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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

This is HILARIOUS! Sometimes I swear I just fucking slay myself!

I sit down yesterday morn, coffee in hand and begin my morning surf. As of late BF is usually my 3 or 4 stop for LJ fodder and lols. I get there, and I see this thread that had been there a few days that I was debating on whether to level or not. It was a thread about "high femme" which anyone but the retarded knows is usually a term straight women who date lesbians use in order to place themselves (can we say straight privielge?) above lesbians. As if their performative (still performing for the male gaze) femininity could possible be degreed over another womens (lesbian).

Anyways, instead I thought I'll make a post there (knowing these idiots would ban the name whether they figured it was me or not) as a butch using similar performative (butch/masculine) exaggerations and watch and lol.(which I did btw)!

Dieks calls me maybe 5 minutes after I posted there. Now in case you didnt know dieks tries whenever possible to be that little voice most people have in their heads (that I dont) that say when doing something stupid, silly, crazy..."DONT DO IT"! At this point it was obviously too late, but when I told dieks and read to her the post she was in fucking stitches!

She HATES HATES HATES that bullshit high femme fake ass non lesbian crap. After we loled, the first thing I told dieks was, "mark my words, by days end as ridiculous as my post is I'll have femme after femme after fucking femme doing/saying anything in an attempt to get my attention aka throw themselves at me"! She agreed!

And sure enough, 99% of the comments were made by single/straight "femmes"! Trying to play those sad, tired old ass boy/girl games with me. You know the "chase me chase me" Yeah thats goig to

The whole thing has lead me to one conclusion though, the dirtster REALLY is a MAGNUM fucking butch!!! See butches, Plath wasnt exaggerating when she wrote "every women adores a fascist, the boot in the face"!!!

Here's my post....

Here's the last post closing the
No doubt had this post not been closed I would have had a whole slew more of "femmes" throwing themselves at my BIG



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