Since I'm not sure when those fucklicks at livejournal are going to unsuspend my dirtywhiteboi account, I'll be using this one largely as my primary blogger, so that means I'll be posting regular shit here as well, deal with it!

Case in point, Rachel (whose 6 y/o) calls me the other day and wanted to know if she could come down and spend the day yesterday. For the non LJ readers, Rachel is my niece's, daughter's youngest kid. My other neice Denise, will have various kids who like to visit with their "aunt lynn", they spend the night with her and she brings them to her work where I pick them up, since her work is only about 20 minutes from me.

So I pick Rachel up yesterday morning and we go back to my house to hang for a while before we started our agenda which would consist of Leo's Dinner for lunch, the park, where half a dozen straight white bitches with kids gave me copious dirty looks then all left after 10 minutes of us being there cuz you KNOW there are just far too many butch lesbian pedophiles in the world and a mom just cant take that chance, then to Cold Stone for her an ice cream, then from there we walked back across the street to the coffee house so I could get a coffee cooler and we could both sit outside cuz she thinks its hot shit to sit outside, where we hung till I had to take her back to Denise.

At any rate before all that, some how we ended up talking about jail and prison, I tell her if she ever did something wrong like steal she'd end up in jail...and this is largely how the convo went from there:

Rachel: they cant put little kids in jail!
me: they have a jail for kids, its called JUVEY!
Rachel: for real?
me: seriously, I'm not kidding.
Rachel: you're lying!
me: I'm totally NOT lying! Ask your me-maw, she was in there once for two days!
Rachel: what'd she do?
me: stayed out too late.
me: the rooms there are really small too. All you get is a cot, 1 blanket and they only feed you 3 times a day and you only get water to drink and you cant have any snacks.
Rachel: whats a cot?
me: a really tiny bed thats sooo small your legs hang off.
Rachel: no gummy bears?
me: no a one!
me: and they only let you eat with a spoon. No knifes or forks.
Rachel: Why?
me: cuz the really bad kids might stab one of the other kids with a fork or knife.
Rachel: well how do they eat macaroni and cheese?????
me: you gotta spoon that shit!
Rachel: I wouldnt stab anyone with a fork.
me: it doesnt matter, you can still can only have a spoon.
Rachel: thats stupid! Thats not even fair! I hate Juvey!

Seriously, is the dirtster a fucking kick ass adult influence or what!


Femme, from where this Butch stands

Femme, many claim it, few occupy it.

The many claiming this unique nature, are not unique themselves. But Femme IS unique, is unparalleled among women. Perhaps this is why so many privileged women AND men would like to claim this remarkable jesus star as their own identity. AND thats where the waters get murky.

Femme isn't an identity, Femme isn't some haphazard descriptor for woman or for feminine to be used willy-nilly by the ignorant or the privileged when the mood strikes their fancy! Femme isn't femme, they both may resemble each other to the mirror, but as humans our eyes see all the mirror hides in its bare reflections. I could write a small book on what Femme isn't, I choose instead to write about the beautiful finite that Femme is.

Femme in her simplest flat paper form is a lesbian who carries her brand of female outward convention and whose primary attractions are to lesbians who carry their brand of female unconventionally. But flat one dimensional paper definitions lack in depth and volume and certainly we cannot say that of Femme! Femme is anything but flat or one dimensional, she is nature in all its forms. She didnt choose this life, she became it, naturally, cell by cell, finger by finger, before her lungs ever took their first breath.

She is nature pure in its totality; Femme is a single blade of grass, Femme is every grass blade filling a wild field, Femme is a ripe fruit ready to be tasted, Femme is a fallen leaf lending herself to enrich the fertile soil. Femme is also the angry tornado destroying, rearranging and obliterating everything in her path; Femme is the hurricane threat we all board up our windows and worry in fear from, Femme is the earths plates shifting in their stance, propelling a mass of energy ripping through the earths crust shaking us to our very core, Femme is the raging, blazing forest fire incandescing us with her red hot licks.

