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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

GID confusion among the GID'd

This is just a petite sample of the comments made to the OP, there were 12 pages of similar comments to the ones I chose.

There are two primary matters which stand out among the comments. One being, all these men had/have fathers whom they felt/feel expected or in many cases demanded they look/act in accordance to the father's idea of what a boy/man should be.

There isnt a person alive who hasnt felt pressure to bend to the ideas/beliefs of their parents to varying degrees. I believe the difference in trans circumstance is a combination of the pressures coming from the parent/s (in this case the father) is excessive/pathological coupled with the particular nature of the individual.

The second matter we see is either the misunderstanding or perhaps denial of the whys of trannyism by the trans person. Most ascribe their disorder as being the reason why they had/have failed relationships with their fathers. Rather than face/admit or put the portion of their disorders responsibility where it truely belongs, their parents!

It is easier to blame the disorder than their parents. Their disorder isnt going to hate them, with hold love from them, turn them out into the streets, we cannot say the same is true of their parents.



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