MichFest Shuttle Van Tragedy

I heard about this calamity a few nights ago. I immediately lit a candle that continues to burn for the woman dead/the women involved and the spirit of the fest. As I have gone about these last few days, doing laundry, vacuuming, tidying up and feeding the cats (you know, the stuff of life) whenever the eyes of the candle's flame meet my eyes, my heart beats a prayer clean through my chest wrapping 'round the universe for all of womankind.

Patti Smith once wrote "the storm that rends harm/also makes fertile" and that prayer that has slipped through my chest is that this tragedy will do the same.

On an equally passionate though perhaps more earthly note I feel I must voice this other frightful thought that has flickered cross my mind as the candle's flame flickers.

As a butch lesbian woman who has yet to attend MichFest, I am ignorant of many things involving MichFest. I am ignorant of camping, ignorant of drum circling, ignorant of the various woman oriented workshops, ignorant of the spirit pouring off 5000 women infecting every air molecule with every breath taken in or expelled, but one thing this butch lesbian woman is NOT ignorant of is the HATE spewing from "next door" aka Camp Trans!

And it is this hate which has literally woke me up in the middle of the night, the night I first read about this "accident". Many emotions leaped forth occupying my mind when I heard the news. The survivors guilt many MichFest members may feel, the grief stricken friends and family will feel, and my own selfish feelings for a woman I did not know, and yet still feel the sting because unlike the legion of "queer" women infiltrating lesbianism and lesbian spaces everywhere, this woman was one of the few and we cannot afford this loss.

But as I closed my eyes, my minds eyes closed as well, and sometime during this pleasant void, a lightning jolt of reality jump started my heart and mind awake with several ugly questions which I leave with you:

1) In what proximity is "camp trans" from MichFest?
2) How secure are the shuttle van/s when not in use? (are they guarded?)
3) Could trans terrorist actions have lead to leaking out the air in the shuttle van/s tire in order to subvert the transportation of WBW to/fro MichFest?
4) As I have received countless death threats myself from trans females/males and I am only a single butch woman with a short history of speaking out against transition, am I being paranoid to think that "trans fundamentalist" would stoop so low to disrupt a 30+ year strong women only event?



  1. I honestly had to make myself stop thinking about this ... if they are capable of storming our spaces and sneaking into Fest and other places, they are capable of anything.

  2. 24 yrs. ago, June of 1984-- a Florida Women's Clinic was bombed and then bombed again in December.

    Over 176 Women's Clinics have been bombed over these pass 24 yrs.


    Because WBW made choices for themselves that other people disagreed with.

    DISAGREED with SO vehemently, that laws, terrorist fear tactics, violence and tragic consequences against these women, the providers and structure were expendable.

    So is it feasible that some "well intentioned" IDIOT trans supporter thought letting some air out of tire of one of the transportation vehicles to MWMF would put a "hitch" in the day?


    Yes it is. Unfortunately, it is quite sadly feasible. Herstory is never the first story... but her story is there.


  3. I know you have seen the cunt who is quoting you and linking to this post, yes?

    Well the poster who made fun of the tragic incident by saying: "That accusation is just completely ridiculous and ignorant. I think what more likely happened is there was a naked trans woman who had been hiding in the bushes, waiting for just the right moment to jump out and wave her penis at the driver of the shuttle, who of course was so terrified and repulsed that she slammed on the brakes and swerved into the ditch."

    I have two things for him -- a hearty "fuck you" and this macro -- you're welcome.

    See macro here.

  4. am I being paranoid to think that "trans fundamentalist" would stoop so low to disrupt a 30+ year strong woman only event?

    Well, it's only my opinion... but yes, I think you are.

  5. Big shocker coming from the disordered.


  6. Oh the Tranny Mess have arrived! Someone quick, where's my lipstick?

    Look Alan, seeing as how you are all Libby Lu Club in being a "female" and all, the very sad reality is that violence against women is real. It's not something that you just purchase over the counter at the mall. It happens every single day, all over the world.

    I know... I know... BUT WHAT ABOUT THE MALE TF's???!!!????

    It's very sad and tragic. It's actually horrific.

    Trans-apologist and the trans-community go on in DEPTH about these circumstances on different boards, forums and blogs. Everyone w/their different theory, questions, personnel stories and reasons on how or why these things happen.

    Guess what?

    DwB as a WOMAN, can do EXACTLY the SAME thing on HER personnel blog about the how's or why, or question this tragic incident that happened to WOMEN, going to a specifically WOMAN BORN WOMAN festivity that is HIGHLY targeted by MEN who want to CONTROL these women in subjugating to their way of thinking.

    So basically... fuck off.


  7. Leave it to a man to feel the need to come in here and force his comment down your throat.

  8. Here is the *actual* story of Camp Trans' involvement with the accident:

    "There was some bad news. A fest van crashed and, while I'm not sure about details, apparently one fest goer died. When we learned of this, as a community, we immediately decided to get flowers and bring them to the gates. So the next day folks donated money and a few campers went to town to get the flowers. According to those that brought the flowers, the gate keepers were very grateful and I guess there were tears and hugs all around."



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