And Femme nature coupled with with Butch nature, isn't some awkward teenage "dance" in a smelly gymnasium, but a collision of atoms creating the Big Bang each time our bodies meet. And while her primary romantic attraction is often Butch, she is Femme with or without us.

Femme is Femme alone!

She is the feminine outcast of all women. Her existence is a big FUCK YOU in face of patriarchy. Her femininity isn't a whoring performance for the male gaze, her femininity has a natural legitimacy, with lipstick or without! She has broken every chain men have tried to shackle her with. And each time she has broken free, she ran as fast as her legs could carry her, back to woman, be that woman herself or the arms of her Butch woman! For this she remains an enigma to patriarchy, for this, she is loved by Femme and Butch alike!

The dollar sign on the forehead of femininity once caused her to loathe her own femininity, she has spent years trying to play it down, cover it up, donning baseball caps, flannel shirts and baggy jeans. In time she grew, matured and emerged from the costume she momentarily imprisoned herself in. She learned whether visibly invisible or invisibly invisible she not only OWNS her femininity, she IS her femininity and that's something a price-tag cannot be attached to.

Femme is proudly feminine, despite her invisibility, despite having to out herself with frequent regularity, she occasionally catches the approving nod of another Femme or the bashful eye of lonely Butch and that makes her smile.

Femme, many claim it, few occupy it. I for one am grateful for those that do.


dissociative disorder, BDD and a fucked up ME who doesnt give a fuck!

There exists dozens of "trans-multiple" communities all over the net with literally thousands of members. I say this to specify this woman's experience and "treatment" by the ME isnt some strange happenstance, it is if anything chillingly routine!

Men and women suffering from the dissociative disorder who reveal an "opposite" sexed personality are often then being labeled with the added diagnoses of (BDD/GID)trannyism and "treated" accordingly with drugs and mutilation.

The mentally ill (especially women) have ALWAYS been the largest group most exploited by the ME. As far as we've come in the last century and a half, this is an area that little has changed in the ME. If anything its carelessness and exploitation of the mentally ill have increased with the ME's consumeristic advances, more crazies equals more money, better vacations, larger houses.

The fact that some sufferers of the DD are being "treated" for the trannyism disorder (TD) as well clearly indicates the ME doesnt even take trannyism seriously. One merely has to claim to being "born in the wrong body" or having one of one's personalities being opposite sexed and bing, bang, boom, you're a tranny now make me rich with this lifetime script and make sure to have some MAJOR surgeries cuz they pay better!

Whether we like it or not, the ME has become a billion dollar corporate business and the big wigs running that business arent going to change their treatment of a small portion of mentally ill folks who are helping them to make their numbers and keep stock holders rich and happy. And the mentally disordered trannys who are suffering from a major mental disorder do not have the presence of mind to change the course which in their mind they believe they were "born" to be on.

That leaves us, the people, the general public; to think, question and demand fair and proper treatment of those not in a place to demand that proper treatment themselves! For people are not born in the wrong body, people are born in the wrong society!


Mich Fest, male privilege, lezbophobia and women hating women

Ah Mich fest, it either inspires happiness or hatred. I ran across these couple of threads this morning while seeing whats up at straightpeopleactingbutchfemme.com.

(edit to add-you will now need a login at this site to read these links because they do not want lesbians reading how lezbophobic they are-email me if you cannot get a login I still have several-I've made several FAIR USE caps to highlight both links for those not interested in getting logins)



Caps from the first link...

Afew caps from the second link...

Its fucking amazing 30+ years on Mich fest still has to defend its right to preserve a space one paltry week out of the fucking year for women/lesbians only.

I dont know what I find more nauseating, the disordered men who seem shocked there exist spaces their male privilege doesnt give them complete access and a backstage pass to, or the privileged straight women who disguise their fucking lezbophobia by claiming they wont go because the menz arent allowed in!

