dissociative disorder, BDD and a fucked up ME who doesnt give a fuck!

There exists dozens of "trans-multiple" communities all over the net with literally thousands of members. I say this to specify this woman's experience and "treatment" by the ME isnt some strange happenstance, it is if anything chillingly routine!

Men and women suffering from the dissociative disorder who reveal an "opposite" sexed personality are often then being labeled with the added diagnoses of (BDD/GID)trannyism and "treated" accordingly with drugs and mutilation.

The mentally ill (especially women) have ALWAYS been the largest group most exploited by the ME. As far as we've come in the last century and a half, this is an area that little has changed in the ME. If anything its carelessness and exploitation of the mentally ill have increased with the ME's consumeristic advances, more crazies equals more money, better vacations, larger houses.

The fact that some sufferers of the DD are being "treated" for the trannyism disorder (TD) as well clearly indicates the ME doesnt even take trannyism seriously. One merely has to claim to being "born in the wrong body" or having one of one's personalities being opposite sexed and bing, bang, boom, you're a tranny now make me rich with this lifetime script and make sure to have some MAJOR surgeries cuz they pay better!

Whether we like it or not, the ME has become a billion dollar corporate business and the big wigs running that business arent going to change their treatment of a small portion of mentally ill folks who are helping them to make their numbers and keep stock holders rich and happy. And the mentally disordered trannys who are suffering from a major mental disorder do not have the presence of mind to change the course which in their mind they believe they were "born" to be on.

That leaves us, the people, the general public; to think, question and demand fair and proper treatment of those not in a place to demand that proper treatment themselves! For people are not born in the wrong body, people are born in the wrong society!


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