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Friday, June 6, 2008

Hetero Privilege and Trannyism-ftM-Mtf

As an actual queer person (lesbian) these post are very disturbing and very erasing of queer identities by straight privileged peoples. Since its cancerous attachment to the gay and lesbian community 20+ years ago the trans community has slowing taken, erased and revisioned many aspects of the queer community/history in typcial (primarily white) hetero privileged manner to suit their own personal (narcissistic) needs.

You may think "arent there quite a few gay and lesbian trans people"? And you would be wrong. What there is, is a lot of gay and lesbian trans "ID'd" people. The difference being, the trans community as a whole is made up primarily of white heterosexual males(Mtf), the ftM community in and of itself (1/4 of trans community period) is primarily made up of white heterosexual females, both hetero privilegely assume because they choose to externally alter their appearance to that of the opposite sex(with varying results), yet continue their sexual/romantic relations/attractions (heterosexual attractions) as before, by default that "makes" them "gay" or "lesbian" or "queer".

Whenever gays and lesbians raise an issue regarding this, they are shut down by a combo of privileged academics (some gay, some not) and the trans community by shouts and protests of "transphobia" and non inclusiveness, despite the shouts coming from the trans community itself that trannyism has nothing to do with "sexual orientation"! Which I would be the first to agree, it doesnt! But because the trans community is filled with severely disordered people, people on highly volatile drugs which the ME STILL has little knowledge of the lifetime effects of, this community remains attached to the gay and lesbian community.

Their inability to sustain community keeps them attached, that and no other community will have them. You will see many posts here demonstrating the drama, anger and constant threats of physical violence that goes on within the different trans communities. This is precisely why the trans community is so secretive, they do not want to risk the non disordered witnessing the severity of a community of disorder. The truth, they fear could ultimately change the ME's policy of how their disorder/s are treated(and it eventually will-think freeman). This is in large part, why I started THIS community. In hopes for better/realistic/accurate treatment of this disorder. And in turn reestablishing the queer community with actual queers!



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