Equally loathsome in this case is both parties are spewing their misogynistic bile from the occupancy of LESBIAN web space, since this site misleadingly claims to being a butch/femme site as their name (butchfemmedance) implies! Yet even if we combine every comment between these two posts, last I checked out of 27 total comments only 2 of the commentors were actual lesbian women! INCREDIBLE!

THIS is why it is SO important to have lesbian spaces and to diligently fight to maintain those spaces with fierceness as well as stringency! Lesbian net spaces have already become eroded since their invasion by straight privileged women, many whom are married. Invaded by women who "love" women because they love their men and their men "love" them "loving" women, especially for their viewing/masturbatory pleasures.

Lesbian sites all over the net are brim filled with non lesbians, with lesbians fucking taking it, and fucking taking it either sitting down or ignorantly holding open fucking doors or handing out fucking keys! Have we become so conditioned by the patriarchy to play nice we're going to lay ourselves down naked, legs spread and let our spaces be raped and fucked over by any passers by who claims to be a fucking "queer"???

In the last ten years this trend has even spilled over into butch/femme areas! Which as a very small sub community of the larger lesbian community has nearly been erased due to the influx of non butch/non femme men and women squatters. Butch/femme spaces everywhere net and RT alike are now occupied predominantly by disordered males, disordered females, damaged straight women masquerading as femme, softball dykes masquerading as butches and only a slight dusting of actual butch/femme lesbians.

Mich Fest fortunately still remains a small space for lesbians and a larger space for womankind, lets keep it that way, and use it as the inspiration it is to reclaim the oceans of ground we've let slip from our capable fingers.


ps mouse over blue highlights for dirt comments.

Non masculine(butch)female ftM's

Along with the general dysphoria that plagues the predominant "tweener" group of females who make up the majority of the ftM community, there is the false desire/belief that these non masculine women can attain the masculinity they do not naturally possess by taking drugs. And that this new found masculinity will magically make these women "one of the guys"!

The sad fact that these women do not realise until its too late is an ocean full of "T" isnt going to TRANSform their bodies/minds let alone their lives into a typcial male existence/experience, they will always be women performing "male". Which is precisely what the OP is afraid of, because one cannot be on ALL the time, every actor needs the curtain to fall and the make up to come off.

The OP has yet to even learn her lines and she's already desperately worried about forgetting them in front of a live audience, terrified she's going to be found out as an imposter, a phoney, a "trans"!!! Not only does this post scream TRANSPHOBIA, it authenticates the inauthenticity of her "male" ID.


The transgendered LESBIAN!

I have read some pretty angry, petty and ignorant male privileged things from Mtf males regarding women and lesbians, but this by far surely has to be the MOST deranged! Talk about taking the cake!

Obviously this guy is full of shit, not only about his claims, but his typical ignorance of where lesbians stand in the world, ESPECIALLY the judicial world! The mere rumor that a female is a lesbian is still a tactic used by many fathers in order to gain custody over their children during divorce proceedings, so for this guy to assert HE has been beaten and gang raped by a group of lesbians and their male thugs would at the very least send the police 'round for an inquiry. Not to mention here as in much of the post he contradicts himself.

This reads to me like nothing more than the bitter angry ramblings of yet another male trans misogynist. Who btw happen to be worst offenders of misogyny because unlike the misogyny we're all subtly conditioned with through our lives, male trans misogyny is a pathological misogyny.

Men like this hate women, not simply because they have been conditioned to dislike/reject subtle femaleness BUT because woman is something they can never be/own regardless of their strivings. And not simply because of the biological impossibility, but also because the woman they are trying to create is "woman" and NOT the authentic woman. The trans males "woman" is nothing more than a one dimentional figure which trans males have been informed from birth about by the patriarchal male gaze. And that "woman" is as artificially a woman as are they!

