Non masculine(butch)female ftM's

Along with the general dysphoria that plagues the predominant "tweener" group of females who make up the majority of the ftM community, there is the false desire/belief that these non masculine women can attain the masculinity they do not naturally possess by taking drugs. And that this new found masculinity will magically make these women "one of the guys"!

The sad fact that these women do not realise until its too late is an ocean full of "T" isnt going to TRANSform their bodies/minds let alone their lives into a typcial male existence/experience, they will always be women performing "male". Which is precisely what the OP is afraid of, because one cannot be on ALL the time, every actor needs the curtain to fall and the make up to come off.

The OP has yet to even learn her lines and she's already desperately worried about forgetting them in front of a live audience, terrified she's going to be found out as an imposter, a phoney, a "trans"!!! Not only does this post scream TRANSPHOBIA, it authenticates the inauthenticity of her "male" ID.


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