Bearded Butches???

Just when you think you've seen it all from the hetero/male-centric butch/femme sites along come a winner like this one:

Is this some kinda swipe at the post menopausal butches there who may have grown a few chinny chin chin hairs? WTF? Have butches by the numbers all of a sudden sprouted facial hair and no one told me? And if we're going with the *cough cough* logic of this poster and facial hair is a source of masculinity, can someone please inform my best fag friend Sporto to cease and desist his queenerdom cuz he sports a stache?

And just to add to just how NON butch/femme, butch-femme is, here is a prime "femme" response to the OP:


ps Since the dirtster is seriously lacking in the facial hair dept and been stripped of my masculinity and REAL Butch status, do I get any Butch cred for sportin chest hair???


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