Now this particular male has through the blur of his disordered haze and coupled with his ignorantly informed male gazed ideas surrounding "woman", believed he was going to cover himself in honey and throw himself to the lesbians and never look back. Only to be tossed right back to whence he came because LESBIANS DO NOT DATE/FUCK MEN, PERIOD! The male privilege that has allowed him to believe he is a woman, also allowed him into believing he is also a lesbian, simply because HE said so! And while that may work perfectly well in hetsville, a few streets over in dykesville, we dykes do not need male approval therefore we do not have to tolerate male bullshit!

Now he's mad, alone and probably made crazier because of hormones not suited for his male system. Reading slightly between the lines of this non sense one can clearly see he not only wishes to physically harm lesbians, BUT to RAPE them as well. He basically says as much then assuages his disordered conscience by claiming his feelings derive from revenge motives rather than the truth, which is he is angry because the lesbians rejected HIM! How dare women have a say about who they fuck, thats crazy shit man!


a tranny's 2 cents...lol

This is a comment left on my Wordpress blog by an anonymous obviously deranged tranny. The thing that splits my side everytime about these sort of comments is they're all of the nature of either what little impact I have or will have or how little I know regarding trannyism.

Meanwhile they (the tranny disordered) burn themselves every fucking time by not being able to control themselves from saying something(many a trannyism sufferer also has OCD)...lol Cuz if I didnt matter, they wouldnt go out of their krazy way googling, talking, linking, threatening, or obsessing over literally EVERY fucking thing I write regardless of content!

So it looks like the dirtster does count after all folks and fans...lol


Butch invisibility and butch ignorance

Skimming no less than FOUR, count 'em FOUR fucking different "butch/femme" sites this morning I come acrossed a post regarding lindsay lohan and her new "butch" gal pal! WHA???? Are you fucking kidding me? I click a few linkies knowing even before I look there is NO WAY some butch is going to get some visibility, and what do ya know? Of course I was right. (is the dirtster even wrong? Dont answer that!) Here's a pic of the "butch" in question...
Butch NO, non masculine andro dyke YES!

This is the shit that seriously pisses me off, okay fine mainstream America is clueless about what the fuck butches look like/are, BUT butch/femme sites/communities????

Thats where we are folks! Because of the bullshit PC inclusional tactics prescribed and forcd down our collective throats by academia in the last 20+ years even sub lesbian communities like butch/femme are so blurred by the inclusion of every dyke under the sun who wronly CHOOSES to ID as butch or femme, butch/femme not only doesnt exist, BUT it also cannot be identified by the so called butches and femmes occupying BFland!!!! Hmmm...

I also blame this butch blurring on the misconception of all butches being lost to trannification. How can butches be lost to trannyland when butches are not even being accurately identified??? If Lohan's gal pal was to transition tomorrow the following days headline would read something like "LL's butch gal pal, now a HE pal"!!! And every BF site would devote a post or two about either the loss of another "butch" to trannyland or a high five to the gal in question for "his" transition! Go MEN!

All the while the REAL BF community wouldnt have lost anything because again the gal in question wasnt butch, but andro dyke! Visibility has ALWAYS been a prime issue for butch women, or rather the lack thereof. In the past this butch invisibility hurt us because it reinforced our already internalized misogyny. Our female masculinity was read as male by a patriarchal society that puts male first and best, and if male equaled everything good and grand, unspokenly we butches were being told everything else about us that wasnt masculine was bad and evil and we should be ashamed.

And most of us were/are. We were ignorantly taught embracing anything female erased or minimized our masculinity. The one thing our "passing" in patriarchal society patted us on the back for, approved of even! But those pats and approvals are things most butches later feel a different kind of shame over and with age and maturity reject. Understandly we as butch women werent being approved of, patriarchal society's blind recognition of masculinity as equaling ONLY male, thereby reading our female masculinity as male, was what was given the thumbs up. Not us as masculine women.

