The transgendered LESBIAN!

I have read some pretty angry, petty and ignorant male privileged things from Mtf males regarding women and lesbians, but this by far surely has to be the MOST deranged! Talk about taking the cake!

Obviously this guy is full of shit, not only about his claims, but his typical ignorance of where lesbians stand in the world, ESPECIALLY the judicial world! The mere rumor that a female is a lesbian is still a tactic used by many fathers in order to gain custody over their children during divorce proceedings, so for this guy to assert HE has been beaten and gang raped by a group of lesbians and their male thugs would at the very least send the police 'round for an inquiry. Not to mention here as in much of the post he contradicts himself.

This reads to me like nothing more than the bitter angry ramblings of yet another male trans misogynist. Who btw happen to be worst offenders of misogyny because unlike the misogyny we're all subtly conditioned with through our lives, male trans misogyny is a pathological misogyny.

Men like this hate women, not simply because they have been conditioned to dislike/reject subtle femaleness BUT because woman is something they can never be/own regardless of their strivings. And not simply because of the biological impossibility, but also because the woman they are trying to create is "woman" and NOT the authentic woman. The trans males "woman" is nothing more than a one dimentional figure which trans males have been informed from birth about by the patriarchal male gaze. And that "woman" is as artificially a woman as are they!

Now this particular male has through the blur of his disordered haze and coupled with his ignorantly informed male gazed ideas surrounding "woman", believed he was going to cover himself in honey and throw himself to the lesbians and never look back. Only to be tossed right back to whence he came because LESBIANS DO NOT DATE/FUCK MEN, PERIOD! The male privilege that has allowed him to believe he is a woman, also allowed him into believing he is also a lesbian, simply because HE said so! And while that may work perfectly well in hetsville, a few streets over in dykesville, we dykes do not need male approval therefore we do not have to tolerate male bullshit!

Now he's mad, alone and probably made crazier because of hormones not suited for his male system. Reading slightly between the lines of this non sense one can clearly see he not only wishes to physically harm lesbians, BUT to RAPE them as well. He basically says as much then assuages his disordered conscience by claiming his feelings derive from revenge motives rather than the truth, which is he is angry because the lesbians rejected HIM! How dare women have a say about who they fuck, thats crazy shit man!



  1. x-posted from LJ:

    While I will never condone the rape of ANY human being, I do not, for one second, believe that the events transpired as this trans lesbian says they did.

    That story sounds like a bad movie of the week because it is inferred that the trans lesbian was kept hostage for a month and repeatedly beaten, raped, spit on, and made to do (what I can only call) nasty shit.

    It is also inferred that this was a very recent occurrence as the bruises are still visible -- and that the police did nothing while the jury laughed and also did nothing.

    (a) The police would have investigated the incident(s) -- they may not have tried very hard due to the victim being trans, any more than they would try very hard when the victim is a lesbo, but they would have investigated.

    (b) a trial like that would have taken MONTHS to conclude -- and not only would bruises not still be visible but if the "case" actually made it to a jury, they would not be allowed to sit there and laugh, at that point, the case would be taken very seriously.

    This sounds like bullshit to me -- not just the contradictions -- it sounds like someone's BDSM fantasy gone awry.

    The incredible misogyny was also quite obvious -- only wanting the femme lesbians, joining an all lesbian group w/o telling them about being pre-op and then having the fucking nerve to undress in a room full of lesbians -- shit, that IS sexual harassment and could have been quite triggering and traumatic for the lesbians in the room (if te story is actually true).

    The fantasies of raping lesbians isnt a new one -- I've heard this before .. it comes from male privilege; men want to control ALL women and lesbians fall out of their jurisdiction -- so in order to keep them in line and retaliate for their rejection of the male body, RAPE THEM ALL!!111!!!!

    Again, I call bullshit on the whole story -- it sounds fictional, fantasy-driven, and hate-filled.

    But then -- am I surprised?

  2. So how many times do you think this guy lifted his petticoat while he got his "novella" off?

    Hidden secrets
    Lesbians and "ORGIES" <---- ORGIES??Oh come on!!
    Chivalrous macho men

    This guy hates women. He hates women so much that even in his own imagination of being "a woman" - he sucks. He REALLY hates lesbian women. Yet....

    "I feel I am sexually-attracted to lesbians with similar physical characteristics as me [e.g. eye/hair/skin-color, hair shape, age, height, and weight]"

    Mr. TG Lesbian is starting with the "Man in the Mirror"
    He is going to ask "her" to change "her" ways
    His message couldn't be any clearer
    He wants to make the world a better place

    Then Make A Change.

    I think P.Y.T. needs to just Beat it.

  3. This person is clearly delusional. If there were ANY evidence WHATSOEVER that this had actually happened it would be ALL OVER the media.

    It sounds like a rip-off of the Story of O, frankly.


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