


  2. She is just a weird young girl desperate to belong SOMEwhere and apparently, she is choosing to pretend to be a boy so she can fit in with the trans crowd and "be cool."

    Sound familiar, hairlip?

    I liken this phenomenon to white high school and college kids getting all into Gangsta Rap, Anime, Native American tribal shit, or whatever ... they have no culture of their own and have to steal from others.

    This is just a young woman who is attracted to men -- and since she is a fag hag, she finds herself attracted to gay men -- which leads her to believe, in this day and age of boy clothes = boy and girl clothes = girl, that she must, in fact, be a boy.

    When in reality, she just needs to accept herself as she is and stop hanging with the fag boys so much.

  3. You folks (meaning you, Dirt, and your commenters) are idiots. Seriously.

  4. I'm not the one wasting my time commenting on blogs I



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