Mtf's and birth control pills

This may sound completely insane to most of you reading this, but I asure you as someone who is involved in dozens of major trans forums/communities acrossed the web this is a frequently asked question, hence my reason for featuring it here today.

As we often see and as I have just as often shown, trans communities every where consist of the blind leading the blind. Sadly many suffering from the trannyism disorder reach out to those in the same leaky boat for help and guidance only to find themselves eventually at the same bottom of the sea. Sadder still is even for those who do try to momentarily use logic over their disorder and go the route of seeking some form of help from the medical establishment are equally failed, or perhaps even more so!

I myself am inclined to the ME's failure is more along the lines of being more so, MUCH MUCH MUCH more so in fact. It is understandable that trans communities arent going to offer healthy advice because the advice given is gleaned through the unhealthy/disordered haze of a community suffering from a MAJOR disorder usually coupled with various other disorders(OCD/Narcissism/BorderlinePD/EDs, etc).

BUT unhealthy minds seeking to find health/balance and happiness should absolutely be expected to count on the ME for that help and proper treatment. Instead of the current policy BY the ME of drugging and mutilating a healthy body in order to "fit" what remains an unhealthy disordered mind! The trannyism sufferer may not get the most solid of advice from trans communities, BUT at least those communities are NOT drugging and mutilating its members for profit!!!


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