Mich Fest, male privilege, lezbophobia and women hating women

Ah Mich fest, it either inspires happiness or hatred. I ran across these couple of threads this morning while seeing whats up at straightpeopleactingbutchfemme.com.

(edit to add-you will now need a login at this site to read these links because they do not want lesbians reading how lezbophobic they are-email me if you cannot get a login I still have several-I've made several FAIR USE caps to highlight both links for those not interested in getting logins)



Caps from the first link...

Afew caps from the second link...

Its fucking amazing 30+ years on Mich fest still has to defend its right to preserve a space one paltry week out of the fucking year for women/lesbians only.

I dont know what I find more nauseating, the disordered men who seem shocked there exist spaces their male privilege doesnt give them complete access and a backstage pass to, or the privileged straight women who disguise their fucking lezbophobia by claiming they wont go because the menz arent allowed in!

Equally loathsome in this case is both parties are spewing their misogynistic bile from the occupancy of LESBIAN web space, since this site misleadingly claims to being a butch/femme site as their name (butchfemmedance) implies! Yet even if we combine every comment between these two posts, last I checked out of 27 total comments only 2 of the commentors were actual lesbian women! INCREDIBLE!

THIS is why it is SO important to have lesbian spaces and to diligently fight to maintain those spaces with fierceness as well as stringency! Lesbian net spaces have already become eroded since their invasion by straight privileged women, many whom are married. Invaded by women who "love" women because they love their men and their men "love" them "loving" women, especially for their viewing/masturbatory pleasures.

Lesbian sites all over the net are brim filled with non lesbians, with lesbians fucking taking it, and fucking taking it either sitting down or ignorantly holding open fucking doors or handing out fucking keys! Have we become so conditioned by the patriarchy to play nice we're going to lay ourselves down naked, legs spread and let our spaces be raped and fucked over by any passers by who claims to be a fucking "queer"???

In the last ten years this trend has even spilled over into butch/femme areas! Which as a very small sub community of the larger lesbian community has nearly been erased due to the influx of non butch/non femme men and women squatters. Butch/femme spaces everywhere net and RT alike are now occupied predominantly by disordered males, disordered females, damaged straight women masquerading as femme, softball dykes masquerading as butches and only a slight dusting of actual butch/femme lesbians.

Mich Fest fortunately still remains a small space for lesbians and a larger space for womankind, lets keep it that way, and use it as the inspiration it is to reclaim the oceans of ground we've let slip from our capable fingers.


ps mouse over blue highlights for dirt comments.

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  1. From LJ:

    (a) I just need to toss out here how I dont understand why an FtM would WANT to go to such a function -- if you believe yourself to have been born a man in a female's body and are transition to correct that, then why the FUCK would you want to go to a woman-centered event and then be pissed if you couldnt go ... or would be recognized as a man there???

    That and wanting to remain in lesbian/queer spaces even if they live (or want to live) as straight men ... this sounds a LOT like eating your cake and having it too.

    (b) I also need to say that I honestly do not understand how the concept of people who were born female in this patriarchal, misogynistic society share a commonality that people who were born male and then transition into women will never share.

    There are experiences that young girls and women share, being born female in this society, that male-born persons will never understand -- no matter how far into their transition they are or how long they have lived as women.

    How is this concept so damn hard? It doesnt, imo, negate the existence of trans women; it doesnt discount trans women's experiences living as women in this society -- it just points out the obvious ... that people born female in this society were born w/o male privilege and considered 2nd class citizens from birth -- growing up that way in this society is something a trans woman will never be able to share bc they were born male and with male privilege.

    It is precisely, imo, this male privilege that makes certain trans women think that by living/passing as a woman, they suddenly know what it is like to grow up female in this patriarchal society -- and it is that male privilege that also makes some trans women (and their "supporters") believe that they have a right to every single women's space out there -- no matter how far along in their transition that they are.

    This reminded me of the pre-op trans women who got into MWMF one year and decided it was ok to get into the communal shower, naked; and then were surprised at the reaction of the women in the showers with them.

    That is tantamount to sexual harassment and borders on sexual assault.

    It comes down to this: you dont see me or any other women picketing the male-only clubs and spaces around the world .. we make our own spaces instead.

    So, to the trans women (and their "supporters") who want to be in on an event like this: instead of trying to use your male privilege to force these women into letting you belong, why not create your own space, where ever you want, letting in whomever you want?

    Also -- lol @ dress doing her usual sarcastic, passive aggressive comments without ever really taking a stance ... typical.


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