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Saturday, June 28, 2008

WOW! Me, Lucy Ball and Joan of arc are TRANS!

This info is from a recent hand out and a tranny "pride" event. According to this info my granny herself was a tranny, and pretty much every women in family, past, present and future.

I believe this is a combo of a legitimacy tactic and a product of the trannyism disorder. So one the one hand if you can expand a tranny definition to include just about everyone under the sun, trannys then are just like everyone else, sans their disorder and their drugged/mutilated bodies. And on the other hand these ideas/definitions were created through the haze of a severe mental disorder.

Note the extremism in the tranny idea of the "classic men/women". Strictly speaking to the "classic woman" model, there is no question this was written by a male, as the entire list is nothing more than the typical IDEA(male gazed) of "woman", which in reality has little to with actual women. We can also say the same of the "classic man" list.

Its precisely these IDEAS that help to create the tranny disorder in the first place. It is no different for the anorexic who struggles to live up to the current male gaze demands of female thinness, it simple cannot be done. Not without the development of serious pathological body dysphoria.

But until the medical establishment begins challenging the trannyism patient with the reality dosage that the ME does a part of its treatment for most current ED centers, little in the way of actual help/cure will be available for those under the trannyism cloud.



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