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Wednesday, June 25, 2008 nutterfuckness

I read a bit of this thread early on, but the misogyny and butch hatred got just a tad too much for the dirtster to stomach. I skimmed through it today and came acrossed this shit. And shit is the only word for it!

Its sickening enough at that a butch cant simply say/be butch and butch actually mean what it actually means (masculine born female lesbian). No, what kind of butch has to be specified because nearly all butches there who ID as butch demand to be called and treat as men. Mind you we all know 9 out of 10 of them dont practice such non sense in the real world. Hell 9 out of 10 of them arent even butch! But thats another

Anywhy, the majority of posters to this thread are various ID's of femme, ftM's and stone "male" butches with a slight sprinkling of butches who are being drowned out from the misogyny! So is it a surprise a "female ID'd" butch (do I REALLY need to spell that out?) gets a time out/ban???

This site has ALWAYS been more concerned with numbers(numbers equals money in the pocket) than it has with creating a place for butch/femme women. Hence the rampant perpetuation of internal/external misogyny that daily flourishes there like a cancer flower. was a sad site when I was a regular there several years ago, but in that short time it has because a site aimed at mo' money, mo' money, mo' money even if that means letting men in (which they have/do), perpetuating misogyny (which they have/do), abetting a MAJOR mental disorder (which they have/do) and removing anyone who questions these policies by living/being/writing and thinking there as a true butch/femme (which they do regularly) even though its to the detriment of the actual butches and femmes that make up (our NOT their) community.

But when you put money above people (should they be any different?), something has to go, and go the butches and femmes have.



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