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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Only Peens are Masculine, didnt you know!

As preposterous and ill informed as this may read to most, it is actually fairly common thinking among trans individuals. A complete and utter pathological face valued acculturation of blatant male/femaled binary externalizations. In their disordered binary minds, there is only one way to be male and only one way to be a female and if one deviates from patriarchal conditioning then surely it means they were "born in the wrong body".

This pathological acculturation of the binary is one of the stemming forces that presses a person towards the trans disorder. Individuality is NEVER an option for the trans disordered, the pathological pressures from within/without are far too great for those suffering from this disorder to consider not "fitting in" with their/societies ideas of male/female. Although sadly, far too often, most often in fact human exile is precisely what transitioning achieves for the trannyism sufferer.



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