Today nothing has changed regarding that issue of butch invisibility, but what has changed about butch invisibility is the added component of that invisibility further erasing us within our own or former BF sub communities due to that specific invisibility in the first place!

Meaning our born mascunility that has always been read by patriarchal society as MALE, partly creating our invisibility as masculine FEMALES is now being further misread by historically ignorant gays, lesbians and "queers" who are informed by the same patriarchal conditionings as the rest of the world!

Therefore any female, specifically lesbian/"queer" females who do not "fit" into a typical feminine idea are labeling themselves BUTCH! Whether that be a confused young straight girl who hates dresses, andro dykes, or the myriad of tweener dykes ranging from softball to golf dykes! Also make note, nine times out of ten, the transitional "butch" is a woman who generally finds herself somewhere in one these categories. Women who transition are most often women reaching for masculinity, not women born with it.

Take a minute to go to any BF site/forum/community on the net and have a quick flick through their galleries. I am not exagerating when I say 90+% of the self ID'd butches there fall squarely into one of the catagories I've listed above, with another percent IDing as "ftM"/"trans".

If butches dont soon begin representing themselves in BF spaces there isnt any chance of us gaining any future hopes for visibility among mainstream presses/peoples which is highly important if masculine women ever wish to TRUELY exist!


Mtf's, suicide and drug/alcohol abuses

It is not surprising BDDed men and women initially turn to drugs and/or drink in order to ease their troubles coupled with their growing dysphoria. It is also no surprise after being drugged further by the ME, and many mutilated as well, they either continue or return to drugs and alcohol abuses during/after "treatment".

One thing these guys are all right about is the 23% number regarding "suicidal tendencies" among trannyism sufferers is unquestioningly much MUCH higher!

These other self abuses are equally NOT being addressed by the ME when "treating" the tranny sufferer. Its wrongly assumed by an ignorant ME that these other abuses are directly a result of trannyism and will cease and desist once the ME initiates its only drug and mutilation "treatments".

Which would be fine and dandy if that were the case but it isnt, not by a long shot! While there are three prime aspects all tranny sufferers share (misogyny/visibility/narcissism) there are very personal paths each tranny travels to get from point A to point B. Not only are the prime aspects of trannyism NEVER addressed by the ME, the personal issues of each individual tranny are completely ignored!

So is it all that surprising to us after one would expect all to be said and done once "treated", there still remains ALL the troubles that led each tranny to trannyism?

Sadly there still remains 60+ years after drugging and mutilating thousands of healthy bodied men and women no major study of suicidal feelings/depression/drugs and alcohol abuses AFTER being "treated" by the ME. But if the myriad of trans communities and forums that have flourished across the net are any indication of the success of the ME's drug/mutilation therapy then we have yet to see an actual trans success story.

Mtf (Mt"w"s) and their perpetual male privilege

Something that needs far more serious attention is the Mt"w"'s perpetual need to shove their "cocks" in womens spaces. And it makes absolutely no difference to them (Mt"w"s) whether that cock is a healthy functioning cock or a largely, or should I say tiny non functioning cock mutilated by the ME.

This is an issue that regardless of when the ME realizes its harmful "treatment" of trannyism, will not go away. This is an issue of male privilege plain and simple. Whether men suffering from a major mental disorder or the average Joe in the street, 30+ years after feminism and men STILL rightfully believe they should have access to every space on the planet, and under current patriarchal regimes they do!

But strictly speaking of the trannyism male privileged realm, these men disordered though they may be do not, will not and cannot relinquish the male privilege with which they were ALL born and raised! And really who can blame them even if this was something (which it is not btw) they could logically choose to disown?

There are two issues that go hand in glove here; one being disorder males using their male privielge to insert themselves into women only spaces, they other more important issue being the women conditioned to allow it! It is the glove here that will remain the problem long after trannyism has been dismantled and no longer exists!

Which is why women today need to wake up, assert their unique female strengths and womanhood and protect what is inherently theirs while there is still time and woman spaces left to protect!


