Sunday, June 29, 2008

Dirt wanna be? Dirt Poser? Troublemaker? All of the above?

The above was in my yahoo email box when I got up yesterday. Its one of those activation responses you get when you sign up for a site, only I didnt sign up for this site. From the way my name was typed (the DWB in caps), the time this was sent (after midnight-I was well on my way to dreamland, and as most of you know my pc gets turned off early evening, every day) and the fact that I didnt sign up to be a member there, its obvious someone dirt obsessed fruitcake is trying to fuck with the dirtster (good luck), and by using my actual email account wants me to know it (the shit people do to get me to feature them).

I saved the email because I was going to ask dieks and parker what they thought of it, then plum forgot about it. Then this morning while making my net rounds, I see this at that site: I quickly capped that bitch which was smart because a second later some new person joined. So it seems miss fruitcups applied there again using my name but this time used an email account she can access.

The moral of the story? If you happen to see anything on that site posted under that name or any name resembling mine, in those immortal words of bobbie dylan: IT AINT ME BABE!


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