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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Special Snowflake Syndrome (SSS)

I wanted to post this because you will see this often in trans communities everywhere. The degree with which the trans person goes in order to try and make themselves into that special snowflake that mommy/daddy didnt, is literally pathological.

Interestingly the trans personage is the first to gripe about labels, lack of labels, too many labels etc yet through their disordered haze most generally will use AMPLE labelage to label themselves! Thats where the pathology of their illness rears its ugly head. In believing they can MAKE themselves special through the use of a myriad of labels/descriptors rather than just BEING special because each and every one of us are, BECAUSE we ARE. Another part of the illness STILL not being addressed by the ME.


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  1. That is an interesting point you brought up, for I've also been noticing (and very very squicked by) this bizarre need to put themselves into as tiny a box of identifiers as they can.

    It's as if they feel they don't exist unless they have a label or a pricetag which enumorates their worth.

    Been enjoying your blog, thanks!


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