Mtf's and birth control pills

This may sound completely insane to most of you reading this, but I asure you as someone who is involved in dozens of major trans forums/communities acrossed the web this is a frequently asked question, hence my reason for featuring it here today.

As we often see and as I have just as often shown, trans communities every where consist of the blind leading the blind. Sadly many suffering from the trannyism disorder reach out to those in the same leaky boat for help and guidance only to find themselves eventually at the same bottom of the sea. Sadder still is even for those who do try to momentarily use logic over their disorder and go the route of seeking some form of help from the medical establishment are equally failed, or perhaps even more so!

I myself am inclined to the ME's failure is more along the lines of being more so, MUCH MUCH MUCH more so in fact. It is understandable that trans communities arent going to offer healthy advice because the advice given is gleaned through the unhealthy/disordered haze of a community suffering from a MAJOR disorder usually coupled with various other disorders(OCD/Narcissism/BorderlinePD/EDs, etc).

BUT unhealthy minds seeking to find health/balance and happiness should absolutely be expected to count on the ME for that help and proper treatment. Instead of the current policy BY the ME of drugging and mutilating a healthy body in order to "fit" what remains an unhealthy disordered mind! The trannyism sufferer may not get the most solid of advice from trans communities, BUT at least those communities are NOT drugging and mutilating its members for profit!!!


When pathology exceeds life or death

One thing I try to emphasize in this community is the extent to which the trans disorder's pathological narcissism exceeds even life or death issues as is the case below.

Here we have a woman whom has trannyfied herself with butchery and drugs(and the ignorant help from the ME), and despite her previous breast problems seems shocked and genuinely surprised she still has breast tissue after hers were butchered off.

This is yet another area the ME presumes the men and women who trannify have done their homework. Most trannification homework consists of basic google searches and asking a few questions on forums or websites! This disorder has one preoccupation and drive and thats trannifying, NOTHING else! Nothing else matters, nothing else exists, THATS a huge part of this disorder!

By post such as this one, and the thousands of similar posts across the web, its clear the ME does NOT inform women who get themselves butchered that, YES they still have breast tissue, and YES they still can get breast cancer, and YES they still need to do home breast exams and YES at age 35 they will need a first mamm. and a yearly one after age 40! But this info is rarely conveyed by the ME and even more rarely provided on ftM websites due in fact to disorder itself!(the dysphoria/misogyny of needing treatment for female issues)

We also have to wonder in this case are these addition "cysts" the OP speaks of a result of her drugging? As there still remains no long term studies of the effects of T on women, who can say. But the OP seems MUCH more concerned about having a good doctor who will further her scripts. Good/nice being equated with giving the OP what she wants rather than actually helping her with what she needs (treatment for her disorder).

It is more important to the trannyism sufferer to further their illness, than seek treatment for REAL physical illnesses that can kill them. So tell my again why this illness is not being treated where it lies????


femme lookin for butches at butch-femme?...lol

Fortunately I saw this and promptly PMed this poor femme to school her on the ZERO tolorance policy of butch lesbians and the femmes who love them at BF.com! Kindly exaplained to her BF.com largely consists of damaged denialed straight women claining the femme ID, dykes, sexually dysfunctional butches and trannys. Needless to say she was "shocked" to say the least! The poor thing! Good thing she had the dirtster looking out for her!


More Beatie gives birth convos turning ugly in ftM communities

A random sampling of the Beatie gives birth "discussions" floating around many of the ftM communities across the net. The anger and hatred of Beatie and the anger this topic brings up in ftM communities is staggering!

But it a ripe example of the myriad of disagreements that plague all trans communities and exemplifies why the trans community in general continues to remain attached to the gay and lesbian community. There is just no sense of order in these communities, the pathological aspects of this disorder continues to plague the ability of trans people everywhere from coordinating, cooperating and organizing large scale unions, protests etc. Not surprising when the only "treatment" trans folk receive only goes to further aid in their illness.

