Dirt haters with a side of Mich MWMF Fest Hate!

Interestingly I received a link to this fruits LJ this morning from someone on her Flist who requested to remain nameless. And being the upstanding butch that I am he/she shall remain so.

Notice how she has attributed everything I write about regarding the trannyism disorder as "hate" in order to dismiss me and my posts. Because its so much easier than actually thinking about or questioning whats REALLY going on with the ME and its "treatment" of this disorder! I didnt cap my ENTIRE post that the OP posted in her LJ as well.

Also note anytime a binary subscriber cannot fit women like me into their nice little binary box, its ALWAYS because we're "trans in denial"!!!

At any rate heres some fun FAIR USE caps from the nutters LJ:

And I thought I'd toss this one in there as a bonus. Its from the LJ of one of the dudes who commented above. Kinda makes the point of the WBW policy doesnt it!



  1. Trans apologist are like a irritating tacky bra.

    Don't really do the job they are supposedly supporting and it's really only for the male gaze approval. In my experience Trans apologist prefer PERFORMANCE... sing the song and do the dance:

    LOVE ME, LOVE ME... say that you love me, fool you fool you, pretend that I love you.

    The show is only "interesting" for so long and after a little while, it's just an old routine.

    Here is the hypocrisy of the ENTIRE routine:

    In order to "accept" that Mtf's are self pronounced "WOMEN"... they must first ACKNOWLEDGE that they are men.

    Trans apologist are subjugating to their own conditioning that MENZ KNOW ALL.

    Whether it's a Male to "female" or Female to "male" - the menz know.


  2. I find it sad that someone who is a lesbian and claims to be a feminist can (a) make such a joke out of such a tragedy and (b) be so consumed by the binary that any woman who is masculine MUST be an FtM -- or in your case, and possibly mine if she saw me, a trans in denial.

    How can she be such a traitor?

    I mean, I can understand the guy who doesnt get your point about "queer women" vs "lesbian" -- because he is a man and will never get issues pertaining to women or lesbians.

    But for this self-described lesbian to ignore decades of butch history to put you down in front of the boys so she can earn points by calling you a trans in denial is utterly ridiculous.

    Not to mention that none of the transfolk or trans apologists seem to see that they are using "FtM" as a put down -- but I guess since they still see MtFs as men and treat them accordingly, then that means they also see FtMs as women still and treat them accordingly.

    It makes me sad to see a lesbian who should be standing up for lesbian issues still subjugating herself to men in a desire to please them and leaving her sisters behind.

    Also, dont think I didnt miss how quickly the men and trans people became violent in the comments of that post.

    And they say sabotage wasnt possible.

  3. That goes to show you though, just because a woman is a lesbian doesnt mean she's above patriarchal conditioning and internalize misogyny.


  4. PS also did you notice her new post bitching about my post with more lesbian hatred?


  5. OK I have several comments.
    1. All media is good media.
    Let your detractors iterate all they want. only helps you.
    2. The comments you re-posted here are just awful. Well, they alternate between retarded and awful. Anyone who does not comprehend the way "Queer" (non-lesbian) folks have infiltrated, trod upon, and tried to destroy lesbian spaces...is a misogynist idiot.
    3. Queer Women have nothing whatsoever in common with Lesbians. They are NOT "women loving women". they are either:
    a. "New Gays". A New Gay is a "Gay" that is only gay now that it is "safe" to be gay. These are the lukewarm confused closet cases that quietly hid while hundreds of thousands of ACTUAL gays died of a plague, or were arrested, or beaten in the streets. Now that decades of ACTUAL gays have paid the price and made it safe for them to "experiment", the "New Gays" have arrived. We call these new gays "Queers".
    b. Confused, dysfunctional straight girls who hate women and despise men. We call them stone femmes. They are a subsect of "new gays". They have usurped the title "femme" from actual (women-loving-women) femmes. A stone-femme hates women's bodies. (They are really hetero.) But they hate men too, or find them too problematic. They seek out Butches that can be shamed and bullied due to their radically non-conformist non-gender-stereotypical presentation, into being faux men. That is to say their butchness should be disrespected and shunned and their Amazonian femaleness denied, and female power should and must be framed as "male". A stone femme means a woman who hates femaleness in her female partner. her job is to make a proud awesome butch woman ashamed of her femaleness. A stone butch woman never touches her lover's female parts. The female parts make her sick! A stone femme would prefer her lover's female parts to be SURGICALLY REMOVED. And a stone femme will do whatever she can to make this mutilation occur.
    c. Surgical Trendiness and Body Mod.
    a new face, a new body, a new gender. footbinding. ribcage shrinking corset-wearing. clitorectomy. All the things that feminists have railed against for hundreds of years are now in full flower. Question: Why are lesbians performing their own clitorectomies? Their own footbindings? Their own obliteration.
    Answer: because they can.
    Because they can finally live without fighting. They can "pass". Be normal. If that means the next generations of non-steriotypical women are even worse off, who cares. It's all about passing now, not making changes. It's all about Me, Me, Me. What I Deserve. Now.

    4. Lesbians have all but been erased by the new gays. the Queers.
    And that is about to change.
    yeah. brace yourselves, fake new gay queers.

  6. No, I havent been back -- as one of her dumb ass commenters put it: that's a dumb blog there.

    She is filled with hate for women and is too preoccupied with pleasing men by subjugating herself to them and standing up for their misogynistic bullshit instead of standing side-by-side with her sisters in the struggle to be free of men and their oppression.

    One of these days, when she is much older and wiser, she will look back on this time in her life with shame and wonder why she ever let her sisters down to stand up with and for men.

  7. ps --- Wuornos , I dont know who you are, but your post just rocked ass.

  8. Great comment Miss whatdoyoucallawomanwithoneleg!



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