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Thursday, July 31, 2008


Since I'm not sure when those fucklicks at livejournal are going to unsuspend my dirtywhiteboi account, I'll be using this one largely as my primary blogger, so that means I'll be posting regular shit here as well, deal with it!

Case in point, Rachel (whose 6 y/o) calls me the other day and wanted to know if she could come down and spend the day yesterday. For the non LJ readers, Rachel is my niece's, daughter's youngest kid. My other neice Denise, will have various kids who like to visit with their "aunt lynn", they spend the night with her and she brings them to her work where I pick them up, since her work is only about 20 minutes from me.

So I pick Rachel up yesterday morning and we go back to my house to hang for a while before we started our agenda which would consist of Leo's Dinner for lunch, the park, where half a dozen straight white bitches with kids gave me copious dirty looks then all left after 10 minutes of us being there cuz you KNOW there are just far too many butch lesbian pedophiles in the world and a mom just cant take that chance, then to Cold Stone for her an ice cream, then from there we walked back across the street to the coffee house so I could get a coffee cooler and we could both sit outside cuz she thinks its hot shit to sit outside, where we hung till I had to take her back to Denise.

At any rate before all that, some how we ended up talking about jail and prison, I tell her if she ever did something wrong like steal she'd end up in jail...and this is largely how the convo went from there:

Rachel: they cant put little kids in jail!
me: they have a jail for kids, its called JUVEY!
Rachel: for real?
me: seriously, I'm not kidding.
Rachel: you're lying!
me: I'm totally NOT lying! Ask your me-maw, she was in there once for two days!
Rachel: what'd she do?
me: stayed out too late.
me: the rooms there are really small too. All you get is a cot, 1 blanket and they only feed you 3 times a day and you only get water to drink and you cant have any snacks.
Rachel: whats a cot?
me: a really tiny bed thats sooo small your legs hang off.
Rachel: no gummy bears?
me: no a one!
me: and they only let you eat with a spoon. No knifes or forks.
Rachel: Why?
me: cuz the really bad kids might stab one of the other kids with a fork or knife.
Rachel: well how do they eat macaroni and cheese?????
me: you gotta spoon that shit!
Rachel: I wouldnt stab anyone with a fork.
me: it doesnt matter, you can still can only have a spoon.
Rachel: thats stupid! Thats not even fair! I hate Juvey!

Seriously, is the dirtster a fucking kick ass adult influence or what!


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