Regarding the Beatie thing? I stand by my original opinion:



ftM "Binding", misogyny and its damage

I believe I have yet to write about binding and its mental(female self hate) and moreover physical damages to women. Binding if you are not familiar is the practice of using various methods (ace bandages, panty hose, tape, compression vests, extra small bras etc) of smashing the breast as flat as possible in order to attain a flat/small chested appearance in the hopes of "passing" (as male). Let me also add that any masculine female (butch) can tell you, you can have dolly parton tits and if you are actually butch one still easily "passes". Sadly passing has much more to do with masculinity, than actual femaleness.

Binding is a HUGE topic of convo and concern in ftM communities across the net, precisely because in the ftM's disordered mind it is the start of creating the lie/illusion that they mistakenly BELIEVE to be a path to their "true" selves, but we all know good and well truth cannot be given birth to from lies and deceptions.

Binding is also simply and plainly a very dangerous routine which can and has resulted in some deaths. By having something tightly wrapped round and round your chest, this female self hating practice not only damages various nerves and ribs over time(as can be seen with examples below) but cuts off/slows blood flow keeping blood close to the heart, and result in heart attacks.

Any sort of bending over, if the woman in question has any heart issues (which most wouldnt even know because binding isnt something like drugs (T) one needs to see a dr. for) squeezes the binding tighter and pushes the blood towards the heart giving the heart little to no room to pump/contract normally causing a heart attack in some cases.

This is an issue never addressed by the ME, and in fact indirectly the ME may contribute to it when some ME "professionals" ignorantly mention to these female patients they do not "look male" to begin with, which threatens the fragile grip they already have on their identities. But this is obviously an area that needs serious ME attention as women are physically being permanently harmed/injured by these misogynistic practices.


"Naked Spots"!

Dirt KNOWS dresses dammit! If I havent mentioned it and I dont think I have Denise (after 12 fucking years) is FINALLY marrying her long term b/f Damon. They arent doing anything fancy, just one of those Vegas trip deals. So Denise is looking for a dress, again nothing fancy, just kinda simple and classic. She sends me these pics of a dress she likes this morning...

So she's telling me she really likes this dress but she doesnt like that its strapless. You know me and my good heart as well as always thinking on my feet, I tell her to go ahead and get it cuz I have a pair of black shoelaces still in the wrapper and I'll gladly stich them on the dress as straps, by HAND mind you! You think the cunt would be fucking thankful, but NOOOOOOOOOO! Ungrateful bitch!

Then dieks calls me and I told her Denise wants her to look at this dress and tell her what she thinks.(cuz apparently I wasnt good enough) Dieks is working at the new house trying to get their shit unloaded so until she gets back to the hotel tonight she doesnt have internet access. She asks me "well whats the dress look like"??

me: its black
dieks: and?
me: umm long
dieks: thats it?
me: its strapless too, which she doesnt like
dieks: thats it? whats the material look like?
me: uh, ummm it has naked spots
dieks: WHAT?
me: naked spots, where you can see through it.
dieks: like sheer?
me: I dont fucking know, NAKED SPOTS!
dieks: fucking call denise 3-way!

Now tell me I didnt give a pretty good description based on those pics!


How far will the ME go to brutalize the disordered ftM's?

A handful of some random samplings of just how far the medical establishment will go to butcher disordered individuals for profit!

These photos are of disordered women who have paid good money to have themselves butchered by a willing ME. Does any of this butchery actually treat the MENTAL issues relating to this butchery? NO! Yet the ME continues performing these horrors on men and women who arent of a healthy mind to even make a reasoned decision concerning their illness.

This mutilation needs to be STOPPED!


Missing Person Kristin Snyder: Lost in a Sea of Myths Pt 2

The next part in our forensic postmortem of the mockumentary The Lost Women of NXIVM will consist of dissecting the major proponents surrou...